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Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter in the South

Good afternoon friends. Oh,,,I am so enjoying all your photos of the snow in your area. I am so hoping you are all safe and warm and snuggled in for this cold  spell. Praying that you don't loose electricity.

We hardly ever get snow here in the South.  Flurries were in the forecast for last night, but we didn't see any.  The mountains of North Georgia got snow, but we got wind and cold temps.  Now all my northern friends don't laugh, but we don't handle the cold, snow, and ice too well here in Georgia.  Just the mention of any of the above, and the grocery store shelves become empty really fast and folks rush to the home improvement stores for heaters, generators, and such. 

On Sunday evening our local schools were called off for the next two days.  Not from snow or ice but because we are going to have temps, in the single digits. The winds are going to make it even colder.

So,,,, what did we do here at the home place to prepare for this cold heading our way?  I decided it was time to change out the great room.  If you remember our great room has looked this way for quite some time.


The  sofa was behind the coffee table against the wall.  Well with the cold spell heading our way, I decided I wanted to move the sofa closer to the fireplace and make the room more cozy for winter.
Yes, I love it.  So much warmer sitting in front of the fireplace.  A perfect place to wrap in a blanket and read a good book or stitch on a cold, windy, day in Georgia.
On the wall where the couch was located this is what I put there.
Darbee Rae was so excited.  We now have a place to color and play board games.  Will be a good spot for coffee and cake after supper too. 
Borrowed this bench from the kitchen, 
This lamp gives of a soft light as you enter from the front door.
I wasn't the only one preparing for the cold weather.  Mr. P. made sure everything was wrapped, and ready.  The cars were checked for antifreeze, the furnace filter changed and ready and plenty of wood up on the carport.
The pantry is stocked with plenty of comfort food ingredients waiting to be prepared in the kitchen.
Do you have certain foods that you associate with winter time?  We love chili, beef stew, chicken and dumplings, and cabbage soup with cornbread.
So what do you do when it is soooo cold outside?  Well tomorrow I plan to stay inside, sit on my sofa, and work on a few craft items. Supper will be in the crock pot, house is clean, and I am going to snuggle in. But today I met Holly and Darbee Rae and we ate Japanese for lunch. When we came out of the restaurant, I think the temps. had fallen 20 degrees from the time we went in.  No, not really but the wind had started blowing and it would take your breath.  I think it was too cold to shop, even for Holly and Darbee Rae. We  hurried  to their house where it was warm and I watched Holly play on her new embroidery machine.
 It is so neat, and I really love to watch. Everything is computerized.  I can't wait to get some things done for myself.  She made this for me today to show me how it will applique. Think she did a great job don't you?
Well, I know we are all in a deep freeze, so all of you that have it so much worse than we do here at the home place, please be careful and stay warm.  I so feel for all the elderly, and the homeless people. There are many families who have come upon rough times and their babies my be cold also.  Let's be thankful for our warm homes and send up a prayer for those less fortunate. 
Until next time.  



  1. Had fun today! Love your living room. I think Darbee likes it too.

  2. Morning Friend
    Oh I love how you switched your home around.
    Very warm and cozy.
    So thankful for a warm home.
    So happy you are healing so well too.
    Woolie Blessings

  3. I love the new arrangement, it is a warmer and cozier setting. We're at -8 degrees in SE OH, feels like -23... brrrr!
    We have the last minute shoppers clearing out the stores here too.
    I think about the homeless and the fur kids too when it gets this cold. Praying God will take care of them. I was lucky and had a guardian angel when I was a little gal :) and hopefully the less fortunate will too.

  4. It's good to change things up a bit every now and then, I think it makes us feel better! Looks so cozy, I want to sit in front of the fire! Neat machine that Holly has.

  5. Oh I do love the changed room, looks comfy cozy and yes I could snuggle in by the fire no problem......Stay Warm, Francine.

  6. We are at -5 below and boy does your fire place and big sofa look like the perfect place to be.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. A great move changing up things and having the sofa in front of the fireplace. So cozy! The day before our snowstorm, our local grocery store was packed as folks from the island nearby were afraid the ferry woould shut down. There have been times it was shut down for 2 weeks straight. Our high was 1 below zero actual. Brrr. Isn't it fun to move things around and change things up...looks like a whole different place! Janice

  8. Love the changes you made. The sofa looks so comfy and cozy in front of the fireplace! I'm so glad that the temperatures are going back up here!
    Oh...is Holly ever going to have fun with her new embroidery machine. That is the kind of embroidery machine that I started with back in 1995 and now I have my big 85 pound small professional embroidery machine. There is so many things that she will be able to make with her awesome new machine.

  9. love the new look, so glad you are enjoying playing switch out, sounds like your girls had lots of fun. it was below 0, with 24 degree below 0 wind chills 3 days now, we are heading to the mid 30's tomorrow. hugs and blessings, dear friend!

  10. With all these going ons Angela sounds like your doing great.
    Your room looks very cozy.
    We eat lots of homemade soups this time of year.

  11. Angela I think my computer / blog has been hacked into, I noticed on your sidebar but that is not me. so sorry I will check into it.

  12. That is a perfect arrangement. It looks wonderful. I love sofa's in front of the fireplace. Mine is too big to put like that. You are right, we in the south are not prepared. I did like the snow we had, but not the 2*. I worry about pipes, etc, but God was good and all is well here. Thank you Lord is all I could say. Have a great weekend.