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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Remember When

Remember when a "tablet" was a pill you took when sick, or a  pad with lined paper used to help us learn to print in grammer school?  Not an electronic wireless device such as an Ipad or Acer.

Remember when you corresponded with someone , you did it with paper and pen and sent it off with a stamp by the United States Postal Service?  We had no idea what e-mail was.

Remember when an extra long cord was an essential attatchement to the home phone so that we could reach the stove, kitchen sink, and table while preparing a meal?  We had no cordless or cell phones.

Remember when we needed to do research we went to our home library or the library at school and went through volume after volume of the newest encyclopedia for our information?  We didn't have internet or search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Remember when a good book was purchased at a book store or checked out from the local library?  We had never heard of E-Readers, Nooks, or Kindles.

Yes those were the "good old days".  Is it possible to live today without at least one of the things that so many of our younger generation take for granted?

I have to admit, I have had a plain old cell phone for years, love my computer, search the internet and send e-mails daily, and love my Sony E-Reader.  I still do and will always love the feel of a new book and the smell of new pages filled with so much information just waiting for me to read.  I still buy books to read from my favorite authors.

But lately Holly has decided her Mama  needed to update her electronic toys.  This has meant many trips to Best Buy, Office Depot, The Apple Store, etc. searching for just the right items to bring me up to date in the world of technology. 

Finally after many hours spent in our local  cell phone store, I have a new phone.  No, not an Iphone, Razor, or any of those fancy phones, but a phone that is so much smarter than me. 

Yea, I know some of you are laughing at me right now.  So did the salesman at the store where I got my gadgets.  He said, Maybe I should be explaining this to your daughter.  Bet he was thinking is there still  people out there as dumb as the woman?  It was a fun day.  Well it was for me, but I think poor Holly was so embarassed and if that wasn't enough she spent a whole day trying to teach me how to use the thing.  You know this little thing lets me get on the internet, check my e-mails, look on Facebook, (yep I now have a Facebook page) another post,.(ha)  play games, oh and did I mention I can actually use it to call someone?

Well, I guess Holly was just gluten for punishment because a few days ago we were out shopping and she started going back into the same stores we had visited before the phone ordeal.  Yep, they remembered me in one of the stores.  (Told you I made the salesman laugh).  After this trip, this is what I came out with.

Yes, I am now a proud owner of a Galaxy Tablet.  She has an Ipad and I love it, but didn't want to spend that much money right now, however I did want something I could get a wireless plan on and not have to depend on WiFi only.  For the price, I think I will be happy with it,,,,,,, once I learn how to use it.  Yes, another day spent with Holly teaching her Mama what to do with this tiny electronic device.

I was sitting at Holly's the day I got it and turned it on and ask Holly what to do next and four year old Darbee Rae came over and told me she would get me started.  And the funny thing is,,, she did.  Yes, I have definitely expanded my vocabulary in the last few days.  Before I didn't have a clue what an APP was , the meaning of WIFI and so many of the other terms I have had thrown at me at all the stores, but I am learning.  (Just don't ask Holly)  She might just think different.

Do I feel comfortable with my purchases ?  NO , not yet, but one day they too will be just another item we so take for granted from day to day.

Oh my where have all THE GOOD OLD DAYS GONE?

Hope you are having a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by to visit.  Until next time....


  1. I recently bought a tablet myself and I had to call my son from the store to have him help me as to which one I shold get...LoL,,so I won't tell Holly. ake care, janice

  2. I agree and totally understand. I did have a chuckle. Thanks. It good to know others are technology impaired as I am.

  3. Hehe...how did the weather app get changed to San Diego? Ummm...might still need another lesson or two! :) I've enjoyed playing with all of your new gadgets and spending so much time together. You will be a whiz in no time. Welcome to the "fun times." I love you!

  4. OMG Angela I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! LOL
    I have my computer and that's it! I don't own a cell phone but do have Onstar in my car.
    Good luck with your new gadget!

  5. lol Angela, I have my computer and my simple cell phone and that is good enough for me

    I miss the good ole days!!


  6. Hello Angela- I miss the good old days too! All this modern technology and my sons demand I keep up. My son got so frustrated trying to teach me how to use my cell phone, lol! Good Luck with your new Gadgets and have a wonderful evening!

  7. Angela, I despise having to learn a new phone! Thank goodness for our tech savvy Children. Good luck with your new toys..! K

  8. Oh Angela - I so agree! I miss those "good old days" so much. We are taking our Gannon up to the cottage this weekend and he is going to try to teach this old grandma to text. I have an android phone and all I know how to do is make a call and answer it! Have fun, Dawn

  9. Have fun learning about your new toys!! I love my iPhone and iPad...but I still don't know as much about them as my hubby and my girls do.

  10. Good morning Angela. I miss the good old days too. I also worry about everything going electronic. I still go to our public library to check out books. With all the gadgets out there for reading books on a Nook or Kindle it just don't have the same feeling as going to the library in person. Our local library had to put on a levy to stay open. Thank goodness it passed. Here in our rural area there are so many folks who don't have computers for the kids to look up homework and now they can still go to the library and use one there. Things in this world have gone way to hi-tech, with all the kids texting each other they don't even know how to communicate in person. I know we all will have to learn about all this hi tech stuff whether we like it or not.
    Good luck with your new gadget.
    Country at heart

  11. Morning Friend
    Oh the easier good oles day.
    I have had a cell phone but I still have to get my kids to set it up and change things for me..

  12. first of all congrats on all your new toys. I so want an i-pad, just can't justify spending that kind of money. I am so impressed with you, and so happy Darbee could help.lol You know my car came with the built in GPS and I still can't figure out all it does. I am off to get a new phone. Deb wants me to get an i-phone, but not sure I am ready for that. My grandkids already tease me and call me a "wired up granny". Have a great day

  13. LOL that was too cute Angela. Yes I remember the good ole days too. Good luck with all of your new toys. I too have been thinking about an Ipad.


  14. What a wonderful post.

    Heres something sad...
    I realized the other day that I dont know anyones phone number.
    Not my kids, not my hubbys, not my sisters, not even my Moms.
    She gave up her land line a couple of years ago.

    I have everyone saved in my phone under their names, but since I dont dial the actual #'s over and over, I have no clue what they are.

    And last night it hit me....
    If anything would ever happen, and I didnt have my cell phone with me, I wouldnt know how the heck to get a hold of anyone!!!
    I think I need to make a list of all important #'s and sew it into all my clothes!! LOL!!

    Enjoy your new toy.

  15. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era. I have not a inch of desire for these electronic gadgets. The internet is essential but it doesn't go further than my computer. I have only a track phone and have texted maybe once my whole life. No tablets, pods, and whatever else is out there. Funny, I am not even that old yet either.

  16. Hi Angela, I'm right there with ya!!!! Melissa has to explain or do things on the computer for me, cause she does them so fast, I don't see what she did!!!! So far, I just have a cell phone. Who would have thought, when we were kids, we would be living in this high tech world!!!! I sure didn't!!!! I just watched an old Rifleman show and the kid says "someday a machine will replace the horse!!!!" They both say.......Naaaaaa!!! lol
    Take care,

  17. Loved this post Angela! I sure do remember those days,in fact I was thinking about this subject just last night.It seemed to me like families spent more quality time together before all the technical gadgets came along.Yes I feel blessed that my kids are close enough to bail me out when I get in a jam with my electronic toys.Have a great evening,Jen

  18. This all really is amazing! My oldest grandaughters school only uses tablets. No paper or pencils. Don't know if that is a good thing or not. I tried to comment the other day but blogger would not let me. Will you please remember my Mom in prayer? She sure needs them right now.

  19. My, do I know what you are talking about.. If I thought about it I would give it all up, I think.. Oh well, gotta keep going...
    Thank the Lord for our kids.. grin..
    God bless..

  20. LoL Angela...I have a tablet too and do not really know how to use it...but mine has a detachable keyboard to it, so it is like a mini pc. Your post surely reminded me of that Tim McGraw song..Remember When...so true. Happy Easter my blog friend, Janice

  21. wow!! you are smart!! I still have the original flip phone with a total of 7 contacts...when it breaks I can no longer get it fixed it's too old.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  22. Ahhhh...this post brings about many mixed emotions....I am somewhat tech-saavy, as I was the chief pc technician for my staff, and here at home....I have upgraded p/c; rewired hard drives; added memory; upgraded operating systems; and what-not. I learned to text (and am pretty dang good at it too) as it is Little Crow's communication of choice - but, I keep it to that....No Iphones; smartphones, or whatever (and no, I cannot take a photo with my phone although I did once accidentally). I also refuse to use any type of "readers" - I love the feel of a book in my hands....the smell of its pages. So, let them call me what they will....I will cling to my old stubborn ways. Say hello to the 21st century for me, will you??? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin