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Friday, August 5, 2011

Posting for Nana

Hi everybody, I'm sure if you follow Nana's blog you know me already cause Nana puts pictures of me on here all the time.  This is Darbee Rae and today I am having a Darbee and Nana Date.  See school starts back on Monday and today Mommy had to be there early because all the kiddos she is going to teach get to come and meet her today.  So I am staying with Nana.  I wanted to go tell the kids how great my Mommy is and how lucky they were to have her as their teacher but she said I couldn't . Mommy has taught me so much everybody says.  They say I am so smart to be 3 years old but I don't know how smart I am suppose to be.

This morning started early.  So if you are wondering why Nana didn't stop by and comment on your blogs, well I am the reason.  I just love playing on her computer and since on Monday I will be going to "my school" (daycare) I guess Nana decided to spoil me a bit today.  So instead of her having her morning coffee and talking to you, this is what she let me do.

I love playing games on PBS Kids.org. and since I know all my letters Nana and me had fun playing alphabet games for a long time.  Of course Nana wanted some snuggle time and I gave it to her so we were both happy.  You know us kids learn early what Nana's want from us  and sometimes it's to our advantage. Maybe that's why she let me play on the computer sooo long ?  I want to think so.

I thought we were just going to play and shop all day, but Nana had other plans.  Off we went upstairs to her craft room.  Now I was thinking OH NO, I am just a kid.  What am I going to do up there? I guess she is already hoping I will take after her and love to craft.  She put me to work right away.

Stuffing a Christmas pillow.  That was hard for my little hands, trying to hold open that little space and then put that white stuff in.  I tried but then I had another idea.

Bet Nana is glad it didn't show up too good in the picture, but that stuffing fills a shirt out pretty good.  Yep, I looked like I was blessed.  I danced around a had a good time with all that padding ammm,,,, where it counts.  Made Nana laugh a lot too.

We were having so much fun and Nana looked at the clock and told me we had to go make the bed and get dressed for our trip to town for lunch and shopping.

I am a good helper.  Nana's bed is so tall, she let me get on it to put ALL those pillows in the right place.  I love snuggling in her bed, but come bedtime I always go home.  I  don't think I am big enough to spend the night yet.  She wants me to so bad.  I told her when I was eight I would.  Will that be a long time?  Don't tell Nana but I sure hope so..

This lap desk was heavy.  I 'm glad I don't have to move all the pillows and this heavy thing before I go to bed at night.  FINALLY..... we were ready to go.

I've had a rough time lately keeping up with my purse. So today I just brought my bilfolder and am going to let Nana keep it for me so I will not loose my money.

She was so sweet to me and gave me a choice where we would meet Papa for lunch.  Can you believe I turned down McDonald's and Burger King?  I wanted to go to Stevie B's and eat pizza and pasta.  Yea, that's what I told Nana.  I knew what I really wanted.

There is a story behind me eating ice cream.  When I was a tiny baby I could not have milk or milk products.  I am okay now with a little, but who can eat a little ice cream?  Mommy is always so picky but I knew my Nana and Papa would  let me eat all I wanted!!  And they did.  Boy was it good. But that's our secret.  We are not going to tell Mommy.  Sure hope it don't make me sick tonight.  If it does poor Nana.

Papa even took me to the game room and let me play a few games.  I think I made a great choice.  Who needs McDonald's every time?   And you know another reason why I had so much fun at Stevie B's?

I made a new friend.  And you know what?  He was so cute and nice to me.  Sure hope my Daddy don't see this picture.  He thinks I am tooo little to talk to boys!!

After lunch we went to Walmart and boy was that a mistake.  Everybody was buying school supplies and it was too crowded.  I couldn't find a toy so we just left.  Went by to visit Nanny at the nursing home and Mommy met us there. 

Just wanted to tell you all of this so you would know why my Nana was a busy Nana today.  I had so much fun spending the day with her and I hope I made her a little happy too.  I think I did cause she gave me lots of hugs and kisses and she smiled a lot. 

Oh and before I go, She wouldn't want me to tell you , but I saw a really cute prinitive (I can't say primitive too good)  item in the craft room, and she has almost made  100 post.  Wonder if it's gonna be for another giveaway?  So don't leave Nana and come on back and visit.  I know my Nana and she is always full of surprises. 

.  Hope if you are a Nana or a Grandma, or whatever your little kids call you , you hug them and tell them you love them like my Nana tells me.  Bye everybody.
Darbee Rae


  1. Sorry, Nana, but this was the best post ever!!!!!!

  2. Well Darbee Rae it sure sounds like you & Nana had a wonderful day today!! Did you tucker Nana out with all that activity?? Have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. Darbee Rae, Your one lucky young lady!! Your Nana is one special lady, and that makes you one too! Looks and sounds like you BOTH had a very fun and special day:) Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Monday at Day Care, Darbee Rae....

  4. Hi Darbee Rae, Sounds like you had the bestest day ever. Aren't Nanna's and Papa's the best!!! I had my granddaughter today. I watch her every Fri and she spends Thursday night here. She's 5 years old and been doing that for 3 1/2 years now. Have fun in daycare.


  5. What a exciting day Miss Darbee Rae! You looked to cute with your stuffing I know you were really just trying to make yourself into a teddy bear..smile..Glad you had fun with Nana and remember to give her tons of snuggles to let her know you lover her.Have fun at your new school!~Amy

  6. What a lovely day Darbee Rae! I'm a Nana too and have two little cuties like you visit me all the time! We have such fun! Hope you enjoy school on Monday ~ I know you'll have lots of fun with your friends.

  7. O Darbee Rae , Im so glad your Nanna got some time with you today because I know how she loves you so . My lil Princess says she sure loves your pretty long red hair and that her daddy doesn't like her to talk to boys either , but she likes making new friends too and that you look like you had tons of fun with Nanna ,princess kaylee loves spendin time with her granny too and gettin lots of snuggles ! Thanks for sharing with us today , tell Nanna to rest up theres lots to catch up on in blogland tomorrow! hugs lil raggedy anige

  8. Looks like such a fun day! I am so thankful for the Nana Darbee Rae has and how much she enjoys being with you. You wore her out! She just woke up from to LONG nap! Looking forward to lots of fun times ahead! Love ya!

  9. Darbee Rae ... Thank you so much for posting today! We were all worried about where your Nana was off to! She is so lucky to have a granddaughter who is so thoughtful : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  10. Hi Darbee Rae,
    Sounds like you and your Nana had a wonderful day!! I'm a Nana too. I got to play with my little grandson yesterday when I babysat him while his mama and sister were at choir practice.
    Have fun at school on Monday!! My granddaughter starts back to school in a few weeks and she is excited because she is now going to be in 6th grade and gets to move up to the bigger school building.
    Tell your Nana thank you for letting you share your day with us. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Oh Darbee Rae!
    What a smart beautiful girl you are.
    Thanks for sharing your day with your Nana with us.
    I love granny kids. I have three.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  12. You're a very lucky little girl Darbee Rae! You have a wonderful Nana and are truly blessed. Hope you have fun at school and learn a lot of cool things :)My little Granddaughter Hailie Pearl would love to play with you some time....she loves the computer too!

    Tell Nana thanks for letting you post today.

  13. Well, Miss Darbee Rae, I'd say you ARE one smart 3 year old! You blog just as good as your Nana any ol' day!! So glad you filled in for her - we so enjoy your Nana too - and she makes our days almost as fun as she makes yours....and spoils us almost as much too! I don't have any grandbabies - maybe some day (not too soon though)....but I have a grandfurbaby...we call him The Snow Dog because he's the kind they use to pull sleds in the snow. He doesn't like shopping or playing on the computer much though. Glad you had a fun day with Nana - and hope you treasure it in your heart for always....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Hi Darbee, What a cutie you are and so smart!
    Have fun at school and Thank You for sharing with us.

  15. How precious! And I just read on Holly's blog about them going to school! Isn't it great being a Nana???