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Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Flip that became a Flop

Okay,,,, let's be honest here.  Please tell me I am not the only one guilty of such a thing.  Do you ever lay in bed when sleep doesn't come and rearrange your whole house room by room?  In your dreams that is?   I have done this more times than I would like to admit, just ask Mr. P. Poor fellow has helped me rearrange more than a popular moving company.  Most of the time,, after several attempts things seem to work out.  BUT,,, as you know there has to be a time when what we vision in our mind just don't work in reality. And that is where we are right now.

Remember in my last post, Mr. P. was getting rid of my piano.  Well,, I had such big ideas for the area where the piano had called home for too many years.  As soon as all the parts were gone, cleaning had been done, the floor shined, I began to play out the vision I had for the area.  And then in steps REALITY.   It was not working.  Okay Angela, you are tired,,,, walk away until the next day, and so I did.   Still  not working. 

I had so hoped to have a comfy chair, table, and to make this space into a reading nook.  A place of my own where I could read my daily devotional, my wonderful Amish books, and just be ME.  Nope, as of now that is not going to happen.  Nothing I tried seem to turn out as I had it pictured in my mind.  So .... as of now, this is what I have done. The little chair on the wall will not be staying however, I had a nail there and until I am completely happy with the area, I will not put anything on that wall.

I still have a vision and I will not be defeated.  May not turn out the way I had planned in the beginning, but there is hope of a new old piece of furniture to go there.  I just so need to be able to expand my walls. {smile}  Little did I know that getting rid of such a big piece of furniture{piano} could cause so much trouble.
So what does this beautiful Saturday morning find all of you doing?  I haven't shared a picture of our new deck with you ,  Here is a sneak peak through the new slider doors.

Thought you might like to see our "huge" plant.  This is what we call a "pregnant onion".  I really don't know the real name of it.  A couple of friends gave it to us over 30 years ago as a small plant to sit on our pool deck.  And look at it now.  It weighs a ton!!
And this is where you will find me this morning.  Yes, enjoying the beautiful cool breeze and coffee with Mr. P.  Hope you are spending the day with  someone you love.
Stay tuned,,,, I will be back with hopefully a happy ending to my flip that has become a flop in a few days.
Until then......


  1. You will come up with the perfect thing. I love my reading nook.

  2. I love that little hung up chair!
    I once had a pregnant onion, whatever it's name,
    I grew tired of it,after about 4 sets of babies, it was boring!!
    It was not in the same league with yours!
    Boys Howdy!
    Hoping to see what you do with that space top come.

  3. OMG Angela, I simply love love your little reading nook right now. It looks so cozy! Ever since we have been doing this living room redo, I have had the same syndrome you have. I laid in bed thinking and rethinkking how I was going to place everything...and in the end it changed once we started putting it all together. LOL Janice

  4. Angela...sometimes it helps to me to walk away from a project that didn't turn out like I thought it would and then it just comes together in the end...after I stop thinking about it so much. I know that whatever you end up doing....it will look beautiful.

  5. Hi Angela! I like your cozy nook already, but I feel your pain when you know it just isn't right for you! I know you will figure out something perfect for you for that spot - some times it just takes awhile. Hang in there! Jane

  6. The right space will come to you. I agree with the other gal who posted that sometimes you have to walk a way a bit. Get new perspective! In the meantime, that deck is a lovely spot to read! Maggie

  7. I like the idea of a reading nook. I hope you find peace with your decision. If not, it will come to you. Your deck seems very nice. I hope you are doing well. My Blogger page leads to my regular blog.