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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FINALLY.... Welcome to the Playhouse

Wow this  has been an exciting day.  One I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come.  We started decorating the playhouse. Is it completely finished?  No! Why, well our carpenter,  Papa said enough is enough.  He began this project thinking he was building a shed for a playhouse, not a tiny little house.  We have a big craft show in a few weeks so all work has come to a halt until after the show. 

Hehe,,, He doesn't know we will have lots of changes and new ideas by that time. There is still some touch up work to do, some trim to paint and the loft to be finished.  But,,,, it is move in ready and we have had so much fun.

So come along and I will show you what is done so far. 

The BRIGHT green front door.  Darbee Rae knew what colors she wanted right from the start.  And to have her own mailbox was a have to have.  Holly was lucky to find this one at a sale and again, Darbee had to have it purple.
After I took the pictures Papa came by and put up her house numbers on the door as well.  She ask would the mailman stop by and really leave her mail,,,, after all she had an address. 
We hung valances on the two windows.  A third window is to be installed in the loft when Papa has time,.  They have already agreed on that so that she can look out from the loft area.
While Holly and I were having fun decorating, this is what Darbee Rae was doing.  Reading to her baby.
Her chalkboard was added to the wall close to her chair.  She plays school often so she will be all ready to teach her babies.
The wall going up to the loft.  Holly hung some of the canvas paintings she has been doing.
Looking up from downstairs is the unfinished loft area.  We hung this quilt from there until it is finished and this is the only thing in the playhouse Darbee  Rae does NOT like.  She says it is too primitive.  {smile}
Love the tiny coat rack.  This will be moved as she has a little table to go there, but the rain won't stop long enough to get it painted.  Love her cowgirl hat and her camouflage cap.
You see the bench for her adult guest as you walk in the door.  Still have to fill with pillows and something for the wall behind the bench.
But you know food is important to us Southern girls.  She is collecting play food already to stock her kitchen.  These donuts look real, huh?  The trunk doubles as a coffee table and storage for dress up clothing.
Her desk area.  Bet we won't see it this neat for long. 
The sink area.  There was a debate about a stove, so a microwave will go here in the future.
Shelf to the left of the sink area.  Hot pads and apron ready to be used.
View of the whole area.  Still have to add trim to the curtain.  Do you wonder what is behind the curtain?   A small refrigerator that has already been stocked with beverages for her little friends, and her table and stools that can be brought out when she has friends over.  And of course a box of goodies to use in the kitchen,
Mr. P. told Holly he loved her as good as she loved Darbee Rae, but he would have never worked this hard on a playhouse for her when she was little,.  But,,,,,, he didn't stop until he surprised Darbee Rae with this..
Yep, A swing built on to the playhouse.  Darbee Rae swinging and playing on her ipod.  Don't think he did too bad of a job do you?  We are so proud to have it done as much as it is.  What a fun day I had today with the girls.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Stop by and say hello.  And don't forget,,,, stay tuned for my giveaway coming up soon, 
Until next time ,

Monday, July 15, 2013

An Awesome Weekend

Thanks to all of you who are taking the time out of your busy day to stop by and visit, First let me say this has been a very blessed and thankful weekend for me, and on this Monday morning I am still overwhelmed with those feelings. 

Followers,,,, I love each and every one of you.  Some of you are like me,,, you visit and remain silent.  Comments are few and far between.  I find myself doing the same as I visit with some of you, and I should comment more often.  I usually visit early in the morning with good intentions to stop back and comment when I have more time during the day.  Unfortunately most days that doesn't happen.  And then there are those of you who I can depend on to stop in and visit and always say hello.  You are special as well.  I feel as if I know each of you personally, and look forward to our chats.  I never thought I would have anyone who would want to follow me in my little world when I started blogging.  BUT in the last few days I reached the big 200 plus 1 follower.  I am so excited!! So stay tuned for a giveaway,,, my way of saying thank you to each and everyone who drops by.  Okay... now on to my weekend.

On Saturday,,, Mr. P and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  No,,, We are not really THAT old.  We married when I was just 17 and he was 18.  Yes, we were very young but guess we knew what love was.  Against a lot of odds,,, our love has grown even stronger with each passing year, and God has blessed our little family.

Holly and Kathy had planned a big surprise party. Well,,, Mr. P. and I had planned a little getaway.  Oops!!!!!! On Wednesday night when I told Holly we would probably be going out of town on Friday,,, errrrr,,,,,, plans changed.  I think I almost gave my child a HEARTATTACK!!!!  However I can say things turned out wonderful. I am still on cloud nine this Monday morning.  She did a great post on the party, lots of photos so if you would like to jump over and see the photos and read all about it please do.  She would love to have you .  You can find her here....

After the party, my little family all stayed over at the cabin for a huge slumber party.  Nothing like hearing Darbee Rae singing at the top of her voice at 2 am in the morning.  Yes, she was still going strong.  And after finally getting a few hours sleep, the smell of a big country breakfast being prepared in the kitchen by Kathy.  She is and has always been a wonderful cook.  We all said our good byes around lunch time and headed home with a heart full of love and lots of wonderful  memories.

Our town's fireworks was postponed July 4th because of rain, and it was rescheduled for Saturday evening.  As we have done for years, friends and family meet at Holly and Stacys for food and fun and you can view the fireworks from their lawn.  This year was no different.  After a few hours rest, we headed out for more fun.  We were so proud that Maudie  got to be there from TN.  She missed the anniversary party and it didn't seem right without her and her hubby.  We love them so much and miss them since they have moved away.

The fireworks were beautiful and so much fun was had.  Thank you again Holly and Stacy for another fun evening.
On Sunday you will find Mr. P. and I in church, however this Sunday he took me on a little road trip.  Nothing we enjoy more than riding down the road and talking as we ride toward our destination.  A wonderful day spent together. 
I know one thing.  I am not as young as I use to be.  On this Monday morning, I am one happy, but worn out wife and Nana.  But no rest today either.  Mr. P . has taken a few days off work, so guess where he is right now?  Working for Darbee Rae at her apartment, playhouse.  So many of you have ask about pictures.  Well, Darbee Rae will be a designer one day.  The plain studded walls painted wasn't good enough.  She wanted them finished.  So today he is putting up walls.  She  called last night with a list of changes she wants in there before decorating will begin.  Poor Papa!!! But he is loving it as he loves that little girl so much.  So hopefully I will have photos to share in the next few days.
Well friends, that is just about all I have to share today.  Hope you all have a wonderful beginning of the week.  Take a blah Monday and make it a fantastic one,  Thanks again to all the new followers and to all of you who visit each time with me.  You are all special.
Until next time...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where Is The Sun????

Hello friends.  Hope you are all enjoying a great weekend.  I would be having a great time if I was a duck!!  We have had so much rain this past week.  On one day we got over 5 inches.  I am so thankful we do not live in a flood area. Even the "sun"room looks so dark and dreary.

This photo was taken  in the middle of the day.  Normally it is so bright and cheery.  Looks like dead of winter , huh?  Well thanks to the rain, Mr. P. brought some sun inside to me this morning to help brighten up the room.
Beautiful sunflowers will brighten a rainy day!

  Thanks to the rain,. Mr. P's garden is growing so good.  We are having squash, tomatoes, onions,and peppers to enjoy.  This is the making of cucumber salad.  Holly and Darbee Rae came out to spend the day on the day before July 4th.  Talked Holly into making some for us to have with crackers while I worked on crafts. Yummy!!!

Darbee Rae never comes to visit empty handed.  But on this day, she brought 10 of her favorite babies.
She loves her babies!! And she can keep up with each of their names.  She was so excited to stay until Papa got home from work.  They went to the workshop and because it was raining and they could not play outside, she turned the shop into a restaurant. She was so excited to show us the pie she made with dirt, and sawdust!!
Photo: What to do on such a rainy day....spend the day at Nana's. Darbee has been in Papa's workshop making dirt pies. Can you tell she dressed herself? Ha.
Love those rain boots!!!
Our July 4th celebrations were all canceled because of the weather.  Holly and Stacy always have a party and we all watch the fireworks from their lawn as they live right down the street from the high school where they shoot them off.  We were all disappointed as it has become a tradition, So,,,, no grilling out for us, but we all gathered at Kathy's for homemade apple/peach pies and ice cream.
Kathy made the ice cream and her hubby's niece made the pies.  So good to see such a young beautiful girl carrying on a tradition.  Her grandmother made these pies and shared with us for years. 
Thank you Christina and Kathy.  It was delicious!!
I have been busy making items for the Sept. show.  These Santas turned out so cute.  They are grunged really good but took picture with my tablet and they show up really light.  They were hard to make, but love the results.

I try and make 12 or 18 of each ornament and I get so tired of making the same thing over and over.  Those of you who sell wholesale, do you have any tips to keep it from getting so boring ??
Well I guess that is all from me on this yet another Rainy Day in Georgia.  Hope you are having a great weekend .  Stay safe.  Until next time.