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Thursday, February 13, 2014

God's Beautiful World

Looking out my window this morning, this little children's song came quickly to my mind.

God's beautiful world, God's beautiful world
I love God's beautiful world.
He made if for you, He made it for me,
I love God's beautiful world.

Not often do we see icicles here in Georgia

Magnolia trees are known to be a southern tree. Looks so pretty covered in ice and snow.
As our storm has come and gone, God has provided us with sunshine this morning and the melting has begun.  Sun shining on this tree of ice,,,, looks like diamonds shining through.
We were blessed through this winter storm.  Never lost power, and were safe and warm. Saying a prayer for all of you as the storm is working its way east and many of you will be affected.
Looking forward to next week.  Holly and family and Mr, P,. and myself are going on vacation. BUT,,, we are traveling North,,,yikes.... Praying for good weather on our trip.
Until next time. WARM WISHES TO YOU ALL!!!



  1. I CAN'T WAIT! Let's leave now!! Haha. So ready to go. It's gonna be fun.

  2. Morning, beautiful winter pictures, God is such an amazing artist indeed. Enjoy your holiday, travel safe, Francine.

  3. Even though I am over the snow up here..these are beautiful pics Drive safe up North on yur vacation. Janice

  4. Not sure how far north you are traveling...but here in my part of Ohio it is going to be in the 40's and 50's next week. Can't wait...it will feel like a heat way! Have fun on your trip and safe travels.

  5. Beautiful photos.
    Snow snow go away.
    Have a safe wonderful trip.
    Warm Woolie Hugs

  6. Beautiful pics.
    Have a safe and fun trip!!

  7. How pretty that snow coated Magnolia tree is!
    I sure hope you can make your trip to, Angela.