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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Friday, December 19, 2014

From My Kitchen To Yours.....Part 1 Home Tour

Good evening friends. Hope this finds all of you doing well and ready for Christmas.  It is almost upon us and I have so enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  I have one more gift to purchase and I am ready to sit back and enjoy.  Well,,,, to be honest I have already been enjoying the lights, coziness, and comfort of our humble abode. 

So even though tonight is date night, I chose to stay home and visit with you.  I even cooked our supper.  Sure hope Santa remembers how good I am to him and rewards me in a few days. {smile} After surprising me with a little trip last week on date night, thought I would be nice and snuggle in this week. 

So being that time is going by so fast, and it won't be possible to have each of you over personally, thought the next best thing would be to visit with me through cyber space.  Everyone comes around back so just get on out and come in through the carport.

I'll open the door for you.  All our good friends enter through the back.  And we all have been friends for quite some time now.  You are all special to me.

You all have followed along as we are in the middle of remodeling the kitchen.  Things are on hold until after the holidays,,,,,BUT,,,, Mr. P. has nine days off.  Oh my, couldn't we accomplish a lot in those off days?  We will just have to wait and see.  But as of now, counters are done, back splash done, new hardware done, and new swags are hung.  We have plans to re do the soffits and refinish the cabinets.  But,, I just couldn't wait that long to have you visit.  It is what it is.
A few days ago we had our annual Girls Day and the old grain bin looked like this.

Will share more photos on that wonderful party at the end of this post.  

The eat in part of the kitchen has all the old wallpaper that has to come off.  Anyone want to offer to come and help strip??  I will feed you. LOL. 
Remember before we turned the sun room into my dining room, the china cabinet
 and oak dining table was here.  When we moved it, Mr. P. made me this little farm table and I brought my old hoosier cabinet back in that I had in the barn.
Love the way it looks in the evening.  So cozy.

I am so enjoying the fireplace mantle he made me last year at this time when I was so sick.  A favorite of mine with fond memories.

Well I hope you have enjoyed visiting with me in the kitchen.  On Wednesday all us crazies got together for our annual Christmas Lunch.  This year we went to a local restaurant for lunch.  We were so blessed to have a new friend join us this year. You met Lynn in a previous post. 

After a delicious lunch most of the girls came back here for dessert and a fun afternoon.  We exchanged gifts, ate, and ate some more.  Isn't it just wonderful to have such good friends who seem closer than family? 
But before we say goodnight, I have to show you another visitor we had on party day.  Darbee Rae and I walked in the kitchen and look who was helping himself to the food.
Yes,, Wilbur had opened the chips, grabbed a cookie and was making himself right at home.  BUT,,, oh the difference a few days can make.  I got a call this morning and one little girl has decided elves are stuffed animals and can not fly.  Oh sometime kids just grow up too fast.  But this Nana assured her Wilbur will be around for a long time.  And I bet he will still be up to his mischief.
Have a great weekend folks.  Enjoy the season. Stay safe out,, everyone rushing around can be dangerous.  Hugs to you all and
Until next time...


  1. I so need you to come decorate my kitchen!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE yours!

  2. Enjoyed the tour and visit Angela, your kitchen is looking good! Better keep an eye on that Wilbur..looks like he may be a mischievous one!

  3. Love your kitchen decorations! Everything is so cute. What a lovely, warm home you have. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Well everything looks so good. (Especially the food) What a fun time we have with family and friends. I have been partying for two months and have enjoyed every minute of it. We never know when we can't. It sure would be nice to just sit and visit wouldn't it? OH NO!! Not the non belief thing!!! Make Wilber do something spectacular.

  5. Loved visiting with you in your beautiful cozy kitchen!!
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

  6. Everything looks so wonderful! SO inviting and homey! I know what you mean about having such great friends. You don't have to be related to feel as though they are family! Hugs! Maggie

  7. Looking great, loved the tour of your cozy home.Merry Christmas, Hugs Francine.

  8. enjoyed all the sharing!
    hugs to Wilbur!

  9. Thanks so much for the invite friend... I enjoyed my visit ...your home is so lovely and inviting ...I do so wish we lived closer ...o the fun that could be had...I hope you and Mr P have a wonderful Christmas... Hugs lil raggedy angie.

  10. Love all of your holiday decor..especially also love your grain bin. What a fun serving table! Merry Christmas to you and Mr p. janice