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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Old Church Hymnal

Good afternoon everyone.  I know it's been awhile since we have visited.  Last week was Spring Break here as was with many of you.  Now I know I don't have a child still in school and it has been quite a few years since Holly finished college, but old habits are hard to break.  Thus, the reason of my absence from blogland.  When Holly was home Spring Break was the week to kick back and do nothing.  We rarely went anywhere as it was always crowded, but it was a special week here at home.  A kind of "Do nothing" week.  Are you seeing where I am going?  Well, last week I did nothing.  Nothing to share with you.  Just a quite, be lazy kind of week.  I did  spend one day with my girls and we ate fast food and watched the movie "HOP".  Darbee really enjoyed it.

It was a short week for the Mister.  An early release day on Thursday and off on Friday.  Saturday was a busy one as we went around town to Market Day on the Square and to a few antique shops.  Did not find anything but enjoyed the hunt.  And speaking of hunt, afterward there was a big egg hunt at church for the little ones.  Always fun to watch and spend time with friends.

And then Sunday was a special service at church, lunch with family, and a visit from Darbee Rae to get her Easter goodies. So ... now you know why I have not been visiting. 

Speaking of Easter Sunday, brings me to my title.  I took piano lessons since I was in grammer school.  You know back in the day a music teacher would come to school and teach you if your parents would pay her.  I was so excited when in 4th grade I got to get out of class for 30 minutes one time a week and go to the lunch room up on the big stage and have piano

I continued my lessons until high school.  Now I am no way a professional but I have enjoyed playing for various churches over the years.  When I first started piano, my parents bought me a church hymnal like we used at church.  My teacher would pick out a song and we would work on that arrangment until I could play it well.

This song book has been with me at every church service I have played  at for over 45 years.  When I first got it I was madly in love (mind you it was 5th grade when I got the book) with  my boyfriend, who is now my husband of 38 years.  So on every 25th  page  I had written a love quote.

When Holly got old enough for piano lessons, she too practiced from this book.  There are notations from her music teacher as she taught her lessons as well.

The pages have long been worn out, some completely loose from the binding, and the front has been duck taped for many years.

I recall my Daddy saying when he would wear out one Bible and get a new one, it's just not the same.  Well, I know now what he meant.  As of Sunday this old song book with sooooo many memories of my childhood and that of my daughter has been retired.  This book has been to many celebrations as songs were played for graduation services, Bible school meetings, Baptisims, revival services,Christmas Plays, and oh sooooo many funerals.  It has set on the piano thru thousands of sermons and speeches from respected Preachers.  So many who are no longer with us but have gone on to meet their maker. 

Come Sunday morning, I will take a new Church Hymnal with me as I approach the piano.  It contains the same songs that we are all so familiar with, but all the memories along with my old song book  will be tucked safely away on the bookshelf at home. 

Thank you old red song book for all the years that you shared with me.  I learned so much from your pages, I grew from a child to an adult, wife, and mother as I read music from your pages.  As I move on to a brand new shiny book, I will always remember the memories that we share.

Hopefully I have not bored all of you.  I have a few new prim goodies I will be back to share with you soon.  Hope you are all having a great week and welcome to my new follower. 
Until next time.....


  1. Oh how sweet! I love it! I have one of the song books my mom and dad's quartet used for years. You are so blessed to have it and the memories. Wondered where you were. I thought you might be "tripping".lol

  2. What a great story, I like your love notes....

  3. What a beautiful story and Love story, Angela! My son learned early to play the piano, I loved when he rehearsed hymns. He gave up the piano later and learned to play guitar. I felt the piano was just taking up space and not being played, so we sold it to a family of many children wanting to learn to play. The family was so grateful for the 'STEAL' we gave them in price:) Sounds like you had a great Easter..! Hugs, K

  4. A lovely post, Angela.. What a precious book full of memories..I expect someday a little girl will treasure the same book..

  5. Old treasures can never be replaced, love your treasure, and simple sweet photo of your hymnal setting on the piano. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Touching, sweet post, Angela! I love the old hymnals and all the wonderful songs in them. Come Sunday...you may miss your old book. I know the new book will hold many memories to come.


  7. What a wonderful story Angela. Thank you for sharing with us. Take care, Janice

  8. That's a lovely story, music speaks when words fail.

  9. What a touchingly beautiful post Angela!! And wonderful photos!! I can't begin to imagine the memories that old book must have for you. We were blessed to have a piano in our home growing up (why, I'm not sure, as no one played)....But there was an old hymnal on it, and I taught myself how to play the simple chords. What I wouldn't give for that old book today....It, too, was read....but no endearing notes - just a feel from being used, so that it knew which songs were my favorites and willingly obliged me by going to them without thinking. Thanks for the memories! Hope your Easter was blessed....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. What memories your little song book has. Aren't those old hymns just the best!!!! We have this "modern" hymnal and the old, old songs are not in there. The older folks really miss them!!!!
    Have a great week,


  11. Beautiful Post!
    What wonderful treasured memories.
    Love it.
    Hugs to you


  12. You know, I learned something I never knew! I never knew about you getting out of class to go take piano lessons! How neat...wow! Can't believe there is something I didn't know about you! :)

  13. Boring? Never! This was a beautiful post that touched my heart. I took piano lessons as a child too, but I had to go to my teacher's house. Sure would love to hear you play those old hymns one day! Have a great day, Dawn

  14. What a precious story Angela! I hope this picture of your hymnal is how you are going to display it in your home, that would be a lovely idea. Growing up in church, I always loved to watch the pianists and have great respect for them as their fingers glided across the keys, I so wish my parents had put me in lessons back in the day. I always remember thinking it would be hard to learn which may be why I never pushed the issue. Lovely story Angela~

  15. what a fun story...2 wks ago there was an old hymnal in the pew...my son asked the priest if he could have it and he said yes...now I am listening to Amazing Grace on a regular basis....
    isn't that music just so comforting?!
    have great week!