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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Brings Changes to the Home Place

Good evening friends.  Hope you are all having a good week thus far.  All of you who had all the snow and are now experiencing flooding my heart and prayers go out to you.  Hear in GA, we have had some rain, but also some above average temps. these last few days.

Birds have been singing, and flowers are beginning to show their beautiful blooms.  Signs of Spring are everywhere.  And for this I am thankful. Why?  Because..........
This was the way our house looked everyday for the past week.  Yes, old windows torn out, and a gapping hole until the new one was quickly installed.  Had it been really cold, the house would have been miserable.  But thankfully with the warmer temps. it went smoothly,  The old black windows are now gone, ,,
And the new white ones have taken their place.
They are so pretty from the outside as well.  Can you tell I am so proud of them?

I was most excited to be getting new windows in the sunroom/dining room as the windows out there was just single pane glass.  And wouldn't you know it,,,, the window company that was making the windows made and sent our contractor the wrong size windows.  They didn't realize it until Monday just before removing the old windows.  AND  the new slider door did not get ordered.  So we had already taken down blinds, curtains, etc, for the windows to be installed.  This is the way it looks now.
They put a rush on the windows and a special delivery so this time next week if the weather is good we should have all new windows and this part of our home improvements should be done. Slowly but surely we are marking things off our to do list.  Week before last we got the new roof on so that is two major projects done.   Oh,, but there are so many more  projects on the horizon.  I just love all these lists.  Do you like to have lots going on around your home place??
It always seem with warmer weather on the way, we want to spruce up this old home place.  So thankful Mr. P. is such a good handy man and not scared to tackle a home project.
All of my prayer warriors please remember Darbee Rae in your prayers.  She is having some digestive issues and we are waiting on test results.  She was so excited to spend the day with me today and was so pitiful when she got here and had an attack and didn't feel like staying.  All you Grandma's know how it makes us feel when our grands are not feeling well. 
Once she got to feeling better we played with Beanie Boos all afternoon.  Guess that was more fun than working on Santa ornaments anyway. Yes, getting  an early start for my fall show.  But they are too cute.  Can't wait to share them with you.  I know,,,, should be working on rabbits but I only do one show and it is in the fall,. 
Well, that's about all I have to share this evening.  Take care and be blessed until next time.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Girl's Weekend and News From the Home Place

Sweet Sunday Blessings friends. Hope today is filled with sunshine  and all the ice and snow for those of you that have had bad weather is now behind you. Here in West Central Georgia two different times last week we were placed on Winter Weather Watch or Warnings, and we have yet to see ice or snow. The girls and I were so wanting a pretty white snow fall but as February comes to a close our chances are getting quite slim. However I recall one of the largest snows I  remember came in early March.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Most of you know Mr. P. has a wood working shop.  So naturally he uses a good number of table saw blades.  He gives all the old blades to a co worker who paints scenery and such on them.  Last week his friend gifted him with such a blade.  Thought he did a great job.

If you look close he even wrote Papa's Workshop over the door. 

Last Monday supplies were delivered to the house for the next phase of our home improvements. 

Since we had "liquid snow" aka RAIN, they had to unload the materials close to the road as the yard was too soft for the big truck.  YIKES!! I was so scared it would get stolen since the rain and bad weather delayed the project several days.
But eventually the work began and we are now the proud owners of a new roof. This picture was at the end of the day before it was quite finished and the clean up had begun. Looks kind of yuk, huh?
Come Spring we have plans to put in new steps, and change the colors on the shutters.  Oh,, and as soon as our contractor can get caught up from last week's rain, all of our new windows are in and they will begin installing them.  Keeping my fingers crossed it will be soon.  Not looking to promising as the weather forecast for all next week is rain. 
Mr.P. is planning on retiring within the next few years, so he has decided to make all these improvements before retirement.  I am so thankful that he takes pride in our home and wants to keep it in good condition. Also thankful that he had the roof done before leaks appeared and would ruin the inside ceilings.  Especially with all the rain we have had.
Now for less work and more fun.  The mister was working in the shop on Saturday so I placed a call to my gambling friend to see if she wanted to go have some fun.  We left around lunch and drove to our nearest Casino in Alabama for an evening of fun.
The hotel had no vacancy so her casino host gave us free dinner at the Steakhouse inside the Casino. Can I say fancy?  Oh how I could get use to this lifestyle.  Now some of you may be use to restaurants this nice, but around here Texas Roadhouse is about as nice as we get.
Of course we had to have reservations.  Upon entering the restaurant, the waitress unfolded our napkins and place them in our laps.  {oh yes} First indication this place was wonderful.
We got our basket of bread,,, not just hot rolls, but 5 different kinds of bread. Pick and choose.  Our menus were placed in front of us and here is a small sample of the prices.  Hope you can see to read them.

Yes, I ordered a $42 steak, with two sides that were $8 each. Oh, and a wonderful salad. Forgot the price of it.  Also had appetizers as well. Are you jealous yet?  This was a once in a lifetime dinner but oh so much fun.  And it was also delicious!! Especially since it was free!!
But that is not all.  Oh No!!  After our appetizer and salad, the waitress comes out with this for each of us.
Now I know I am a little bit country, but not too backward { I didn't think} but I had no idea!!!!Do you??  It was sherbet and if you chose she had a little pitcher with champagne to pour over it.  Do you know it's purpose??  To clean our palette and cleanse our taste buds before our main course!!  Yes, I had never!!  But now I have. {smile}
This is a picture of some of my food. And,ugh, no, I could not eat it all!!

Our steaks were brought out on a cloth covered cart with the silver domes.  You know like you see on T.V. Once they were placed in front of us, our waitress brought out the steak knives in a wooden box lined with velvet and we chose our knife.  Really?
Okay,,  guess you have figured out by now just how impressed I was, or how country this girl actually is.  But that is not quite all.  Being that we were all stuffed, we decided to pass  on dessert. But again we were pleasantly surprised when our wonderful waitress appeared at our table with this.
The little silver bowl was full of dry ice and inside were chocolate bonbons for each of us.  How cool was that?  The picture does not show the effect of the dry ice.  And such a tiny sweet treat after that big wonderful meal.
Just as we were ready to leave, each of us was presented with one of these.

A perfect long stem red rose. What a wonderful meal with such a great long time friend. Thanks to you Jane and your Casino Host, we had a wonderful dinner and made lots of memories
We were also glad that Jane's daughter Angie came down and joined us for dinner and played  a while in the Casino.

We played all night long, won a little and lost a lot and arrived home safely early this morning.  What a fun Saturday night.  Wonder could Mr. P. beat this on a Friday Date Night??  I really doubt it.  Friends are wonderful, huh?
One more thing before I leave you.  A couple of weeks ago, I was honored to attend the circus with Darbee Rae's home school group.  It was downtown Atlanta.  I had not been to a circus since I was in fifth grade in grammar school.  Oh my, what fun we had.  Just had to share a few photos.  I felt like a child again!!

Well that is all for this cloudy, cool, rainy Sunday here in Georgia.  Hope I haven't bored you with snippets from life here at the home place.  Be sure to say hello so I will know you have visited.  Have a wonderful week everyone.  Until next time.......