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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Great Prim Goodies

Have you ever needed something so bad and knew there was no where close by to purchase it?  Yes, shopping the interent is so easy to do, but I am very impatient and I wanted the item NOW.  So,,, after a call to the only shop that I thought might possibly have a set of brown cord white lights for a little tree I was wanting to decorate, I set out on a journey.

Yes, Mr. P., I know I am stuborn and hard headed, but I am WOMAN and I want what I want.  Now ladies tell me I am NOT the only one who thinks this way.  I hopped into my car and started my drive some 60 miles away to get my lights.  Chris at the shop was going to hold them for me. As I pulled from our driveway and in front of the house , I saw a package on the porch.  What did I do?  Yep, turned that car around and came back to see what the mail lady had left for me.  It was a package from my friend Kim in TN. You have seen many of her prim goodies throughout my home .  I was so excited with my goodies she was so sweet to share with me.  You are going to be jealous!! Kim needs a blog and selling blog so badly.

Don't you just love Santa's Tool Bag?  I have an idea how I am going to display this.  Can't wait to show you.  Kim, I simply love this idea.  It is going to look so cute in my special place.

Love these little ditty bags filled with sweet annie.  They have a special place hanging  on my German Twig 


Love this old book that she covered and stitched .  It will not have to wait until Spring to go on display.  I am going to display it on my potter's bench in the sunroom right away and then will  decorate with it inside this Spring.  Love it! She also included some great Christmas labels that I can't wait to create with. 

Didn't I get some neat goodies?  Thanks again Kim.... Okay leaving all the goodies and to get back on my way was hard to do. I wanted to stay home and play.  But once again I was on my way.  What really made this trip special was the fact I was going shopping ALONE.  That doesn't happen much since Holly is a professional shopper. (ha). But she had plans with her family.

I visited a total of 3 different towns and actually found a few great Christmas gifts.  Can't show you as She and Darbee Rae look at the blog.  Can you figure out who they are for? (smile) At the shop where Chris was holding the lights I got the lights, a scented candle bulb and a small feather tree.  Can't have too many of those little trees.  Got back in just before dark , happy to have my lights, and tickled over my other few finds.  Such a great day and hey, couldn't have been in better company, huh?

Today 's weather started out with rain, but the temps have fallen all day.  It is so cold this afternoon and the wind is blowing very hard.  Our weatherman is calling for snow flurries this evening and just a few minutes ago it was sleeting lightly.  Nothing is going to stick as the ground is too warm, but sleet and snow in Ga. especially in Nov, is so unreal.   Don't know if you can tell it or not but the windows in my sunroom was fogged over earlier today as it was so cold.

Well folks that is all for today.  Mr. P. is home from work, supper is done and dishes are clean.  He is building a fire in the fireplace and all is well in my little corner of the world.  Hope each and everyone of you can say the same.

I so enjoyed your visit and I cherish all of my loyal followers. Have a good night
Until we talk again....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Max's Retirement Celebration

This afternoon was a special one for myself and for Darbee Rae.  I had ask her Mommy on Thursday evening if she could come home with me from church services today and spend the evening. Although I see my girls almost daily, it is a rare ocassion when Darbee Rae and I spend time alone.  She goes to daycare during the week and weekends are usually busy for them and for us.  So.... needless to say we were both excited.  Sundays are really depressing , since that was the day I have spent with Mother at the nursing home regularly for almost 5 years. But today ,, time flew by and memories were made. 

Let me introduce you to Max.  Max is one of the very few ornaments that I have from my childhood.  How he has survived all these years is sheer magic.  Yep, you know elves are anyway.  Poor thing has hung on a number of different trees as I was growing up.  My earliest memory was a "ugly see thru" cedar tree I went out in the woods with my Daddy to cut for us.  Max hung on that tree with that smile just as if it was the most beautiful tree in the whole world.  We had those kind of trees for years and it became a treat for Daddy and me to go to the woods and cut a tree.  Then one year Mother decided we had to have one of those shiney aluminum trees with the color wheel.  I hated that thing but Max made himself right at home on those branches.  Poor thing, I bet he had wished for sunglasses as that wheel kept turning and changing colors.  Then came the year we got an artificial tree. Finally  a pretty tree, but there was no Christmas smell to it, but again Max and I were happy,.

When I married , Max came along to our home and has held viligance over all our trees each Christmas season for 38 years . However last year, he came alive again during the holidays.  He would always know when Darbee Rae was coming to visit and he would hide in some of the funniest places and have her a little gift leading up to Christmas Day.  Max has been at it for over 50 years and I was so worried that he might get hurt, have to be stitched up ,or have a broken bone.

When we talked to Santa at his workshop week before last , our request was for Santa to send a younger elf to take Max's place at Nana's house.  Today we got our wish and Max has retired.  This is where he will be during the holiday.

Was this okay with Darbee Rae you might ask?  She was fine with Max watching from the mantle.  She gave him a kiss and ask if she could hold him some during Christmas.  The transition was an easy one because when we got in from service today, this is what we found

Can you tell she was excited?  At this point she had no idea what was inside.  She just knew it was from Santa.

We wasted no time tearing into the package to see just what Santa had sent. There was a huge lollipop, a long letter and......

WILBUR!!  Santa kept his promise and sent Wilbur, a much younger elf to take over Max's job during the holidays.  Darbee Rae took to him immediately. It will be so much fun to see him come to life while we sleep each night and see what mischief he will get into.  Elmer is the elf at her house and he gets into all kind of trouble.  She was so excited, so we decided to bring out the Easy Bake oven Aunt Maudie and Uncle Leonard gave her for her birthday and bake a cake in honor of Max retirement.

Working so hard mixing up the cake.  Look at the tiny pan.  Brought back so many memories.  Did you have an Easy Bake Oven

Guess all that baking was well worth the trouble.  Yummm, chocolate icing.  A girl can't go wrong with chocolate  Max, sure hope you appreciate us baking a cake just for you.

Out of the kitchen and down to some serious playing.  Legos!  Who knows you might be looking at a famous engineer in the making,  Before we knew it the afternoon was gone and it was time to say goodbye for the evening. 

Darbee Rae I hope you had as much fun as I did.  We must have another Darbee/Nana day again soon.

I will be back soon to share with you a wonderful package I recieved in the mail  and the wonderful day I had on Saturday.

This holiday week is coming to a close.  Hoping you all made some wonderfukl memories with your family and friends.  Mr. P has to go back to work tomorrow after being on holiday all week, and I must say I am going to miss him,,,,, and eating our meals out.  Back to the regular routine of everyday life.  But,, I am ready and thankful for the memories of this past week.

Until next time

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Visit To Santa's Workshop

After a very busy day of splitting firewood yesterday, last night we joined Darbee Rae and her parents for a visit to Santa's Workshop.  And I must say I was very  impressed.  Well, I must admit even at my age, I never got to go to see Santa hard at work.  Only in my imagination and through the reading of Christmas Books.  But last night, I saw the jolly old fellow in action.  This post is dedicated to Darbee Rae and the fun we had last night.  It will be full of pictures.  So if you wish not to follow along you so graciously can exit now,,, no feelings hurt.  But this proud Nana has just got to share some precious pictures.  Hey, and at the end,,,, you might just see me with The Old Fellow  myself.  I really think I had as much fun as Darbee.  So here goes:

Outside the workshop, which happened to be in an old converted barn.

Inside the workshop, we were waiting on Santa to take a break and welcome us.  We could hear Christmas music in the background and the sound of a hammer.  Yep, he was busy at work.

Here it is.  Santa's very own workshop.  He welcomed us and he ask Darbee Rae to help him as time is drawing near for him to get his toys all made.

Thanks to Papa and his woodworking shop, Darbee knew just what she was doing.  Santa was really impressed that she could use a hammer so well. Don't ya think Santa's work clothes are pretty?  We thought he dressed well for the occassion.

This is where Santa sews the stuffed toys and dolls. Yes  a corner in the workshop perfect for a day of sewing

Wow, look at this big dollhouse.  Santa is still working on it, but gave Darbee Rae a peek inside.  He promises it will be finished for some little girl by Christmas Eve.

What a big rocking horse Santa had built.  Not only did Darbee ride that horse was so big that Darbee's Dad rode it also.

Santa took a minute to go and change into the warm suit he wears when he is flying through the air in his sleigh.  He let us sit in his living room and wait on him.  Darbee was so excited she was clapping her hands.  Can't you tell she is having too much fun?

Darbee had waited all evening for this few minutes.  She told her Mommy to help her not forget one thing that she wanted.  She even told Santa what to bring her Mommy.

Santa had to check his Naughty/Nice list and thank goodness Darbee's name was on the nice side.  But  check it out again.... Holly was on the naughty side.  And after telling Santa how Mr. P. had made me split wood all day  he made  Mr.P add his to the naughty side also.  But being the good fellow he is , he let them both erase their names if they promised to be good from now to Christmas.

Santa was so proud of Darbee for being such a sweet little girl and he knew she as well as her Nana was having so much fun, he decided to let her take a peek inside his office.  He says he doesn't let many folks go in there as it is a special place.  All his books with all the children's names and thier wish lists are stored safely in there for only him to see. 

Looks like Darbee fits in perfectly don't you think?  I think she would have stayed all night and spent time with Santa.

As our time with Santa drew to a close , we all got to have our picture made with him.  He even let the Mister in with Darbee and Me.

Yes, I was beginning to believe he was actually a good old fellow until...... He whispered in my ear that he was bringing me a new AXE and a new CHAIN SAW!!! And I thought that fat old man was on my side.

Now what could I have said to him to get that Naughty finger pointed at me?   I'll just let you guess,,,, cause I will never tell!!

We left Santa and Holly and Stacy treated us to a good supper at a resturant... finally , no slim jim's and cheese.  Where you might ask?    Yep, got it right Cracker Barrel.

As a week of Thanksgiving is approaching we all have so much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for my little family, their love, and all the fun times we share together.

Hope you enjoyed visiting Santa's workshop with us as much as I enjoyed sharing our fun with you.  Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to spending time with Family this coming week.
Until next time.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Be Careful What You Ask For !!

The past few weeks have really been busy for the Mister and myself.  When talking of plans for today I suggested we spend some time together alone.  Now being married for 38 years and being empty nesters for a good many years now, we do enjoy each other's company. That is most of the time.(smile)

My thoughts for this cool Saturday morning was an early breakfast at Cracker Barrel sitting in front of their big fireplace. Then maybe some early Christmas shopping with my honey at one of our favorite antique malls and checking out a few goodwill and thrift stores . He does love visiting shops of this kind.  And a bonus for me these shops are rather close to the casino I love to visit when my friends and I go to play the slot machines.  Yep, I could see a good day before me.

Well, Mr. P  must have been thinking like a "man".  This was my nice quiet breakfast. 

Yep, a ham and biscuit from the closest fast food joint.  Have to admit it wasn't Cracker Barrel but it was  good and I didn't have to prepare breakfast but enjoyed it in front of our own fireplace. 

And he thought he did me a favor.  This is as close to gambling as I was going to get today.  Stopped and bought me a scratch off ticket.  Hey, I won  $10.

 Okay... let's try again. " Honey you know I want to spend time with you and go somewhere."
Guess he got my point.  He told  me to put on sweats and dress warm. Instead of earrings he handed me ear plugs.  Hnnnnn, what did he have up his sleeve?  Where were we going?  Sure didn't take me long to find out!!

Oh No.  Definitely NOT what I was trying to convey to him.  Look... he even had me a chair.  Yep, we were in our backyard going to split firewood.  That chair was for me to sit and operate the lever on the log splitter. 

This was the first few pieces of wood we split. 

We worked really hard all  morning. Mr. P being the loving guy he is, he did give me a lunch break.  It was not at a little Mom and Pop Joint off the beaten path as I had envisioned.  Instead a picnic in the back yard.  This was what he served me.

Can you tell I was just his bestest buddy today?  Yep, but not much bonding going on. Well not on my part at least.  With a man and the way they think,,, who knows.

Finally,  that dreaded machine ran out of gas and we stopped for the day. Look at all that wood we got split.  And no, we did not get finished.  See the white tarps ?  From there to the metal building to go. 

So ,, if there is a blizzard that comes to the south this winter, I know two folks who can snuggle down in front of the fire and maybe , just maybe spend some quite quality time together.  Well deserved don't you think?

Tonight we are on our way out to see Santa and visit with him in his workshop with Darbee Rae and her parents.  Supper out afterwards is definite.  You can bet your last dollar I am going to talk to that Jolly old fellow in the red suit and give him an itemized list of what I want for Christmas.  Not taking another chance that my mister will figure it out on his own.

Tonight I am thankful for Mr.P's health and being able to chop all that wood so that we will have a warm home this winter.  Hope you are all having a great Saturday as well
Until next time.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Prim Goodies

Hello everyone,,,, Finally I am back.  My plans for the week was to stay busy as to try and keep my mind off other things... I got a double doze of busy .  And I still don't seem to have anything I wanted to accomplish done.

So as promised... I have pictures of my goodies I got while in TN.  No, they are definitely not staged and I can't wait to show them to you in their new places in my home but as for now ... Just be glad I got pictures.  So its afternoon and we all need a boost, so grab a favorite drink , a piece of dark chocolate and visit with me as I share my finds.

As I said in an earlier post this trip held a lot of first for me.  I have wanted a redware mug for such a long time and finally found one at The Speckled Hen in Clinton , Tn.  I am almost ashamed to admit it but I have never drank flavored coffee either.  It was Christmas Open House and they had refreshments and this coffee to drink.  Had to come home with a bag, and I am already enjoying it at night.  I also picked up several gourmet packages of Hot Chocolate  and some Cider Mix that I am saving until a really cold day.

My major purchase was my German Twig Tree.  I was so excited but as soon as I began unfolding those branches I quickly formed a love/hate relationship with that tree. My arms were  in whelps and itching so badly.  Okay, it's not decorated but will be after the weekend.  Will be back with after photos I promise

I also purchased some brown lights to go on it, but I am thinking just a few lights and  more natural decorations.  Just can't get it together in my mind.  Hmmm , will give me something to work  for during the year to have it perfect for next year.  Anyway,,, I love the tree decorated or not

  Well, this is my first weavers table runner.  It's folded double right now, but you will see it again when I decorate the table for the holidays.  Can't wait

Was tickled to find the drys.  I was going to do oranges for the tree, but now they are done for me. 


Sorry you can't see this too well.  Its a bag of cedar and berry blend.  You would be so envious if you could sniff into the bag.  You will see it later in a wooden bowl. 


This room spray smells equally as good.  I purchased the orange clove and won the Smell of Christmas as a door prize.  WooHoo, lucky me.

As you can see I got many ornaments, but this make-do chair is my favorite.  I originally bought it for a gift but on my 5hour drive home talked myself into keeping it.  I know selfish of me, but I will definitley find something else for the gift.  I think I will use it in a display rather than on the tree.   There were more ornanaments but won't bore you any longer

Oops! Sorry took the picture of this little hanger upside down.  Don't know why but I had to have it.  The Mister is going to mount it on an old board for me.  Just got to figure out what I will hang from it and where to put it.  What fun!

I have been wanting one of these prim candle holders and have the special spot for it once I get my decorating started.  Love that it will slide on the edge of a shelf, window sill,,, so many places.  I got several other small candle holders as well.

On our way back to Piegon Forge from The Speckled Hen in Clinton, we passed many thrift stores.  Stopped in at a Goodwill and look what I found.  I did an old Southern YeeHaw, when I saw the goblets and the old wooden tray. I was so excited with my treasures.

In Piegon Forge I always go to the Pattern Hutch.  I got several patterns and one kit for a project I will begin after Christmas.  So there you have it...... my goodies from a wonderful girl trip.  Can you see why this was such a special trip.? Meeting a blogging friend, spending time with my girls , and all these wonderful treasures as a bonus. 

Hoping all of you are planning a great weekend doing something you will enjoy.  Take care and be careful. Until next time