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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Monday and Pound Cake Recipe

Well don't know how many of you folks are like me but Mondays I drag.  I know I have all the laundry from the weekend to catch up, Put away all our Sunday clothes from church, and run thru the house as I don't usually do much housework on the weekend, and then start cooking meals for Mr. P when he comes in from work.  Don't sound too exciting , huh?

Well today, the laundry didn't get done, Sunday clothes are still on the chair in the bedroom, house has not seen a broom or mop, and poor Mr. P. ate leftovers.  Ya want to know why?  I am doing last minute finishes before our big 3 day show this weekend.  Yes, it's finally here after working sooooo hard for many months.  And you know what has me so excited?  I got a call last week from a faithful customer inquiring about the show and today another lady from out of town called.  She is a VERY good customer and buys for her shop.  But I don't do wholesale, she pays my prices. So maybe, just maybe this will be a wonderful show. It always has been for us but with the economy one never knows.

This is what was being created in my kitchen today. Sorry Mr. P.  Will make it up to you after the show and vacation.

Lots of corn dipped in cinnamon scented wax.  My kitchen sure did smell good. Had to get them packaged and ready for selling.

Got lots of bags put together and ready to go

Those all done, got busy and dipped candles.

They too smell yummy.  There was a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  Of course had to make them look pretty too.

Love the old world  Santa on these wrappers. 

Also had a few more stitcheries to be framed and priced.  So I definitely did not DRAG today.  I have been a busy lady. Have one more item to do tomorrow in the kitchen and I am  DONE.  I like to wait until almost time for the fair to do my scented items so that they will smell very strong for the show.  Then on Wednesday I clean the house so that when we leave for our trip all is done.  Actually I am looking forward to cleaning.  I am so ready to put out my fall items. All of you are showing such beautiful pictures . I love seeing all your homes all decked out for my favorite season of the year. 

Okay, now for the Pound cake recipe.  Many of you have asked for the recipe so am sharing it with you.  Please it you bake it shoot me an e-mail and let me know how yours turns out. Hope you have great success.

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

1 (8oz) cream cheese (room temp.)
3 sticks unsalted butter (room temp.) do not use margarine
3 cups sugar
6  large eggs.
3 cups Swans Down Cake Flour (if that name brand is not available I am sure any Cake Flour will do)
1 teaspoon vanilla

Cream cream cheese and butter together until light and fluffy. Add sugar and beat together until blended.
Add flour and eggs , beginning and ending with flour.

Pour into a greased and floured 10 in. tube pan. ( do not use a bundt pan).that has been sprayed with baking spray.  ( or greased and well floured)
Bake in a preheated oven on 300 degrees for 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Check for doneness by inserting a cake tester in the middle of the cake.

Cool in pan for 20 minutes.

Hoping all of you have had a great Monday.  Off to check out your blogs and rest for the evening.  We will talk again soon..........

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reality, Recipes,and Relaxation

Good Saturday evening to all my friends.  Let me say first and most importantly I am joining all you who are sending up prayers for all our blogging friends who may be in Irene's path.  So hoping you all will be safe .  Please let us hear from you as soon as it is safe to do so.

The last few days have been busy ones as I am so close to the craft show actually next weekend.  Mr. P and I will start setting up on Thursday afternoon.  Visiting with Mother and trying to take care of all her affairs this past week has really been mind boggling. Like I didn't have enough on my plate on Thursday I decided to bake a pound cake.  Okay.... let me tell you this was not my first time.  I have made this cake so many , many times.  I know there are oodles of pound cake recipes but this was given to me years ago from a lady at our church. It is my absolute favorite and so easy. 

Don't you just love my mixer.  This was my first Mother's Day gift after I became a Mother.  It is close to 30 years old and never has failed me.  You will need a heavy duty mixer as the batter is thick.

Mixes up really fast and has to be in a tube pan.  Does not work good in a bundt pan.  Don't know why, but that's what I was told.  It goes in the oven and smells wonderful.  I get busy doing other chores and when the timer goes off , out comes my beautiful cake.  I let it cool in the pan, then dump it onto cake plate and this is what I get. 

Okay ladies, don't say "I wouldn't post that ugly cake"  But this is reality!!  No touch up photo could help this cake. This recipe forms a crisp crust usually around the edges and is delicious.  The longer it set , the more it cracked.  But DELICIOUS,,, that crusty top was.  The cake stayed in tack, and was moist and firm.  I immediately called the lady from church, and she had no idea what happened either.  You could have sworn I baked it last week during the earthquake.   I was so glad I had baked it only for Mr. P and myself, not to take anywhere. I slice them up anyway, wrap each slice and put in freezer to pull out at night with our coffee.  I really think it just didin't like all the pictures I was taking of it during the process.  Can I blame it on my camera? Anyway if you would like the recipe, just let me know and I will gladly share.

Today we had our annual  church "Back to School Picnic" at a local park. Altho our schools have been in session almost a month now, this is the end to our summer activities at church.  I made my favorite Cornbread Salad to take as my side item.  I was so proud you don't cook it especially after the cake baking deal.
Sharing the recipe with you today.

Cornbread Salad

1 box Jiffy Cornbread Mix
1 (12oz) package of bacon ( cooked crisp and crumbled)
1/2 cup of sweet pickle relish
1/2 cup sweet pickle juice
3 Large tomatoes, chopped
1 Large green bell pepper, chopped
1 Large sweet onion chopped fine
1 cup of mayo or more to taste

Prepare cornbread according to package directions.  Cool, and crumble into very small pieces.

In a large bowl, layer one half of the cornbread, top with 1/2 of the pickle relish, 1/2 of the pickle juice
1/2 of the chopped tomatoes,peppers, onions, bacon, and 1/2 of the mayo.  Repeat layers one more time reserving a small amout of the bacon to garnish if you wish. Cover and chill until time to serve.

This is always a big hit at a gathering.  My bowl is now empty and I have to share the recipe with several ladies at church tomorrow.

For dessert Mr..P took the ice cream freezer and made ice cream for everyone.  Can you guess who was first in line to get her share?

You guessed it, Darbee Rae wanted to make sure she got her cup full.

After a great lunch and  ice cream on a hot afternoon the ladies got together to play a fun game of bingo.(just for fun, no money pot or prizes, ammmm, it is a church gathering.)

Sorry don't know why this one turned out blurry.   So there you have a recap of my last few days, yep, reality hits us all sometime and this time it did me in good with my cake, a great  " can't flop " recipe to share and a day of fun and relaxation. 

Hoping all of you have had a great weekend so far and will have a blessed Sunday tomorrow.  Until we talk again.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Want to Learn To Hook?

Hi everyone.  If any of you girls want to learn to hook, rush over to Margie's blog http://hungryhookprimitives.blogspot.com/2011/08/rug-hooking-tutorial-kit-giveaways.html  She has just posted  lesson # 1 on getting started hooking and is also doing a great giveaway.  This is one of the kits she will be offering. She also offers it in another color.  

 I am so excited.  So if you are wanting to learn a new craft , come along with me as I try my hand at hooking. We will all  visit with Margie and learn together.  Don't forget to enter her giveaway.  There are many ways to get extra entries.

Hope you all have a great evening.  All my friends in Irene's Path, please take precautions and stay safe. You are all in my prayers.
Until next time.......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Darbee Rae and a Typical Southern Day

Good evening everyone.  This is a "No Prim "post but an account of a day spent with Darbee Rae.  As most of you  know Holly went back to teaching this year after taking time off to be with Darbee Rae.  She and Darbee Rae were so excited earlier this month to be at school and  daycare.   However this morning, I am so sure as I know Holly so well, she had a sick feeling in her stomach.  Darbee Rae had a dentist appointment at noon and Holly had to be at school.  So  Stacy, Darbee's Dad agreed to take her on his lunch break.  Darbee came here this morning instead of going to school with her Mommy and I met her Dad for her appointment.  Holly's kids were napping and she kept texting and finally called so worried although it was just for a cleaning.  Just one disadvantage of working as the dentist wouldn't make an afternoon appointment for children as young as Darbee Rae.   Anyway .... all went well, Darbee Rae was fine and a big girl, and I got her after her appointment and we had a Darbee Rae and Nana day as she put it.  Our first stop was one of her favorite place to eat chicken nuggets.

And next on our list was shopping.  Can't have a day without  it.  So we shopped at T.J. Max and ended up at Target.  She couldn't find a toy she really wanted so instead she chose  ice cream.  I should have known as she knows Nana will let her have it.  So ...........

Don't that look good ?   I didn't even know the snack bar at Target sold ice cream but leave it to Darbee Rae , she led me right to them.   Was a treat to sit and visit with her as she enjoyed that sandwich.

Now to the funny part.  Do you ever wonder what kids think about us adults when we talk to them?  To babyish ( is that  a word?)  or above their heads with too many big words?  Well Darbee Rae will definitely put you in your place.

Now you know being from the south, we get made fun of all the time using words that aren't really words, like ain't and Ya'll, and there are lots of phrases that are commonly used in the south.  Until I met a really good friend , I had never heard of packing a child, or groceries to a car, etc.  We carry our children and carry our groceries, etc.  We pack  luggage to go on a trip.  Anyway..... if someone  has an appointment we might ask upon seeing that person again, "How did you come out at the appointment?"  Same as for a test,job interview, etc.

This afternoon Darbee Rae was visiting with her Aunt Kathy, and Kathy ask her how she came out at the dentist.  Kathy called and said if looks could have killed ,  with the one Darbee Rae gave  her she would be dead.  She stood a minute and then replied to Kathy, " Thru the door."   Hmmmmmmm,  makes me wonder if Darbee Rae is going to fit in here in the South!!!   And ending to a perfect day.

Hope you smiled today.  Until next time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hanging Out To Dry

Good Sunday evening friends.  Hope you have all had a great weekend. Was quite a busy one here at the homeplace. Do you ever accomplish on the weekend as much as you had hoped to?  We did a little work and had a little fun so guess we can't complain. 

After church services today I rushed home so that I could give my Santa Suits a good grunge bath.  This was the last sewing project before putting the machine to rest earlier in the week.  But waiting on a sunny day to grunge they have been laying upstairs on the craft table. 

As I was hanging them on the fence to dry in the sun, my old clothesline came to mind.  I know so many of you still have a clothesline and I miss mine terribly at times.  Most of my craft objects get hung on the fence or from a chain on the carport to dry.  I couldn't help but smile as I hung these little red suits outside for all the neighbors to see as they drove by. We don't know our neightbors as they come and go pretty quickly around here, even tho we have lived here for over 32 years.   I'm sure they are not aware that we do crafts and with all the cheesecloth and other items I give a grunge bath , I am sure they wonder what is going on.  This brought to mind a poem I copied a few years back and did a stitchery from it.  Thought I would share it with you today.

Clothes line was a news forecast to dry.

It also was a friendly link
For neighbors always knew
If company had stopped on by
To spend a night or two.
For then you'd see the 'fancy sheets'
And towels upon the line;
You'd see the 'company table cloths'
With intricate design.
The line announced a baby's birth
To folks who lived inside
As brand new infant clothes were hung
So carefully with pride.
The ages of the children could
So readily be known
By watching how the sizes changed
You'd know how much they'd grown.
It also told when illness struck,
As extra sheets were hung;
Then nightclothes, and a bathrobe, too,
Haphazardly were strung.
It said, 'Gone on vacation now'
When lines hung limp and bare.
It told, 'We're back!' when full lines sagged
With not an inch to spare.
New folks in town were scorned upon
If wash was dingy gray,
As neighbors carefully raised their brows,
And looked the other way.
But clotheslines now are of the past
For dryers make work less.
Now what goes on inside a home
Is anybody's guess.
I really miss that way of life.
It was a friendly sign
When neighbors knew each other best
By what hung on the line!
~Marilyn K. Walker ~

Yes today I realized just how much I miss my clothesline.  Memories of all the baby clothes that smelled so good when I would bring them inside some 28 years ago, sheets that smelled like the sunshine on a cool autumn day, quilts airing in the breeze waiting to comfort and keep us warm on a cold winter's night.  Do I really care what my neighbors see or think??  Maybe not.  Wonder if I can persuade Mr. P. to put me up a clothesline as a weekend project in the near future.  Hmmmmm, will let you guys know. 

But for today, my fence served the purpose.  All the little suits are dry and waiting for their buttons and to be priced.   And as for the neighbors, I'll just let them wonder.

Have a good evening.  Until next time.....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

And the Giveaway Winner Is........

You'll have to wait just a minute while I talk to you first.  Yes, I know I have made you ladies wait all day.  But we went out of town for the evening and I didn't think we would be this late coming in. So I am so sorry for the late posting.  But it is still Saturday here at the homeplace, so I am true to my word.

You will have to excuse my accomplice. Darbee Rae was home in the bed so Mr. P. looks pretty proud that I gave him the honor.  Don't tell him, but I don't think he had a clue to what he was doing.  I think that smirky smile was because he got to sit in one of my new chairs.  (LOL).  So are you ready to know who the lucky winner is?

Drum Roll please......... And the lucky winner of the Horn of Plenty is

The Moonlit Stitch.  Lisa please send me your address and I will get the package in the mail next week.  Congratulations!

Thanks to all of you who entered and played along.  You are all so special to me.  I love all your visits and your comments.  You all have a special place in my heart. 

Until next time.......

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rest At Last For My Sewing Machine

Okay all you guys, I am soooo tired of spending day in and day out upstairs in my craft room.  Today I got all my sewing done yes DONE for my craft show .  And I still have exactly 14 days left before we start our set up.!!!  My constant companion, my dear sewing machine is closed away in her cabinet to rest ... a long deserved rest.  All my items are priced and packed and ready to go.  Even Mr. P. has finished in his workshop.  This is the first time EVER in over 20 years that we are ready.  Kinda scarey.  But I am so thankful.

I still have a few painted items I want to do, and a few stitcheries to make, but if those few things don't get done that won't be a big deal.  I have worked so hard making a few things every month since January. And with Mother taking a turn for the worse, I am so glad I did.  Spending more time with her had I not got started early, I would not have nearly as much merchandise.

I have really missed visiting everyone as often.  I haven't just sat and visited new blogs in such a long time.  Hopefully after the show and our vacation (if we get to go) things will get back to normal around here.  We have so much going on the rest of August.  A housewarming shower, a day at the park with our church for the end of the summer and back to school celebration, a day of shopping and lunch with WMU ladies from our church out of town; at least these are all fun things to look forward to.

I know so many of you are working just a hard as most of you have shows back to back.  Oh girls, I can't imagine more than one show.  Just hoping we have cooler weather and no rain.  Wishing the same for all of you whenever your show dates are.

If you haven't signed up for my 100th post giveaway please go to my last post and sign up.  Thanks to all of you who have entered.  Your names will be in the drawing.  I did not take the time to respond to each entry but rest assured I have your name. 

What are my plans for tomorrow?  Well it might just be a day to stay in my p.j.'s and do absolutely nothing.  Mr. P is having leftovers for supper and I might just grab a magazine, read my book, and thank God for once again letting us be prepared and ready for our Labor Day show.

Hope you all have a great day and find a  little time to sit and be thankful for life.  Until we talk again........

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Let's Celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!!!

And two post in one day!!! Woozers, I am doing great! (giggle).  Okay to help me celebrate my 100th post, I am going to be giving away to one of my current followers a Horn of Plenty.  I had so many nice comments on them in a previous post,,, I thought to myself, hmmm, why not?  Fall is surely on it's way, right?

To enter you must already be a follower of my blog.  This giveaway does not include new followers.  So please do not post it on your blogs or sidebar.  You guys have followed and commented for months now and this will give you a better chance to win.  New followers, I love, and are always welcome.  Later there will be another giveaway and it will be open to present and new followers.

You must live in the U.S or Canada.  And you must comment on this post only. Please make sure I can contact you if you win.  The giveaway will run thru this Friday, August 19th.  I will announce the winner on Saturday  August 20.

Good Luck to you all.  Let the fun began.

Sunday Smiles and a Thought to Share

Good Sunday morning everyone.  WooHoo!!! This is my 100th post.  Hard to believe so many of you have continued to follow along  with me as I write about life, crafts, family and friends.  So a big Thank You to all of you who have visited my humble blog, left an uplifting comment, made me smile, and took your time to visit with me.  I will be doing a giveaway soon, so be sure to stop back by often.

Found this saying a while back and thought I  would share it with you this Sunday Morning. Printed it on my chalkboard as I go out  my door as a reminder to always be thankful.  Makes us all stop and think I am sure.  Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.

Until we talk again, thanks for stopping by .I cherish your visits and your comments.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet Miss Aggie the Pumpkin Witch

Good evening everyone, Wow , it has been a while since I did a post.  I have been busy working  in the craft room as time is running out for our 3 day show.  Can you believe September is creeping upon our doors?   Our show is Labor Day weekend.

Thought I would share with you a few items I have gotten done this week.  This is another Dee Duncan pattern.  I think Miss Aggie turned out to be right cute.

Here is a close-up of her face .  Love the ringlets for her hair.

Her cauldron holds a tea light.

Another item that will be new for me this year is this Horn of Plenty.  Have made several of these and each hold pumpkins , then an assortment of fall items.

I sell lots of Christmas ornaments, bowl fillers and such as early as September.  Got serveral of these trees ready  for their new homes.

Each one has a different Christmas Song on them.

Well that's about all I have got done so far this week.  Had wanted to be finished by the weekend and clean craft room and take a break for the next few weeks.  Yeah, right.  All you ladies out there who are beginning your busy season of shows, do we ever get done and ready?  It's hard to just quit. Heck, I just got some new patterns over the weekend!!

Thought I would give you an update on Mother.  She is hanging in there but is growing weaker by the day.  She is conscious, but her mind is really bad.  I don't think she really knows who we are every day now.  She is eating well  but it looks just like baby food.  She doesn't realize she is eating,.  Thankfully she has no pain, just says she is worn out, and I know she is.  This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  But we are fine, and God is good.  Just keep us in your prayers

Now on to a brighter note.  Holly has had a few rough days getting those little ones use to Pre-K.  After all they are just babies.   Four year olds and going to school, I don't know,.  Guess I am from the old school and to me these little ones are just that ... Little ones. 

However Darbee Rae was thrilled to be back at her school. (daycare).  She has had a wonderful week.And I took her advice and I have sat at the machine and sewed.  But I have really missed my girls.  Every morning Darbee Rae would call me and sing a little song called "Good morning."   I have really missed that and this morning at 6:30 the phone rang, and the sweetest little voice sang Good Morning to her Nana.  Okay, I know , stop the mushy stuff.   Caught  Darbee Rae being silly at the nursing home yessterday. 

If you look close you will see she has her braids wrapped around her ears.  She makes me smile when nothing else will.

Okay all my dear friends.  Hope you are having a great week whatever you are doing.  Some of you are experiencing a break in these hot temps. and I am so looking forward to feeling a little fall in the air.  No matter what you have plans for this week, hoping you are safe and happy.  Thanks for coming by and sharing a few minutes with me.  I look so forward to your comments and love the visits,.  Until next time,,,,,,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Posting for Nana

Hi everybody, I'm sure if you follow Nana's blog you know me already cause Nana puts pictures of me on here all the time.  This is Darbee Rae and today I am having a Darbee and Nana Date.  See school starts back on Monday and today Mommy had to be there early because all the kiddos she is going to teach get to come and meet her today.  So I am staying with Nana.  I wanted to go tell the kids how great my Mommy is and how lucky they were to have her as their teacher but she said I couldn't . Mommy has taught me so much everybody says.  They say I am so smart to be 3 years old but I don't know how smart I am suppose to be.

This morning started early.  So if you are wondering why Nana didn't stop by and comment on your blogs, well I am the reason.  I just love playing on her computer and since on Monday I will be going to "my school" (daycare) I guess Nana decided to spoil me a bit today.  So instead of her having her morning coffee and talking to you, this is what she let me do.

I love playing games on PBS Kids.org. and since I know all my letters Nana and me had fun playing alphabet games for a long time.  Of course Nana wanted some snuggle time and I gave it to her so we were both happy.  You know us kids learn early what Nana's want from us  and sometimes it's to our advantage. Maybe that's why she let me play on the computer sooo long ?  I want to think so.

I thought we were just going to play and shop all day, but Nana had other plans.  Off we went upstairs to her craft room.  Now I was thinking OH NO, I am just a kid.  What am I going to do up there? I guess she is already hoping I will take after her and love to craft.  She put me to work right away.

Stuffing a Christmas pillow.  That was hard for my little hands, trying to hold open that little space and then put that white stuff in.  I tried but then I had another idea.

Bet Nana is glad it didn't show up too good in the picture, but that stuffing fills a shirt out pretty good.  Yep, I looked like I was blessed.  I danced around a had a good time with all that padding ammm,,,, where it counts.  Made Nana laugh a lot too.

We were having so much fun and Nana looked at the clock and told me we had to go make the bed and get dressed for our trip to town for lunch and shopping.

I am a good helper.  Nana's bed is so tall, she let me get on it to put ALL those pillows in the right place.  I love snuggling in her bed, but come bedtime I always go home.  I  don't think I am big enough to spend the night yet.  She wants me to so bad.  I told her when I was eight I would.  Will that be a long time?  Don't tell Nana but I sure hope so..

This lap desk was heavy.  I 'm glad I don't have to move all the pillows and this heavy thing before I go to bed at night.  FINALLY..... we were ready to go.

I've had a rough time lately keeping up with my purse. So today I just brought my bilfolder and am going to let Nana keep it for me so I will not loose my money.

She was so sweet to me and gave me a choice where we would meet Papa for lunch.  Can you believe I turned down McDonald's and Burger King?  I wanted to go to Stevie B's and eat pizza and pasta.  Yea, that's what I told Nana.  I knew what I really wanted.

There is a story behind me eating ice cream.  When I was a tiny baby I could not have milk or milk products.  I am okay now with a little, but who can eat a little ice cream?  Mommy is always so picky but I knew my Nana and Papa would  let me eat all I wanted!!  And they did.  Boy was it good. But that's our secret.  We are not going to tell Mommy.  Sure hope it don't make me sick tonight.  If it does poor Nana.

Papa even took me to the game room and let me play a few games.  I think I made a great choice.  Who needs McDonald's every time?   And you know another reason why I had so much fun at Stevie B's?

I made a new friend.  And you know what?  He was so cute and nice to me.  Sure hope my Daddy don't see this picture.  He thinks I am tooo little to talk to boys!!

After lunch we went to Walmart and boy was that a mistake.  Everybody was buying school supplies and it was too crowded.  I couldn't find a toy so we just left.  Went by to visit Nanny at the nursing home and Mommy met us there. 

Just wanted to tell you all of this so you would know why my Nana was a busy Nana today.  I had so much fun spending the day with her and I hope I made her a little happy too.  I think I did cause she gave me lots of hugs and kisses and she smiled a lot. 

Oh and before I go, She wouldn't want me to tell you , but I saw a really cute prinitive (I can't say primitive too good)  item in the craft room, and she has almost made  100 post.  Wonder if it's gonna be for another giveaway?  So don't leave Nana and come on back and visit.  I know my Nana and she is always full of surprises. 

.  Hope if you are a Nana or a Grandma, or whatever your little kids call you , you hug them and tell them you love them like my Nana tells me.  Bye everybody.
Darbee Rae

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Day Has FInally Come

Yes my dear friends, the day has come when the temps. have exceeded the amount of work my little air conditioner can do to keep me cool.  So  for the first time this summer I have had to close off my sunroom.
Those of you who have a sunroom, Florida room, or what ever you may call it know how hard it is to heat and cool if there are lots of windows or glass in the room.  Normally we can go all summer with it open to the living area and most winters.  But with the temps. so high I resorted to this today.

I pulled all the blinds in there so as to keep some of the sun and heat from entering the room.  It's so hard to get pictures out there in the light so thought today would be a good day to show you around my little room. I have shared bits  in different blogs, but today altho it is a small area I will show you around.

These two pictures were taken standing with the french door open looking in from the living area. This is the far right corner of the sunroom. Perfect spot to sit and look out and have morning coffee, that is when the weather is being nice . I enjoy this room in early fall when it is cool and we have a dark rainy day. Love to sit here and watch it rain, and read a good book.  Oh Fall, where art thou?   

This is looking straight into sunroom.  When blinds are open you can see straight out to the back yard. 

No, I didn't leave this rabbit out from my Easter decor.  I decorate with a few rabbits out here year round. I have a few of my favorite things out here.  The lamp was from my parents' home when we sold it.

The potting table was made by Mr. P and I have showed it before.  It sits on the wall where the french doors are and the back side of the living area wall.

This is on the left side of the sunroom,  The window behind the loveseat is looking into the kitchen.  We have talked about knocking this wall out and making it an open area into the kitchen, but then on days like this ,I think not.

Other than an ugly pair of sliding doors behind the chair and next to the potting table that about takes you around my little sunroom.  I so want to replace those sliding doors as we don't use them, but Mr. P has promised to make me a screen so I can at least hide them as we never open them to the outside.  Will be a winter project for him and guess who won't let him forget???

Hope you are all staying inside and staying comfortable.  These high temps will soon pass as the next season will be upon us.  But until then, we will wait..............

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fall Finishes

Hello to all !  Hope you all had a marvelous Monday and looking forward to the week ahead of us.  Thought I would show you a few of the fall things I have managed to get done even tho' fall is definitely not in the air here in the south.

School started back today in many of our surrounding counties in our state, Holly had to start back today for pre-planning and Darbee Rae will be going to day care.  I am  so going to miss roaming with  my girls.  This past year has been so nice. Day trips, road trips. shopping trips, making memories, hanging out and having fun; guess now I will get to rest. I ask Darbee Rae what I was going to do during the day when she was at her "school" and she said,"Nana just sit at your sewing machine and stitch." Might not be a bad idea.

Have been doing a lot of sewing lately, as our craft show in September is drawing near.  Hard to try and stage a fall scene with the temps. near 100. But here goes.

I love this pattern from The Primitive Saltbox.  Love the pumpkins.They are so much fun to make and I love the print on them.  I had never used freezer paper to print with muslin and my printer so let me say this was an experience for me.
The first one fed thru the printer perfect, so I thought hmmmmmm, no problem so I went back upstairs  and did another one.   This time,,, no such luck, it got stuck in printer. Do you want to see how many times I tried before I finally got the hang of it?

That's the pile of freezer paper and muslin in the craft room floor.  Now how did I get the first one so perfect?  Guess it was luck.  But finally figured out the secret and have had so much fun since.  Have so many more projects in mind using this method.

Here is a close up showing the print on the pumpkins.

Also got some acorns made..

Used a combination of several patterns and made the witch stocking.  Got a few of these made. Sorry but with my camera the tea light on top doesn't show up good.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is working on stitcheries.  Lucky for me they are a great seller at my show.  This one is for fall.

This was  a freebie I found on the computer after I figured out how to print on my freezer paper.  At the end of that day I was so proud to learn a new technique.
Think the little pillow turned out pretty good.  Can't wait to make some for all the upcoming seasons. 

Well my friends, that about does it for today.  I have items drying from the stiffing process, some drying from coffee staining, and tomorrow another day of crafting.  Hoping you are doing something you enjoy, whatever it may be.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  Each and everyone of you are so special to me.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Until we talk again.................