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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Best Christmas GIft Ever

Did I get your attention with that title??? Well You have to read along.  You all know my Darbee Rae and how special she is to her Nana.  Could be that it's because she is my one and only grandchild but then those of you who are so fortunate to have many little bundles of joy and grown big bundles of joy must know they are all so special.  Sorry, back to my post. 

Darbee Rae turned 5 in October.  She thinks she is a big girl now.  Well, you also know that she would NEVER spend the night with her Nana.  Yes, she had tried several times but at bedtime Mommy would have to drive out and take her home.  Oh, the "I want to, but just can't " look on her little face would break my heart.  But I would tell her when she was ready it would happen and off she would go to her house with her Mama and Daddy,

Well, she decided just before Christmas break she was now a BIG girl and old enough to stay over with Nana.  Really, I didn't think it would happen, but played it up and deep down was so excited that we were going to try it yet one more time.

Last night her Mommy and Daddy had a dinner engagement with their Sunday School class at church so the perfect time for us to give overnight a try. She came in around 4 in the afternoon and golly she looked like she was moving.  She had her "big girl hotel luggage" as she calls it and her new baby, Cuddles her bear, another cartoon character Santa brought and a caterpillar to sleep with. There were games, Ipod, legos, dress up clothes,,,,, and the list goes on and on. 

She was so excited to be staying over and so was I.  We got all dressed up and Papa took us out to eat at her favorite restaurant.  Here she is getting all pretty for Papa.

We ate at Red Robin because Darbee Rae loves their spaghetti. Afterward did a little shopping.  Something she loves to do.
When we came in we played with her Matching Dominoes. That's a favorite game of mine as my Daddy had a domino group that met at the house when I was growing up.  They would let me join in and I love the game.   Betty Crowe you better watch out.  She loves the dominoes,.  We are going to start with the real ones soon.  You might just have competition one day. Who knows she may have her own domino group one day. 
From that she entertained us by dressing up.  She danced, sang, you name it she did it.  I kept looking at the clock and was wondering how long this would last.  She had Papa busy helping to build her a house with a pink roof.
Yes building a house still in her dance costume,  Before that house was done Papa was ready to stomp Santa.  Way to complicated for a 5 year old.  Hear that Mommy???
Before long it was time for bed.  We were going to have a slumber party just us girls in the guest room upstairs.  Now I will tell you what really won her over and made her decide to stay.  Don't all little girls love to RAMBLE through drawers and plunder??? Well I had told her we would do just that in the guest room if she decided to stay overnight.  This Nana was true to her word.
 I had a drawer fixed with old happy meal toys that I had saved from Holly's youth.  What child could have been more excited.  From there we looked at old pictures and read lots of Mommy's books she enjoyed when she was little.  All the time pretending we were in a hotel in the mountains.
When she finally got ready to go to sleep, she had to plan her day for when she woke up .  She has a wonderful imagination. She said we were going Primitive Shopping at The Hen and see Betty Crowe and play with Andrew and Molly.  Betty, she even ask if Andrew's Mommy had her hair back from the cancer.  Wasn't that too sweet?  We said our good nights, I got some wonderful loving and she said she bet Mommy and Daddy were snoozing already. 
YES, YES, YES,  my baby girl stayed all night.  No tears, phone calls, just a big girl sleeping and making memories with her Nana.  The best present anyone could want.  I had smiles in my heart all day long. 
She was so proud of herself when I woke her after 9 this morning.  What did we do??  Went to Mac Donald's and bought her a chicken biscuit, her favorite and there she met her Mommy.
How did Mommy sleep with Darbee Rae gone, and Daddy too for that matter??  Don't think they did as well.  Was still waiting on a phone call to come get her and I think deep down hoping the phone would ring.  Not this time Holly.  Your baby is growing up  Thanks for allowing your daddy and me the joy that Darbee's visit brought to our hearts.  We love all of you.
And thanks to all of you that let me be the proud Nana that I am today and share this special day with all of  you.  Time is passing so quickly and we are not promised tomorrow.  Take time to enjoy the little things in life.  Nothing more precious than a memory.
Until next time

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After,,,,, All Is Calm, All is Quiet

Good evening everyone.  Hope you are all doing great and are still carrying the spirit of the Season in your hearts.  Those of you who are having blizzard conditions please be safe and stay warm and cozy.  I have so enjoyed seeing your pictures as they are so pretty. Here in Ga. we dodged the bad storms last night, but got so much rain which we needed so badly.  Today has been windy, cold and just a wonderful Christmas kind of day to stay inside.

I have read where some of you are already taking down and putting away your Christmas but I just love for the season to last as long as it can.  The mister is off all week, doesn't go back for another week so I am going to just sit back now and enjoy the lights and the coziness of all the decor.  I have so enjoyed this season.  I have not rushed and have taken time to enjoy all the little things. Thus my absence on the blog.  I have so enjoyed the days of Merriment you all did  and all your photos.  SO,,, if you are not tired of looking I will now share my decor with you.  If you are through with Christmas and don't want to visit, I understand.  I will be back in a few days with some goodies and some of the Mister's creations for me.  You know he is not through with my list yet!!{LOL}

So grab some coffee, tea, or soda and get comfy.  I am doing it all in one post so this will be picture heavy.  That is if blogger cooperates with me.   Let's start in the kitchen

Got this little stove years ago in Nashville, TN at the flea market,  It still works great.
Behind these doors use to be open shelves,  You might remember them in older post.  I so wanted extra pantry space, so Mr. P. made me doors so that I could store can goods on the shelves.
We always add the extra leaf during the holidays to make the table larger.  I only had it set for four place settings.  Simple, but I love my table set.  Do you leave yours plan or do you keep it set?
Now into the hall and bath.
Some of you my friends will see snowmen that were wins or gifts from you last year.  I am so enjoying them.
I love the tub tray the Mister made for me.  Just something else to decorate and then have to move!!
Bedroom.  Didn't put up just one tree in here this year.  Instead,, there is 3.
Love these little ones in the old sugar mold.
This is the second pillow tuck that I have done.  Still learning but am so proud of my two that I have made. Are you still with me?  If so  you deserve a piece of cake.  I have chocolate, fresh coconut, and a Southern Praline Cake.  Would you like a piece?  One more room to go and we will be through.
The Great Room
The German Twig Tree
Love the little bonnets on it. New for this year.
A wool mitten sent to me by Trace from Granny Trace Scraps and Squares blog.  Looks great on my tree.  Thanks again Trace. 
See the picture of the little girl in the stocking?  That was me when I was 5 years old.  Wow,, so long ago,
You saw the sun room when I did the post on my Love Tree, but here again is a look into the sun room where the big tree was this year.
Well I so hope you are not bored to tears as I have enjoyed having you stop by this quiet, cold evening at the home place.  I must say Darbee Rae had a wonderful Christmas and so hated for Wilbur to have to leave this year.  On Sunday she came home with us after services and this is where we found him.
At least he was being sweet and not getting into mischief for a change.  Well folks, thanks for sticking with me through all these pictures.  Have a blessed, safe, warm and cozy night,  Until we talk again.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Date Night, and Wilbur updates

Oh my , it is with a heavy heart that I am even doing this post this evening. Please join me in prayer for all those people whose lives were shattered this morning in the awful shooting at the elementary school.  I can not imagine the grief of those precious parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and all the friends who know these families personally.  How do we shield and explain this awful situation to our own children and grandchildren?  One of our local radio announcers said to be prepared.. How does one prepare for such a horrid act of murder?  But I know life goes on and by the grace of God these families will move forward, but their lives will never be the same.  Please lets remember them daily and let this make us even more thankful when we can hold and tell our own children and grandchildren how much we love them.

And speaking of Children, Darbee Rae was having a Christmas party tonight. And of course Nana and Papa was invited.  She was so excited.  Can you tell?

She was waiting for all her friends to arrive.  They were all wearing their p.j.'s and were doing Christmas crafts, decorating cookies, and making reindeer food.
All the kids arrived and were busy at the table, and there was a knock at the door.. Everyone was there already,but Darbee Rae ran to the door... Another friend???
Oh my Gosh, I think it is Santa!!  For once Darbee Rae was speechless.  

But not for long!!
Santa quickly got every one's attention.
Remember Cooper from Darbee Rae's birthday party?  He brought her roses.  Well he told Santa he and Darbee Rae were getting married.  Santa was at loss for words. {hehe}
Will not show more of the party so that Holly can share it with you since most of you follow her blog also.  She did an awesome job and it was so much fun.
Now on to Wilbur.  That silly elf has really been busy.  Just look where he was found one day this week.
Yep, had his shovel and was shoveling reindeer poop!!   Darbee Rae just loved this one.  And guess what prize he left for her?.  Hand Sanitizer.  Smart elf, huh?
And this morning this is where she found him.

Guess he got cold and since the electric fireplace was not on in the bedroom, he made his own fire.  Yep, from wood shavings and my prim candle.  Does this mean he might turn out to be a prim elf?  Darbee Rae loved this one and couldn't wait to tell Papa that Wilbur had been into his wood pile stash. 
Well on such a sad night when our hearts are heavy, I hope this post has brought a smile to your face and a little joy in your heart.
Until next time, hug those you love and take time to enjoy each day we are blessed with.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas "Love" Tree

Good day to all of you and Happy 12/12/12!! Hoping all of your Christmas planning is right on target and everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season,

Here at the home place things are good and at last there is a little nip in the air.  Been right chilly here for the last few days and the old gal is loving it.  Nothing like putting one in the Holiday mood than cooler weather.  When I was a little girl, {many moons ago} it was ALWAYS cold here in December.  The highlight of a school day was getting dismissed early because the pipes had frozen and there was no water.  Anyone remember that long ago ?  I can remember coming home early and my Grandmother would be in the kitchen baking and the house would smell of Christmas spices and all the windows would be fogged over.  Oh,,,, thank you Good Lord for fond memories.

Which brings me to the title of my post.  For some reason, the holiday season has brought out the sentimental side of my personality.  Could it be because I am getting older, or just the fact that along with age, comes wisdom and one learns what is most important in life?  Just for the record, I am not ancient,,,, just in my 50's.  Anyway,,, enough blabbing,, on to the story.

Let's go back around 7 years ago to the holiday season.  It had been a rather rough year for the Mister and myself.  Work had been slow, and we were struggling.  The year before we had thrown out our huge Christmas tree that we had purchased over 20 years earlier. Yep, it had seen it's better days and we had truly enjoyed the beauty it had brought us over the years.  Well, when it came time to buy a new tree, we just couldn't see sinking lots of money into another tree , so my heart was breaking that I would not be able to replace the tree with a tall skinny tree for the space I wanted to put it.  Instead I was just going to use one of the smaller trees I had used in other rooms during Christmas.  And be thankful for all the blessing we had received during the year

Holly was newly married and her and Stacy both had good jobs.  Well we came in one evening and what was on the door steps than a huge box and inside was the perfect Christmas tree. Couldn't have picked out one I would have loved myself.   It almost got washed away with all the tears I shed when I saw the tree.  Thus the tree became my tree of love. 

This year I chose not to put the tree up as I have been having severe back, and hip problems.  I had the German Twig up in the living room and the family was fine with that.  BUT,,,, it just wasn't feeling like Christmas.  The Tree of Love was not up and it was just not right.  So on  Saturday the mister brought it in for me.  I sat in a chair, Christmas music playing in the background and put that tree up in the sun room.  WooHoo,,,,, it is now Christmas here at the home place.  A warm and cozy, comforting feeling as I go about my day.  No, it's not the tree itself, but the love I feel from looking at that tree.  A reminder to be so thankful for each and every gift God blesses us with ALL during the year , not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  The love from God, our family and friends, that is the true meaning of Christmas. 

Okay,,,, so thought today I would share with you my very special Tree of Love. This is the view looking into the sun room from the Great Room.

Tree with flash,

Do any of you remember these little battery operated bells ?  This hung on our Christmas tree when I was a child at home.  Holly loved it as a child and now Darbee Rae loves turning it on as well. 
I am so enjoying decorating with fresh greens this year.  Think that swan loves them too!
The ice cream parlor table and chairs were a Christmas gift from Mr. P and Holly years ago.  When it gets really COLD, I bring it into the great room and we have supper in front of the fireplace. But for now , Santa feels right at home.
Even Bertha is getting in the holiday mood as she decided to fill her bag with pine cuttings.  Maybe she thinks since it it the holidays, she won't have to work as often.  She is hiding the vacuum!!
Remember last year , the naughty elf came to visit Darbee Rae when she came out during Christmas.  Well, he discovered the sun room this year too.  Darbee was so excited  to learn Wilbur found his way back this year.  On Saturday they rode out and the search for Wilbur began.  This is where she found him.
Now Darbee Rae thought that was just too funny, but Papa wasn't too happy with Wilbur playing around on his deer head!!  Oh come on Papa where is your Christmas Spirit?
He has also been upstairs and visited the guest bathroom.  He knows upstairs is suppose to be off limits.  So of course he decided not to stay. Instead..... 

He ended up downstairs.  What are we going to do with Silly Wilbur?  Wonder what he will be up to the next time Darbee Rae visits?
And speaking of visiting, thank all of you for stopping by . Please be sure to say hello so I will know you were here.  Hoping you all have a blessed and joyous day.  . 
From our home place full of love , sending love and Christmas cheer your way until next time.