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Monday, February 27, 2012

Old Homeplaces

Good Monday evening.  Hoping all of you have wonderful memories of a great weekend spent doing something you so much enjoyed with family and friends.

I managed to stay home all last week.  There was no road trips , just time spent with Mr.. P and doing lots of catching up on household chores. (ugh)    As with so many of you, we have had some wonderful Spring like days and many of those with the threat of tornados and storms.  We have been blessed thus far.  Daffidols are blooming, yellow belle bushes are blooming, and on a ride this weekend we saw wild plum trees in full bloom.  Yes, Spring is almost here.

I just love old homeplaces.  Wandering around the grounds where an old home stands or where there are remains of  an old homeplace sends my mind in a never ending spin of questions.  A while back on one of our road trips we happened  to see just that.  Several old homeplaces.  Couldn't contain myself , so out came the camera. 

This homeplace was barely visible.  How could any family let a home go to ruins like this?   Oh, my heart goes out to the old home.  It stands so tired now as the years have taken a toll on its outward apperance. Don't you wonder who has lived there and the stories these old tired walls could tell?  Imagine all the cold winters, heavy rains and summer storms that poor roof has felt.  Yet it held proudly and did its job of sheltering and protecting  the family inside.
Was there a veggie garden out back and did the lady of the house have a herb garden by the back door.  Maybe there was a colorful flower garden over in the side yard and in the early morning with the dew still shimmering on the grass ,she would slip out and gather a fresh bouquet of flowers in her apron to adorn the farm table.
And was there the laughter of little ones as they swung on an old handmade swing from a tree branch in the front yard? Where are the grandchildren, great grandchildren or other descents of the family who so lovingly built this home ?

This one was my favorite.  The area around this old home had been cleared somewhat.  I so hope someone has plans on saving this place and preserving it . If at some time in my future ,, I became wealthy , it would be a dream come true for me and Mr. P to buy land with an old homeplace on it and play till out heart was content.  Dreams are free, huh?

Well  if you have been visiting with me for awhile, you know just how much I love going and I have been on so many road trips lately.   This weekend while you were out shopping for that perfect antique piece or for something  prim perfect , was I doing the same thing here at home?  No way, this Saturday the Mister did some shopping himself.  Did he bring me home a gift?  You bet he did.  These 

Image Detail
Guess with all the traveling I should expect the poor tires to eventully wear out. So now I am good to go again, and travel will be safe.
So can you guess my plans for tomorrow?  Yes, four more girlfriends and myself are heading out bright and early in the morning on a road trip.  It will be just for the day, but don't you just love spending times with friends?..

Hoping all of you have fun plans for tomorrow as well.  Welcome to my new followers.  I just love meeting new folks .  Don't forget to comment or I will never know you have visited.  Until next time.


  1. I love old houses too, never can understand why they stand there so lonely and deserted. Have fun on your road trip and be sure to share!!! Dawn

  2. Love the old places, I would love to prowl around every one! But not when the snakes are out!!! Won't be long now, have a great girls day!

  3. The stories that old places could tell. Love to imagine what they would say. Have fun on your road trip.

  4. We have a lot of old Homesteads here in PA. You need to bring your travels north..! Have a fun and safe day tomorrow..:) Can't wait to hear and see pics...! K

  5. I've always love old houses. We saw many that were left to fall apart when we were in the hills of Tennessee. I often wonder what stories these great old homes could tell.
    We are expecting some bad storms with straight line winds on Wednesday...so hoping they are wrong.
    Have fun on your road trip with your friends tomorrow. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. O Angela ...the garden teas and the stories we could tell if we only had an old homestead :0) Isnt it strange that it seems that most go unnoticed but to some they seem to just jump up and down and wave as others go bye ...begging you to take a pic or a peek if you dare! have a great day with the girls ! Hugs lil raggedy angie

  7. Oh I so love old homeplaces and really anything old.
    Oh if only they could tell us their stories.
    How wonderful a day with friends.
    Hugs to you


  8. Angela,
    I am always intrigued by old home left to ruin. How does someone just let a house die? What memories does it hold?
    Nice post.

  9. I guess you hit on something dear to all of us. Abandoned homes. If you want to see one restored in simple splendor, go to Picture Trail.com DayBreakPlace. My friend Sandi and her husband restored one. It makes me sad, especially to see nothing but the chimney standing. Have fun today,I am staying home all day!

  10. One of my favorite passtimes is driving old backroads taking pics of these old homes and wondering about those who built it, lived there. Lottery=buy & restore old farmhouses! Have a great day Angela! ~*~Lisa

    1. Your post reminded me of my gramma H's homestead..alas it is gone now. The person who bought it, torched it cause he was hopng to get money out of it..so sad not to see it anymore. Have a great time! Loved the pics! Take care, Janice

  11. I love the old homeplaces and have the same thoughts.Enjoy your girlfriend day! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. I love, love, love old houses and buildings. You have a real beauty posted here. Last week we went on a trip to a rural valley where there are so many beautiful old barns and houses. Out too, came my camera. I spent an afternoon just driving around and photographing things. I have them on my blog. Thanks for sharing. I love your new gift:) Have fun road trippin. -Steph-

  13. Old abandoned homes are so intriguing, aren't they? I also ponder those questions.

    Enjoy your day trip with friends~

  14. I often wonder why the homeless people don't squat in these kinds of places--too far to go to pan handle? Not enough traffic to beg from? It just seems crazy for so many people to not have homes and so many homes not to have people!?
    And, I , too, love to take pictures as such--barns, too...

  15. Oh, I do love these old farmhouses...and wish I could rescue them all...the stories they could tell!

  16. Great post my friend. I love old houses, barns, and buildings with an absolute passion. I don't seem to have much imagination in many areas, but those things just fuel it something fierce. There aren't many left in these parts it seems - so many are torn down and used for firewood. It makes my heart cry. Thanks for sharing these gems.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin