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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 40 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is six years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Shopping Part 2, Old Friends and A New Friend

Well I am back as I promised.  Wow,,, twice in one week after being gone so long.  Well I have more to share with you so I will pick up where I left off when we visited last. 

The Sills had to be in  Nashville on Friday for Roger to have a procedure at the hospital. We had already discussed our plans for the day before the trip was scheduled.  There are several places close by that Mr. P. visits every time we get to get up that way.  So after sleeping in,,, and a great breakfast, we headed out on our own for the day.  Our first stop was a junkin place.  I don't even know if it has a name.  Mr. P. has always called it helicopter man because there is an ancient helicopter in the yard of his business.  I have never before ventured into the buildings he has to browse through, but I was brave and decided to ramble with him.  So glad I did as I found a few things.  The mister had a ball going through all the old furniture and junk.   Just look at this place.  A picker's paradise.

After a lot of hand sanitizer we were off  for our next place on our list.  For this we had to cross the state line.
Yes, we were on our way to Cadiz, KY.  They have some really neat antique shops and overall the prices are not that bad.  Lots cheaper than in our area here at home.  The antique shops were on the mister's mind, however I had another shop on my list.  There is a super neat prim shop there and I am so sorry I forgot the name.   I got a neat lamp there that I will share later.  We visited several shops there and had a good lunch before heading back into TN.
The Sills and the mister and I arrived home just about the same time  We are so thankful Roger's procedure was a success and he felt well.  We went out for supper and enjoyed our evening together.
We had a big day planned for Saturday, so after a good nights sleep, we all met upstairs bright and early and were on our way.  They treated us to breakfast at the neatest little restaurant in a little settlement called Bumpus Mills.  Dimple's Aunt use to own the little place where we ate.  Just look at those home fries.
Loved the atmosphere in the little place.  Just like a gathering place for the locals, and the fishermen who come from everywhere to fish the lakes.
Dimple and I outside the restaurant.  It was so cold,, down in the 30's on this morning.  Our men went on their way after breakfast as we were on a mission.  Dimple had a friend whom she had grown close to by way of Ladies Class at her church.  The first time she visited Anne, she told her when I got to come to visit, she would love for me to see her home.  And oh my,,, I was not disappointed.  It was magazine ready.  Beautiful.  I was in awe.  Yes, I forgot my manners and I DID stare.  I was blown away.
Anne was the sweetest lady and I immediately felt like I had known her forever. She took us all through her home and what amazed me was that just about every piece of furniture  or picture had a story behind it.  Years back she had a shop in Clarksville.  She is so talented.  She does needlework, rug hooking, weaving, punch needle and is an wonderful quilter just to name a few.
  Oh,,, the quilts were simply beautiful. 
Dimple and my new friend, Anne. 
And I can't go without saying she is also a wonderful cook.  She had made a sourdough coffee cake for us that was to die for.  When I commented on how great it was, she was quick to share the sourdough starter and the recipe with me.  Her starter she has,,, has been going for 35 years.  I have to say I can't wait to try my hand at the coffee cake.  She gave us the  leftovers for the men, however I kept a slice to have this morning with my coffee

Doesn't it look yummy?  And so moist. 

My morning coffee was so mellow in my new mug that I purchased from Bittersweet Primitives in Franklin.  It is a great piece of pottery.  Love it. 
Well I know I was going to show you my purchases, but I have gone on and on, so will save them until the next time we visit  That way you will want to come back. {giggle}
You all take care and I will see you on here soon.
Until next time. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Primitive Shopping Trip... Part 1

Oh my,, it has been way to long since we have visited.  I am not giving you excuses.  Have you ever gone about your days, stayed so busy, but nothing great to post about?  Yes, I am thankful for each day and waking and spending time with my family is a big deal to me,,,, but nothing you want to hear on a daily bases.   Hope you are all well, and Spring has finally arrived wherever you call home.

On Wednesday, bright and early Mr. P. and I had our bags packed and headed out for a few days away.  Our final destination was in TN. to visit with dear friends of ours who use to live here.  The Sills family and our family go way back , a bit before our Holly and their Blake started kindergarten. They have been back in TN. over 18 years and we are still close friends.  More on that part of our trip later.

We drove to Franklin, TN, because there were several shops that I follow on Face book and I wanted to visit.  If you are ever close to the Nashville, TN. area, Franklin is a town you must visit.  There are so many cute shops there on Main St, and surrounding areas.

Our first stop was The City Farmhouse.  Oh my,,,, they had such neat primitive furniture, and accessories. 

Don't you just love this old piece?  It was a German potting bench

I would have loved to bring this piece home with me.  Just loved it

Do you know what these buckets were used for?  I don't know but they were so neat.  Would look so cool with flowers planted in them. You can find The City Farmhouse on Face book.
Our next stop was a wonderful prim shop.
The couple who owned the shop was extremely nice.  The day we visited they were not open as they were there painting the shop, but let us shop anyway.  Wasn't that nice?  Just look at the beautiful table setting.  Loved the pewter and pineapples.
We left the city and rode out to the country to a shop called  "Rooster Tails"  They specialize in home made furniture.  Such beautiful work they do there. Love the old truck they use for advertisement.
Mr. P. really enjoyed browsing in this place.  I didn't purchase anything here, however Mr. P saw things he would love to make.  He bought some hardware for a few ideas he has in his mind Both Rooster Tails and Bittersweet Primitives have face book pages.  Check them out.  They won't disappoint you.
We stayed the night there in Franklin and on Thursday morning continued on our way.  In Clarksville, TN.  there is a wonderful shop who also is on face book, called The Old Mercantile.  It was our first stop in that town.  I forgot to get a picture there but purchased a few things.
Our next stop was Primitive Friendz.  Love her shop and have to visit every time we are in the area.
Just the porch makes you want to hurry inside to see what goodies await you.  Around 1 o'clock we finally reached our destination. Dimple and I had gone over 14 months without visiting each other.  Both of us over those months have had medical problems and although we talked on the phone seeing each other in person was well overdue. 
Don't you just love it when you have a friend who you may not see for a long time, however once you do get together it seems like yesterday that you saw her.  We just picked up where we left off.  They are so gracious and make you feel right at home.  She and I share the same love of prims and crafting and visiting her house is like going to a prim shop.
Well I don't want to overstay my welcome with all of you as it's been such a long time since we talked.  But I have so much more to share with you and will do that later in the week and share a few of my goodies with you.
Hope your week has started out great.  We will talk later in the week,,,, a promise.
Until next time....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Touch Of Spring at the Home Place

Good evening everyone.  Ahhh,, it's been such a beautiful day here at the home place.  You could just feel Spring in the air.  And our temps. were in the upper 70's.  Yes, so pretty and warm.  I even ventured out and had my lunch on the front porch.  I just sat in the swing and looked around at all the cleaning that will soon have to be done to make the porch "Spring and Summer" ready.  But not quite the time for that yet. 

The birds were chirping, and the squirrels were playing a game of hide and seek.  Didn't take long to realize the chains on the old swing need a little oil.  Quite loud they were as I gently moved back and forth.  Even sat long enough to read a little in the Country Sampler Tour of Home magazine.  As the time passed, I realized I had sat longer than need be and had to come inside and finish the laundry and prepare supper for Mr. P.

After supper , I was in resting after doing the dishes and I heard a noise I had not heard all winter.  It seemed to get closer and closer so I went to the door and looked out.  Seems that some one else has Spring fever on this warm beautiful day.

Yes that is Mr. P. mowing the grass.  I couldn't believe it.  I questioned him later as I didn't think it needed it yet!!  He said he cut up the leaves.  I think he was rushing grass cutting season some what.  Ugh!!  It will be here soon enough.  But I have to admit the yard looked pretty when he finished. 
There are a few touches of Spring showing up in the yard.
Our "yellow bell" bushes are trying to bloom.  This crazy weather I think has hurt the blooms.  It will be warm, then cold again.  Yes, we are going to have another cold front move through tomorrow afternoon and freezing temps. again. 

The daffodils are beginning to bloom around the fish pond.  Oh I think I might just have to cut a few to add Spring to the inside.  Yes, the just say Warm days are on the way.   
I even hung a new flag out front.  Yes, can you tell I am ready for warmer days?  Aren't we all? 
Yes, soon it will be time for red geraniums, cold glasses of lemonade and fresh baked tea cakes out on the porch.  I will be sure and invite you to join me.  We just have to hang in there just a little longer. 
Although it may still be winter where you are,,, I hope we all have a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts and are thankful for the day the Lord has given us.
Take care and Be Happy
Until next time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time I just imagine this was a thriving old home place.  Can't you just vision an old wood cook stove in the kitchen, and fragrant smells welcoming all who entered through the door? 
Mom and the girls might be sitting around stitching on a quilt.  Depending on the season the man of the house could be found tending to the land, working in the garden, or cutting fire wood for the stove and for heat.
Children could be seen running around in the yard playing ball, hopscotch, or just playing fetch
 with the family dog.  If they were old enough, you might find them in the barn feeding the animals or doing chores along with their Dad. Yes, these were days long before computers, Ipads, and all the electronic games that are so popular among the young folks today.

I would so love to have a place like this to slip away to on the weekends.  Oh if these walls could talk.  The stories they could tell.  Times of happiness, maybe when a child was born,  birthdays, Christmas times, weddings, and of course days don't go by without sadness, maybe the loss of a close loved one, hard times when crops were not good, and just surviving was a challenge.  But despite all of the above,,, it was a loving home to someone.
Rarely do you see an old home place that you don't see a barn close by.  Barns were essential to a working farm back in the days.  I just love old barns.  Here are a few to share with you.

Beautiful these old barns are. Yes, they have served their owners well over the years.  They have seen many hard winters, when the snow, ice, and winds have beaten down and taken their toil on the building, yet it still stands.   Hot summer sun has faded the paint and turned the wood a wonderful grey.  A color that only God's season can produce.  I would so love to have some of those boards.  Yes, primitive at heart.

Another story here. The old rusty car under this part of the barn.  Who drove it last, and did they know once they had driven it in to its safe spot that it would no longer be driven again?  How many trips did it make while in use around those narrow, curvy roads into town. I can imagine not nearly as often as we jump in and go into town today,  I can see it being maybe once a month maybe to get supplies from the dry good store. This only being items that was not grown on the farm itself, Maybe the lady of the house wanted material for a new dress or apron, or the makings for a new quilt to warm them in bed the following winter.

Oh the goodies that you could see still inside this old barn. Would have loved to stepped inside and rambled.  You could see stacks of old tobacco baskets stacked inside. Just waiting to adorn a wall in a warm cozy prim home. All kinds of rusty farm equipment  waiting to be rescued and brought back to life in some one's home. Oh the joy it would be. 
Look how close this one is to the road.  Although not a working barn any longer, it still has color to it. If you click  to enlarge, you can see someone went to the trouble to hang beer cans from it's wood on the left side.  No doubt teenagers out having fun.
This morning, I find myself relating to some of these old barns.  Don't laugh,,,, you too will get to this point if God allows you to live long enough.  How, you might ask?  Well, as we grow older our outward beauty fades like with these old barns.  The beauty one sees comes from inside. The years of weathering the storms of life, the mistakes we have learned from  mold our beauty and wisdom from within.   With age and health issues, I don't stand as tall and proud any longer, there are times I too lean, Whether it is on a cart when shopping or walking after sitting for a long time.  Life and age has stripped my hair of its once brown color and now it is weathered and silver grey.  Yes, just like the barn wood that is so desired for its natural beauty. 
Some day in the future, some of these special barns could
 become re purposed  to walls in new homes, made into furniture that we would so desire, or become something as simple as birdhouses  that someone will buy with pride. 
Hopefully one day when my time on earth is over and God takes me home, I too will become beautiful again. I will have a new body free of age and, pain, and will shine and sing with the heavenly angels above.
Hope you have enjoyed visiting today and taking the ride along with me to see all the old buildings.  A few weeks ago while in the Great Smokey Mts, we spent the morning riding back roads and looking at all these wonderful old places.  God's beauty was all around.
If you are still having nasty winter weather, please be careful and safe.  Spring is definitely on its way. Hang in there.
Until next time...... 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Fun

Good evening everyone.  Hope you all had a great day.  Today was so pretty here.  We reached a high of 76 and a breeze was in the air.  However tonight we will pay for the beautiful weather. There are storm watches and warnings to the west of us and all that is heading our way into the night.  So I will make this short, so that all that visit here can be safely home before the bad weather starts.  Oh your snows are so quiet and our storms can get rather loud and scary.  And I am so terrified of storms.  I know,,,,, that comes along with the changes of the seasons, but I see all the destruction that these storms can do.... ugh.  Just have to say and prayer and wait it out. 

For those of you who do not follow along on face book I will share with you what I have been up to.
For the last few days, the mister and myself have been on a little vacation.  It has become a annual vacation with Holly and her family.  We left out on Sunday morning and went to Cleveland, TN. and was in service with our brother in law, and Jamie's sister Maudie and their son.  We enjoyed visiting with them over a long lunch afterward and then we were on our way

We stopped in Knoxville at a shop that has several primitive booths inside; I got a few small items.  Just mainly things that all of you can pick up anywhere, but for me, I would have to order from a company.  Nothing major.  I was so excited to see they already had the Country Sampler Home Tour Edition.

I haven't had time to sit and read it yet, maybe tonight while the storms roll in.  We made it to Pigeon Forge and met up with the Davis'.  We checked in to our cabin,. It was so neat .
Our deck was looking out over the Little Pigeon River.  It was so nice and peaceful. 
Love the sun shining down on the water.  Darbee Rae quickly became friends with the ducks.  They would come up every morning and evening wanting their food. Oh wouldn't it be nice to wake every morning to this view?
We have many friends that never go on vacation.  Lots of people are home bodies and don't care to get away.  However I guess I took after my Daddy.  You could never take too many trips to hear him speak.  And it does a body good.  Never do I see Mr. P. as relaxed and smiling as I do when we are away for a few days.
Leave it to Holly to catch us alone for a few minutes.  Love the look on his face.  Yep,,, he got caught.  [hehe}
On Sunday night we had tickets to the Comedy Barn.  I think this is one of the best shows in the area.  This is our second time going and I have to say I laugh until I cry each time.  If you are ever in the area you must have this one on your list. Just good clean family fun.
Photo: Fun at the comedy barn
On Monday the girls and I headed about an hour drive away to go visit with a wonderful person we have grown to love from blogging.  Most of you know Betty from Through My Back Door.  If you have visited Betty this week on her blog , she has already showed a picture of our visit.  I am sorry to say I did not take my camera so I have no pictures to share.  We had a wonderful visit and then went out to lunch.  Blogging has been such a blessing to so many of us especially those of us who have been fortunate enough to meet some of our friends in person.
On the way back, we got a call and Maudie and her family were in Pigeon Forge to spend the afternoon with us.  We all went to Gatlinburg and played in the arcades and had supper at this amazing place.
Photo: Supper
We enjoyed walking the streets and having Maudie, Leonard and Justin
 with us. Guess that is an advantage of living only a few hours or so away.
Tuesday we got ready for a day of shopping.  Where did we find Papa and Darbee Rae?

Down by the river.  Darbee Rae was throwing rocks and playing in the ice cold water. After a full day of shopping, we had reservations for the dinner show at the Hatfields and McKoys. Our table was right down in front of the stage. 
The top of the red lantern is sitting on our table.  Yes we were that close.  And guess what we ate our meal out of?  Pewter plates.  Yes, I wanted to just take ours with us as that was one of the things on my list to buy on our trip and could not find.

The food was delicious and we had so much fun.  And guess what??  I found me a boyfriend.  I even got his picture.  Actually I got a picture of me with him after the show but I treasure that one.  Can't share it with you.
No, not the young handsome red head.  The one in the jeans and red shirt .  Yep,,, he stole my heart and even dropped his pants for me when I blew him a kiss.  My feelings are hurt because Mr. P. didn't seem to get jealous at all!!!  Do you wonder why??  {smile}
After the show,,,, well I did something I thought I would never do.  I rode the huge Ferris Wheel.  Why?   Because Darbee Rae had begged so pitiful.  Was I scared?? yes.  Was she?  NO WAY
We were 200ft up.  We were at least in enclosed seats and all of us could ride together.
The view below and we were not even at the top.
Well,,, I know it's been a long post and there was many more fun things that we did, however I will stop for now.  It was so much fun getting away with our wonderful family.  One of the days we were gone  this was slipped into my hands.
Would not have missed it for the world.  And I can't close without thanking my God above for letting me be well enough to go, walk, shop, and visit.  For the first time in forever there was no walker in the SUV with us.  And I did fine!!!
Hope all of you have a great weekend planned.  Be safe and until next time.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

God's Beautiful World

Looking out my window this morning, this little children's song came quickly to my mind.

God's beautiful world, God's beautiful world
I love God's beautiful world.
He made if for you, He made it for me,
I love God's beautiful world.

Not often do we see icicles here in Georgia

Magnolia trees are known to be a southern tree. Looks so pretty covered in ice and snow.
As our storm has come and gone, God has provided us with sunshine this morning and the melting has begun.  Sun shining on this tree of ice,,,, looks like diamonds shining through.
We were blessed through this winter storm.  Never lost power, and were safe and warm. Saying a prayer for all of you as the storm is working its way east and many of you will be affected.
Looking forward to next week.  Holly and family and Mr, P,. and myself are going on vacation. BUT,,, we are traveling North,,,yikes.... Praying for good weather on our trip.
Until next time. WARM WISHES TO YOU ALL!!!