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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Want To Move

Hello Prim Pals, Hoping you are all well.  The sun shined brightly  in my neck of the woods today.  All the evening storms passed us by, and I had lunch with my girls.  So I am a thankful lady.  And to make the day even better, I decided to visit with you  in the evening.

Why do I want to move you might be wondering.  Well first bear with me as I give you a little history as to why we ended up living where we do.  Mr. P and I were in our 20's when we decided to build our home here on this little hill.  We both were young but had given the idea much thought. Not a hasty decision.  We built our dream home on the land where my parent's old homeplace once sat.  My parents had built across the street. A family member lived next door and the house directly behind us was occupied by a wonderful couple around my parent's age. Swamp land was on the remaining side and there a house could not be built.   Couldn't have ask for better neighbors.  We knew as my parents grew older , we could care for them and stay in our home.  Mr. P's parents lived a mile or so away, so this would work out great in years to come.

Fast forward 34 years, and  the young couple who so thought we had our lives all planned out,,,,well we have found out there were many disappointments to be had.  Our family members who lived next door sold many years ago.  The older couple who was leaving their home to a son who would have been a wonderful owner.... the son passed away years before the parents from a massive heart attack.  Both these properties became rental.  Now don't get me wrong, I know some wonderful people who rent, actually some of my own family, but we have yet to get good neighbors.  Both families that occupy the houses have stolen from us. Our plans were to be here until my parents passed away, sell both houses and we would move out to the country with land for the Mister.  Well, my Dad dies, years later Mother goes to a nursing home, and because of her need to control , the house had to be sold.

Our neighborhood is definitely not what it use to be.  I know none of our neighbors by  name.  I love my humble home, just wish I could pick it up and move it with me.  And to make matters worse,,, we were sitting in the great room a few nights ago and I heard  a car .  I thougt it was out front.  Mr. P. said it was the neighbors across the street coming in.  But a few minutes later , I heard it speed off.  It was not the neighbors.  Which brings me to this post. 

This is Mr. P's goldfish pond.  Normally there would be 5 very large goldfish swimming in there happily.  This little pond had been their home for 7 years.   The mean folks in that car that night stole all 5 of our fish.  There is a gas light out front and I have the lamp on the porch that burns until 3 a.m. in the morniing.  Mr. P went out to get the paper the next morning and as he does every morning when he walks to the papter box he goes by and checks on the fish. All  5 of them were gone.  This is the small waterfaull and creek that flows into the pond.

No, an animal did not get the fish.  The Mister is pretty smart when it comes to wildlife and he said no racoon or heron could have gotten all 5.  These were large fish. None of the rocks were out of place either, and no tracks.  I just hope whoever got them , it was not just to be mean to those fish.. Hopefully they put them in a pond somewhere and did not dispose of them. Guess they needed them more than we did.

There will be more fish bought and we will once again start over.  Not to be defeated here. So those of you who are looking for a new home, please consider your surroundings.  Everything in life changes.  Things we can't do anything about, we grow to accept. And that is what we are going to do. Try and make the best of a bad situation.  We have a home full of love and we are blessed. But all is not bad.  You know I don't like outside.  That is Mr.P's love.  But I did sneek out to take pictures of the pond and snapped a few of his flowers to share with you.

Nothing says the south like a big old Magnolia tree.  We have a huge one out front.  It was here when we built and we managed to save it.  But if you have one, you can share in our dismay when those leaves shed during the year. But the blooms are so pretty. Did you know if you breathe on the blooms, they will turn yellow?

A pretty Hydranga.  Hope I spelled that right.  You know I don't know beans about flowers.

An angel wing begonia.  Or so that is what the Mister said it was.


Two different kinds of lilies.  Love the red one.

Even though this has been somewhat of a negative post, one can find beauty in everything.  And to me these flowers are beautiful.  The mister keeps me in blooms for the inside in the summer.  Thank you Mister P. for your love of outdoors. Always heard opposites attract. 

Hoping you are having sunshine in your days and flowers in your hearts this week.  Until next time.


  1. Angela, I am so sorry to hear of the distressing neighbor problem. I will not complain, but believe me, people are like that everywhere. I know from experience. I can't help but think the light shining on our candlesticks must surely be facing an every increasing darkness in the world. We recently prayed & asked if we might move, the Lord said "No". "Stand still until I tell you to move". Standing is not passive, but active waiting. Only through out own inadequacies can His power be revealed in our lives.

    Each day we must take heart that we are not alone, but have our Father to turn to, Who comforts us in our sorrows & trails.

    Your flowers are lovely, I love all the colors.

  2. I can so relate to your situation. We also built our dream home while we were very young, over 35 years ago. We've been married 42 years this July. It was a wonderful neighborhood and houses were in demand in our area. Things have changed so much and we now have a different neighborhood. There is a particular house on our street that is one of the first you see when driving in. The backyard is so grown up, it looks like a jungle, right up next to the house and there are two cars sitting in the yard with trees growing inside. We had a neighbor who made life miserable for a few years, but thank goodness they moved and now a sweet lady lives there. We have a beautiful yard with lots of flowers and we take care to mow and take pride in our yard. It seems we are just about the only ones who do, except for maybe about 4 houses. I wish we could just take our house and move it somewhere. We would never be able to get a good price for our home now and it would probably take a long time to sell. I won't even mention the other groups that have moved into some of the homes that used to be nice places. We also have a Magnolia tree that has been here since we moved in. The leaves are a pain and I've been tempted to get rid of it, but I love to see the blooms. Isn't it amazing how such a peaceful lovely neighborhood can change so much!

  3. I am so sorry this happened to you. Last week our neighbor came into our yard and cut down 2 shrubs and a flowering plum tree. Why? He said he couldn't see the road well from his bench way back in his yard . I guess he couldn't move the bench and I guess there are people like that everywhere!! He has lived here 1 year--we've been here 20.--Jan

  4. Angela, I am sorry about the missing goldfish. What a terrible thing to do. How nasty! Maybe you can move. Check it out, you never know. Seems like things never turn out like they are suppose to. Your flower photos are absolutely gorgeous. I hope the rest of your week is enjoyable.

    Take care......

  5. I think change can be good. ( moving)

    Move by me!!


  6. Angela~ I'm on pins and needles with the rental next door.Waiting to see what will come.It's no fun worrying were you live.Our small old neighborhood is changing too.The other day we took the dogs for a walk and there was a teenage boy on our porch well we watched him after no one answered he walked over to the side into the driveway and started looking in hubbies truck which is full of tools.At that point hubby went and confronted him.He said he was interested in a boat that belongs to the front neighbors.Hubby ask what that had to do with his truck and the boy ran.This in broad daylight,We think the lady on the front street seen us walk by and sent him,she tried to steal from my yardsale money box when they first moved in and sends her boy down every so often trying to sell things or asking for odd jobs...What a odd thing to steal fish.I mean really who would risk it or stake out for gold fish.Takes all kinds.

  7. Me and Pa. would love to have you! And Mr.P.
    Sending you a hug. Mean people..UGH!
    Beautiful flowers. And yes there is always something to be thankful for .Always! Sunshine and flowers!
    Hugs to you


  8. Crime has really taken off in this country. So sad...but such a symptom of our general condition. We are far enough from neighbors that we aren't bothered much...but almost everyone has a security system in our area. You can't even go to work these days without the fear of being robbed while you're away. I'm so sorry that the fish were taken. I hope that if moving is the answer you can get things arranged for a better living situation.

  9. It seems that crime is happening everywhere. Desperate times for desperate people. When we lived in town the neighborhood used to be so peaceful with nice neighbors and then out of towners moved in and we all had things stolen from the porch and cars. I drive by the old neighborhood and folks have bicycle chains on the porch furniture to keep them from being stolen. Not a pretty sight. Even in our area where everyone knows everyone you still have to lock things up. What ever happened to leaving the cars and doors unlocked? Nine times out of ten it is a new neighbor or someone who has been to visit that steals something. Most of our neighbors know I will shoot first and ask questions later.I am thinking of having cameras installed and a locked gate put up at the end of the lane. I hate that idea, but I guess that is what this world has come to.
    I hope things get better for you and that your new fish don't come up missing. How would they have known you had fish anyway? They must have been there before.
    Country at heart

  10. It never ceases to amaze me what some people are capable of. Hope things start improving for you, I know it must be very frustrating!

  11. We live in a neighborhood where we know most of our neighbors. We do have a rental home right next to our home and across the street. Even these neighbors were nice. My grandkids played with the young couples daughters accross the street and an older women who loved gardening was next door...Joe and Amy and Peggy both moved out 2 weeks ago...we are sad...because the previous neighbors were horrible. The police were seen constantly...now both Bob and I and our other neighbors are worried who will be the next renters...I hope things get better for you Angela. Take care, Janice

  12. I can understand why you want to move Angela. I'm sorry for the problems you are having. It makes it very difficult when you do not have nice neighbors. We had a fellow that lived right next to us that had mental problems and it was very scary at times. I'm sorry too that they stole your fish. Be encouraged. Thanks for the pretty flower pictures.


  13. Just make sure if you ever move, there is enough land for us to have a house on somewhere! Haha! And once again I learned something...never knew that about a magnolia bloom. Love you...see you in a bit.

  14. Seems to me you have touched on a subject that is affecting everyone. I am rural. Lived here almost 40 years and never had any trouble until Nov 4th when someone broke into my home and stole my jewelry. Last night someone tried to break in again with me here, around 10:30. fortunately Dasko about tore the house down. My neighbor caught him. A very young boy. They scared him to death after getting all of his info,DL, car tag#, etc.
    We let him go. Hopefully he won't come back here. It is sad that there are people who will take from others. I pray God intervenes in their lives and they get straightened out.So sorry about your fish. Take care

    1. People are sooo brazen anymore!!! Stay strong!!! Love your flowers.


  15. This is an awful thing to have happen. It makes you feel so personally invaded when someone comes on to your property and takes things. We had my dh bike stolen right out of our open garage while we were out for a walk around the block. I passed the young man who was riding it casually through the neighborhood with his friend. I never even thought the bike he was on could have been ours. I even said hi to him as he passed by. My dh was so mad that her rode around in his truck all evening looking for it. He actually found the young man and held him on citizens arrest until the police came to get him. What would Anyone want with five fish accept to personally attack you? Ian sorry this happened to you. Renters sometimes can be exasperating. Good luck. -steph

  16. Yes, you've got that right... things change. I feel your distress. We love where we live too, even though AFTER we built, the school district expanded their bus garage up and behind us. Then the township put a sewer pump station in across the road from our little corner of the world. We make the best of it. That's what we have to do... make lemonade outta of lemons... lol. Hugs to you darlin'.

  17. So sorry to hear about someone taking your fish. I know what you mean about things changing where you live. We have lived in our neighborhood for 19 years...it is an older area, but most everyone takes really good care of there homes. However, there is a house up the road from us that looks trashed and we found out the guy living there is a drug dealer and has been in and out of jail several times in the last few years. This is scary news!!

  18. How mean is that? Stealing good fish... I love a fish pond.. It looks so lovely, Angela.. As do all of your blooms..

  19. I can't believe someone would steal your fish! That would really bother me too. Your flowers are very pretty, though! Your hydrangea is such a pretty shade of blue! Hope you have a good week.

  20. You are so right about location...and that things change sooo girl don't be miserable. Start looking for that new location that will make your dreams come true. God will open the gate for you and you can escape your surroundings. Life is too short to be miserable! Dianntha

  21. Aw man... that just stinks! We live in the country but we have neighbors all around us. I am grateful for the neighbors we have now... but no doubt... EVERYTHING changes. :(

    Carmen and the Primcats

  22. How sad for you to lose your fish. Such a mean thing. It sounds like it's not a nice place to live anymore. Move to Tasmania! I hope things settle down for you so your home can be a sanctuary again.

  23. Now that is just stinking mean! Goldfish? Really? :o I don't handle people in close proximity to me very well, and we tried to choose carefully 25 years ago when looking for a home too. Unfortunately, finances prohibited us buying the acreage we wanted, but we were fortunate through the years (farms on both sides and no one building on top of us....) Unfortunately, this morning I woke to the dogs barking like nuts, and looked out to see two young men heaving our (all wood, custom-made) mailbox and concrete footing out of the ground to make way for a prefab house being transported. I couldn't believe it....the mailbox is laying in the yard and I'm wondering what the heck?!! In Nod of all places!!! Hang in there....and keep the faith....Bad stuff is happening all over the place, but we have to continue believing....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin