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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Well did that post title catch your eye, eh?  Did you stop and say, woozers I thought Angela was in her 50's , happily married to Mr. P., and is she not the one with that cute granddaughter, Darbee Rae?  Well, yes you are right on all of the above and actually this post has nothing to do with marriage, or even weddings at all. But I do have something old to share with you.

Since I just told you how old I am, let me say when I got married and started decorating my own house "country" was in.  You know, cows, ducks , those long neck geese.  Well I was the only one of my friends that loved that stuff.  When we got married 2 littlle old ladies from my Daddy's church made me bonnets.  These bonnets have been stored away for years but I could never part with them. Today I found them and brought them out of hiding.
The brim on the beige one is attatched with oodles of buttons.  And age has really done it well.  When I put it away, it was snow white.  Today I didn't even have to stain it.  And here is my Blue, the blue print bonnet.  The stitching on this one is not very good, but that doesn't matter.  These two old ladies have long since gone to meet their maker and these bonnets are special to me.  Look on the inside of the blue one.
There is netting sewn inside.  Never remembered it being there.  Wonder why? Okay there you have something old and blue. Now for something borrowed, blue, and new all in one.  Look at what Mr. P made for me
No, it's not my original idea.  Saw it on Funky Junk Interiors and Susan at Homeroad made one similar but changed her handle.  The borrowed part of my picture is the old brace.  Mr. P. collects old tools and this one actually belonged to my Daddy.  Before we sold the homeplace he took it from Daddy's woodworking shop.  So that makes it even more special.  I had to assure him this  old box was for me and not to sell. It will sit on my craft room table if I ever get it cleaned off enough.  Am I the only one to admit when I am crafting my room stays in one big mess!!!!

Okay, I had a great day at home today.  Got to make a few things and finish up some that have been started for awhile.  I know it's just July, but hey, Sept and my show will be here too soon. 
Got this bowl of pumpkin pods made, priced and ready to go.
Also got all these spooky ghost done .  Sorry about the pitcher.  At the show they will not be displayed this way.  Just didn't have anything to stand them up in inside.  They are made from muslin, painted and the covered in stained cheese cloth.
A little better picture showing the ghost up close. 

So there you have my somethings old, somethings new, one thing borrowed from Mr. P. and somethings blue. And let me add another rare occassion with you.  I have made two post in one day.  WOOHOO!!

Hoping all of you had a great day and are sharing the evening with someone you love.  Tomorrow is another day and we will talk then....  

My Day Starting Early

Good early morning friends. Woke at 4 a.m. this morning so starting my day a little earlier than normal.  Are you already up and about?  Do you ever have so much on your plate that you want to get done and know there are so many hours in the day,,,, and you feel like sleeping is just a waste of your time?  Well, if so that was my feelings this morning and I just could not sleep.

Being gone everyday to be with Mother, has finally taken its toll on me.  Today I have the day at home, that is if things are as good as the last few have been.  Holly will be going for me and my cousin is also going for awhile.  I just need a day of rest and time alone at home.  Rest..... well not really.  This is the reason I am up so early.
And there are more where these came from.  Got to get these beans done and processed before I can do the fun stuff I want to do myself.  Mr.P has had so many problems with deer this year, we are blessed to have any beans at all. Usually we have bushels by now.

So if any of you are up this early, have nothing to do, the coffee is on and when I get a few snapped, I will run up to the resturant and grab us a biscuit.  We can sit and chat and share stories and I am sure my work will go by much faster.  Right now its rather quiet as Mr. P. is still sleeping soundly.  So just knock softly and I'll let you in thru the back door.  We will visit an hour or so before the mister has to be up for work.

All of you have a great day.  Hope to be back later tonight with some things to share,,,, If I get to stay home today. 

Talk a little later  to you my friends.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Marvelous Monday

Good evening all my friends.  And I have to say for me it is GOOD.  The phone rang this morning even before I started my day and it was my dear friend from TN.  We had a good long visit thru the phone lines and then I had 3 more friends calling just to check in .  Does your heart good,, eh?

Let me give you a quick update on Mother.  Today was a good day.  She seemed at herself and was comfortable.  The nursing staff seemes to think she can now sit up for a little while at a time and I am hoping it will rest her some from staying in bed these last 3 weeks. I'm taking one day at a time.  Today was good and I am thankful.

Now, after a fun morning chatting with friends, our mail lady pulls up and I run to greet her at the door.  Jen  over at The Country Mouse had e-mailed me that my giveaway package was on its way.  Did I care that my hair had yet to be combed , or that I was still in my p.j.'s and no make-up?? No way, I slung open that door and grabbed my package so fast , I think the way I looked scared the mail lady. I was so excited but did grab my camera.
I was so scared it might be broken , you know like I don't have enough to worry about.  When I found out I won I told Jen, please wrap it good. (ha) So I couldn't wait to tear into it.
This is what I saw.  Thanks Jen, you did make sure it was packaged securely.  I couldn't get it out fast enough.  Should have taken a picture of my floor with all the packing scattered.  Or maybe not.  Not a pretty sight.
Remember this giveaway ladies.  Didn't we all want to  win this beautifully painted gourd?  It is just wonderful.  Jen did such a great paint job.  I even liked the way the base and back was painted.  .
Wonder how Jen did that, huh?  Such a pretty prim color too.
I have it sitting on the library table in front of my living room window.  With the soft glow of the candle, it is just beautiful.

Another view with more lighting. My gourd will not be put away with patriotic decor.  No Jen, it will stay out year round.  Love it.  Have I said that already??  Okay , I could go on and on but ,,,, Jen sent another package too! One for Darbee Rae.  That girlie is getting popular.  Think she needs her own blog. (giggle)   I had to leave my goodies and go to be with Mother so took along Darbee Rae's gift.
When she found out she had a gift from Nana's blogging friend she was so excited.
She got busy right away working on opening it.
It is a precious light bulb that Jen painted with so much detail.  So cute.  And look at the little mouse on the stand. 

We had to go in her room right then and find a perfect spot for it.  On the shelf above her bed.  You can see the painting in more detail here.  Sorry , my camera is a primitive one.  I need a better one for blogging, hint,hint,  Mr. P.  

Did Jen out do herself or what?  Thank you so much Jen for Darbee Rae and my goodies.  We are two happy southern gals tonight.  If you haven't visited Jen's blog you can do so here . Tell her Angela sent you over.  You won't be disappointed.

Hoping you all had a Marvelous Monday.  Thanks for stopping by , enjoy each and eveyone of my dear friends.  You are all so special to me. 
Until we visit again......

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Short Sunday Inspirational

Good Morning all my friends. Just a quick post this morning to check in with you all.  I have really missed blogging but have managed to stop by and visit with a few of you when I can sit and catch a moment. 
Mother is holding her own right now.Thanks you for your continued prayers and thoughts. 

Today I have a sweet little gift to share with you.  Last September on Grandparent's Day Darbee Rae gave me a special gift.  At the time I didn't realize just how special it would become to me. I keep a journal of my daily activities and have since I was in grammer school.  Remember those little 5 year diaries with the lock and key.  Still have all of mine.  Several years ago I started a prayer journal also..  But this gift was such a sweet gesture.  This is what I got all wrapped up in a cute little bag...
It wasn't the clock, or the primitive candle mat .. It was this rock.
Yes, a plain old rock she picked up out of the yard.  Holly had let her paint it but being only 2 at the time, this is as good as it got.  But there was a poem attatched to it.  Hope my picture is plain enough for you to read the complete poem. Kept getting a glare .
Okay, it says:

I'm just a tiny little rock
Picked up from off the ground
You won't forget to say a prayer
If you keep me around
Put me on your pillow
when you make your bed
and when you crawl inside at night
I'll hit you on the head
But please don't scream or holler
or like a lion roar
Just close you eyes , say your prayers
and drop me on the floor
In the morning when you wake up
and I make you stub your toe
Shout,"Glory Hallelujah!"
Say a prayer and off you go
Put me back upon your pillow
let the cycle never end
I'll be your little prayer rock
and maybe your best friend.

That little rock stays on my bedside table for almost a year now.  Altho its not on my pillow I see it when I set the clock at night and turn off the alarm in the morning.  Lately I have to say I have been doing quite a bit of praying and commnicating with God.  This little rock brings a smile to my face.

Sometime we all need a little reminder that an extra little time talking with our maker might just be a good way to start and end our day.

Hoping to be back really soon with a few pictures to share.  Hoping you stop today and say a prayer of thankfulness for all your blessings in life.  Until we talk really soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

Nothing prim tonight my dear friends.  I just have to share with you a few pictures of Darbee Rae.  This child has been the sunshine in my days these last few weeks.  Not that she hasn't always, but it seems that she can sense something is going on and has been so loving lately.  She has made me laugh thru my tears. 

On Saturday she came for awhile and why I don't know but since a wee little tot she has always loved getting on Nana's bed and playing with my braclets.  This day was no exception. 
She puts them all the way up her arm.  She has done this forever.  Then I have to wear them all, and then her Mommy.  Sometime she even get PaPa in on the fun.  But Papa don't like to play braclets.  Darbee Rae just can't figure out why not!
Can you see why I can still  find something to smile about?  Who needs expensive toys?  Let's just go to Nana's house and play in her cheap-o braclets.
I was getting ready to go sit with Mother and was putting on my make-up.  Being the girly girl she is, she had to have make-up to.  At least she picked out the right color eye shadow.  Now Papa don't wear braclets but he held the mirror so she could get it just right. (ha)
Okay Darbee Rae, Nana thinks that is enough.  Don't ya think?  What will your Mommy think?
Isn't she just to beautiful?  That purple eye shadow and a chocolate pudding mouth?  Don't it make you smile?   She worked so hard to get it just right.  And in my book,,,, (giggle) beautiful she is.  Looked better after she got her mouth washed and then got her lipstick on of course.

 .  All you  Grandmothers, Nanas, MeMaw, Grannys, or whatever your grandchildren may call you, .,,, you share my feelings right?   It's so easy to smile when we see the world thru the eyes of a child.  Thanks for stopping by.

Hoping you all find something to make you smile today.  Until next time......

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Liberty Peppermint Sticks and a Thank You to Janice

Good Sunday evening everyone.  Hope you all are winding down from a great weekend whatever you chose to do.  God is good and we are all hanging in there.

A while back Janice at Prims by the Water offered a free pattern for Liberty Peppermint sticks if you sent over a new follower... Woo Hoo , I was a lucky reciever of her pattern.  You can visit the blog post at http://primsbythewater.blogspot.com/2011/06/sunday-and-monday-crafting.html.  I was so excited to get the pattern and then I began to worry.  We have no "real" fabric store in our town, and Hobby Lobby nor Walmart had fabric I wanted  to use for the peppermint sticks.  I had decided to try and paint stripes on muslin once I had time to make them.

While shopping the Goodwill store last week, I just happened upon a big Ralph Lauren King size sheet. 
Can you imagine what was running thru my head?  Yep, altho the picture doesn't show it too well, the stripes are perfect .  And the background is beige.  I didn't even have to dye it.  It's darker than it looks in the picture.  Would I have EVER found this had I really been looking for it?  No way!! But I was so excited. 

After church, having lunch with Holly and family and spending time with Mother I came in and decided to try to do something creative and spend time in my craft room.  I made my peppermint sticks and I love how they turned out.
I have to say I did not follow Janice's directions on the wrappers.  Her's was probably better, but I had never bought the stain to spray them with so being the VERY impatient person I am this is what I did.  I took regular copy paper(white) did the coffee stain on it , let it dry and then ran it thru the printer for the label.  I then took the iron and pressed the paper on the back to smooth it out a little.  They are grungy and look okay to me.  So there you have  it. 

Janice I have to say thank you again for offering the pattern.  I love it. 

Now for a little extra surprise.  If you got the pattern from Janice and you are having trouble finding material AND if you like the material I used   You have a chance to get some from little old me. 

To the first 3 people who comment that they would like to have some of the material, and send me your address I will gladly share with you.  I will send enough material  to make at least 6 of the peppermint sticks  for yourself.   Kind of, a thank you for reading my blog.

Okay , Kind of a short post tonight. But I am leaving you with a few more pictures of my patriotic displays. 
The stitchery I saw in an old issure of Country Sampler.  It was on a mantel in a home, and I just fell in love with it.
Made these stockings years ago, just keep tweaking them for the holidays.
Okay while looking at this last picture, I ask that you be very careful.  Try not to cough and Good Lord forbid that you sneeze while checking this one out.  I would hate for the dust to be disturbed!!(giggle) But I love the little mouse holding the flag.  Have had him a while  so I have already forgotten where I found him.
Just checked and dust has not be disturbed..  All you guys did good.  Hoping you all have  a great evening and a safe beginning to a new week ahead.  We will talk again..........

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Great Day

Hi all my friends.  Just have to say God always knows what you need.  Our Womens Mission Group has had an outing planned for quite some time to a local garden here in town that has been restored and on the National Registar of Historic Places.  I had debated whether to go or not with the situation with Mother but chose to go anyway.  After checking in at the Nursing Home this morning, we met for a personal tour of the gardens.  Being with such a sweet , caring group of Christian ladies was just what I needed.  We toured the gardens, saw so many beautiful sites , and the history was amazing.  I have pictures taken there when Mother had visited in the 1940's and 50's but sorry to say it went into a state of disrepair for many years.  To read the history of the gardens you can visit http://www.dunawaygardens.com/

I am not so good with a camera but thought I would share with you the few pictures I took today.  It was so much more beautiful than my cheap camera could capture.

We all piled in the golf carts and were on our way.  Took 3 golf carts for all of our group.
This area was one of the first we saw upon entering the gardens.  It was called Arrowhead  Pools.  There were actually 4 different pools all in the shape of arrowheads surrounding the 45ft.stone obelish.  On the very top was a bald eagle.
A shot of Darbee Rae at the base of the stone obelisk.
The flowers were beautiful.  Don't ask what the names were, very few did I recognize.  You know me and I am not a garden person.  Love the flowers, but only when Mr. P. brings them in to me.  I do know there were gardenias (sp) everywhere.  The smell was wonderful.
I really liked this plant because it was so different. Even the leaves were so pretty.

This was one of the many rock paths we got to walk down.  All the railings like the one on the left was made from old railroad tracks. Thought that was neat.
This picture was hard for me to figure out.  It is of one of the many ponds.  The trees are the reflection in the water.  See all the goldfish at the top of the picture?  That is what I was trying to capture.  Told you I wasn't too good with a camera.
Water was everywhere.  Some beautiful water falls but all were too shady for me to get a good photo
This was a very large area of solid granite rock.  The stories from years past was the owners believed this section of the garden was sacred.  The rock was called a healing rock and it would cure you of your illness.
Wouldn't that be great if that had been true?

Darbee Rae taking a break on one of the many park benches throughout the garden. After the tour, we had a catered lunch from a local eatery.
It was so pretty in the area where our tables were set up and waiting for us.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and a few hours of fellowship.  Such a great time with such sweet friends.

Afterward, I went to spend time with Mother.  They had her dressed today and that alone made her look more like herself.  Met with all members of hospice that I should be coming in contact with.  I am well pleased.

So, there you have it.  This is what I did today.  I feel  less stressed tonight, and I got to smile today.  For that I am so thankful. Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend.  Hugs.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Tasty Surprise

Hello everyone.  Hoping you all had a great day.  Let's all take a deep breath and be thankful tomorrow is Friday.  Wishing you all a great weekend whatever your plans.

Today was another long day and when I got home I found a sweet and tasty surprise from Mr. P.   This is what was on my counter.
Yep, Our very first ripe home grown tomatoes.  Now I know they are small and would not win a blue ribbon at the county fair, but..... it's a big ocassion every year to get to bite into that very first tomato from the garden.   Glad that little mouse on top was just sniffing around and had not helped himself to a bite from one.  (lol) Yep, that first tomato sandwich is better than a steak. So I couldn't wait to have them sliced and ready to eat. Thank you so much Mr. P. for your love of gardening.

Is your mouth just watering for a bite?  Well we should have plenty just a little later on and you will be welcome to come and we will share, but tonight we almost fought over those sweet little slices, (ha)

Making my sandwich I thought it might be fun to hear what you like on your tomato sandwich.  I know BLT's are most folks favorite.  Mr. P. likes a slice of ham on his and we both love it filled with Blue Plate Mayo.  I know some of you have probably never heard of that brand.  A few years back Mr. P. was working on a job out of state and he called home in a near panic.  He could not find Blue Plate Mayo at any of the grocery stores in his area.   When I went to visit him a few weeks later , guess what was packed in my bag,,,, yep you got it Blue Plate Mayo. 

Okay , are you ready for what I like on mine?  I love mine with mayo but also with a thin spread of peanut butter.  Don't go saying YUK on me  until you try it.   So yummy!  I've even heard some say they like onion.  Haven't tried that one, but ,,,,,,might be good. 

So tonight Mr. P and I have just finished a great sandwich and chips on trays in the living room in front of the T.V.   We don't do this often as we always sit at the table.  Always have .  But this week we have been off schedule, and tonight has been really nice having a picnic inside. 

So tonight I am asking you, do you look forward to that first homegrown tomato picked fresh from your garden, and if so do you eat it sliced, or in a sandwich?

Hugs to you all until next time........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Antiques, Primitives, Treasures

Good evening all my dear friends.  It feels so good to have a minute to spend with all of you.  Have missed having my door open to you all.  There has been no change, and we began to follow Mother yesterday afternoon on her journey home.  She is resting peacefully and we are assured she will until God calls her home. She does not have to fight any longer.  I am so at peace with that, needless to say, my heart is heavy.
God blessed us all yesterday as she roused up, smiled, laughed a little, and ask Darbee Rae to sing to her.  My precious 3 year old  granddaughter stood on her bed and sang Jesus Loves Me two times to her great grandmother who because of blindness never got to see her darling face.  Darbee's first visit out was to the nursing home when she was 3 days old and has not ever missed a week going to see Mother. Today Mother doesn't know she's in the world.  Keep us in your prayers.

Okay,,, enough said about saddness.  Guess with all the emotions flying lately  in part that is the reason for my post tonight.  Surfing the internet a while back I came across a saying from a person that said they had just found out what antiques were...Someone's junk who thinks they have a treasure.  Did it make me mad?No! Did it hurt my feelings? No! Actually it made me kind of sad.  So many of the younger generation don't care for old things whether they are real antiques or just family treasures handed down thru the years.  I know everyone has a different style of decorationg and I am fine with that.  If everyone loved old, prim, things we would all be suffering because great finds would be few and hard to get. I so respect what one likes and the way one chooses to decorate their homes. 

But have you stopped to think what will happen to your treasures when it's your time to go?  We don't really like to think that and one might say at that point they don't care, but I do.  I am so fortunate to have a daughter who will treasure my family heirlooms and make sure they are to be kept safe within the family.  Her style of decorating is somewhat different from mine, she is younger and a young mother and I respect that.  But she loves family and the stories that go along with precious treasures.

I have a friend in TN, who has little notes tucked away in special places along with priceless treasures from her family.  She took her son thru the house and told him to look in, under , around before throwing out anything.  Now, she has a darling daughter-in-law that shares her love for all things old and I am sure she will always treasure anything for her MIL's  home once that time comes. Just thought I would give you something to think about. (ha)

I do not have many true antiques, but have lots and lots of treasures that may not be worth lots of money, but my heart warms knowing I have them close.
This old HEAVY roll top oak desk was a house warming gift from my parents when we built our house over 35 years ago.  Hubby and I went to an antique shop with Daddy to pick it up thinking all the time he had bought it for himself.  Not until we had it loaded did he tell us it was ours.  How could it ever leave our family?
This was a huge old cabinet taken from the old cotton mill a mile or so away.  Daddy worked there when I was little.  It was so big and Daddy used it in his woodwork shop until he passed.  I had nowhere to put the big cabinet, so Mr.P. made 2 cabinets out of it.  This one sits at our entry and holds our coats, scarves, etc. in the winter months. 
This old pedal sewing machine belonged to my great, great, grandmother.  It needs a belt but still works.  I learned to sew pedaling away on that thing so many years ago I won't even say. It is now retired in my craft room.  Wouldn't you just love to know all the things it has sewed for all those dear old ladies  I know it made my first ever double-knit pantsuit.  As soon as they okayed it to wear pants to school , I was in 9th  grade.
It was an ugly army green and the tunic had to be long enough to cover my backside.  Have you figured out how old I am,,,,(lol) 
You've seen this old door before, but it came from my parents old homeplace.  We were living there when I was born.  Who could part with this special piece of wood?
This is an old oak wardrobe. A birthday gift years ago.It sits in the guest room along with this piece.
Love my old church bench. It came out of a local church, was brown, then white.   Mr. P. was so sweet to strip it out for me and its oak also.  Glad this was done a long time ago,  You loose patience with age, don't know that he would do that again.
This is one of many of the old quilts all quilted by family members who have been gone for many, many years.  Look at the details in this one.  Each little section of the flower garden pattern has been quilted.  Wonder how long that took, and what the conversations were around those quilting frames?  All my quilts are priceless to me.
This old rotating piano stool might not be given a second glance by many, but I had wanted one for years.  This was also my Daddy's.  Can you tell where I got my love for all things old?  The day Daddy had to go to a hospital bed, he gave me this stool.  He knew I had wanted it and making room for the bed he told me to take it on home with me.  The last gift from my Daddy.  Holly will cherish it always.
No where near an antique, but also priceless are these old farm animals that belonged to Mr. P.  His Daddy made the old wood box they are in for him when he was a little boy.  After we were married and his parents were selling the home Mr. P grew up in, he dug these out from under the house where he had played with them the last time many years ago.  They are brittle and you have to be careful, but him and Darbee Rae have enjoyed playing with these several times.  To most, it would be junk, to me,, priceless.

So there you have a few of my priceless items.  I have dishes, dough bowls, and as most of you the list goes on and on.  Visiting some of your blog and seeing all your beautiful antiques pieces I am humbled my little collections.  But all said and done we love what we love.  Just give it a thought and make sure you have someone in your family or a friend who will take your precious treasures and love them after you are gone. 

I have so enjoyed having you over this evening.  Has helped me to think nice thoughts and ease my mind a bit.  Good frineds and good company makes me smile.  Until we talk again........Hugs!