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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Love This Truck

Well Friends, I hope you have all had a great day.  Did it seem like Monday all over again to you?  Sure did to me.  I guess because Mr. P was off yesterday and had to go back to work today,,,,, I had another Monday.  You know the kind of day,,, nothing seemed to go right.  I got a slow start, my sewing machine did not want to cooperate and had to give it some TLC to get it to going.  Doing laundry, cooking supper, straightening house for the weekend.  UGH!!! Not fun stuff to me.   But am thankful for the day, and now that it is winding down,,, I can see progress.  

Last evening was so much fun.  Family and friends gathered at Holly and Stacy's home forr the firworks show just up the street.  My BFF Jane and her husband Ricky always come to celebrate with us.  A few years back Ricky drove by a pasture and saw this truck sitting out there abandoned.  He stopped and ask about it and that night he bought it and drove it home.

Those who know me well, know that vehiciles are not that important to me.  As long as my car/truck is reliable, and has air, then I am good to go.  But I simply fell in love with this truck from the first time I saw it. It is a 1953 International Harvester.  And is in wonderful condition.  The family he bought it from said it was the lady's daddys truck.  Ricky has done very little work to it since he purchased it.  It didn't even need a paint job.  They even had all the paperwork on it too. Was this a great find or what?

It is perfect on the inside.  Don't you just love it?  Guess when it was new, blinkers were not invented.  He did add blinkers so that driving would be easier.
Of couse back then air condition was not even an option.... So.... he had to add air so that Jane would take an occassional drive with him. 

Don't ya just love that little fan.  He's a good man, knows how to keep his woman happy,, and cool!!

Naturally where there is a camera, there is always Darbee Rae.  I think she likes the truck too.  Maybe because she has seem her Nana drool over it.

Wonder how many boys she could catch if she was 16 and driving around town in this cool old truck??

Yes, this is my answer to a Primitive truck.  I told Ricky it needed to sit in my front yard.  Can't you just imagine the back full of hay, pumpkins and gourds?

A big old prim Santa sitting behind the stieering wheel at Christmas and the back loaded down with wrapped packages?

And such a pretty picture it would be full of spring flowers , easter eggs, and maybe a bunny or two?

Yes, I need this truck!!! But, I have to remember if someone would steal our goldfish from the front lawn,,, maybe it is lots safer at home with him and Jane.  Guess it don't hurt for a girl to dream though.  Yep, I dream of an old truck like that sitting out front, but for now I can enjoy theirs every now and then

And speaking of lawn decor,,,, I would also enjoy decorating this great wagon.  Holly's father-in-law built it . He had the front wheels since he was just a lad.  Never knew what he was going to do with them until he got the idea to build a wagon.  He lets Holly decorate with it on special occassions.   

Well a post two days in a row,,,, I am doing great!! Hope you have enjoyed visiting.  I will leave you with a few photos of the fireworks we saw from Holly's front lawn. 

Wishing you all a great Friday and a wonderful safe weekend. 
Until Next time. .....


  1. Had so much fun as always!

  2. O my Gosh...! My father had a 1947 Ford Pick Up Truck I learned to drive in. It was a three speed on the floor..Loved that truck!!! I would scarf up a truck such as yours shown in a heart beat..!!!! I wish many days my mother would not have sold daddy's truck after he passed. Looks like you had a nice Holiday....I watched the firecracker show from my window, I was pooped after a day of cooking and pool time. Have a great Weekend..! Stay cool:) gonna be a HOT one for the next couple of days..YAY

  3. Love the old truck...it's a beauty!! Love the wagon too!!
    Looks like you had a great front row seat for seeing the fireworks at Holly's.
    We spent yesterday with the grandkids at my oldest daughter's home. Had a lot of fun.

  4. Love the old Truck! Looks like a good time was had by all!
    So HOT here! They say we are in for a cooler weekend. I sure hope so because I have to work all weekend. I get cranky in the heat, Lol! Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Oh that truck is so beautiful, I love the inside! It is especially beautiful with Darbee Rae in it! The wagon is pretty cool too. It was 105 here yesterday so I pretty much just stayed inside. The fireworks are across the football field from my apartment so I got to sit and see them all through my front window. Nice and cool.
    Love your pictures!
    Be blessed,

  6. Angela

    I know the feeling of another Monday that is what I thought too!!I will be confused the rest of the week

    Darbee Rae looks great in that ole truck, I am still amazed that someone took your gold fish, just sad!

    We have had fireworks all around us for the Entire week here at the lake!

    Love the wagon


  7. I agree with you ... GREAT TRUCK! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend : )

  8. Morning Angela,
    I too am all mixed up on the days...this does not seem like Friday to me at all. I think it will take the actual weekend to straighten me out.

    What a handsome truck...any man would love this gem...he was so fortunate to find it.
    Darbee is adorable in it!


  9. No....not two Mondays!!! What a great truck. It's always good to have a dream. Your's isn't too big. It would look good in the yard:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  10. Ahh, that truck is a beauty. My FIL has an old 50's Willy's Jeepster.
    You sure got some pretty firework pictures. Thanks for sharing. I didn't get to see any, 'cause I was inside celebrating our power being back on in the air conditioning... LOL.

  11. Love love love that truck!
    I can just see it with haystacks,pumpkins and mums.
    Oh my! Fall dreaming again.


  12. Now THAT is one GORGEOUS truck!! My son and I have been hoping some day to stumble on an old Chevy truck, but it hasn't happened yet. Probably a good thing, as we'd likely fight over it. Especially after today when my truck broke down and left me in the middle of nowhere in 100+ heat. Nice.

    Happy belated 4th of July - looks like a fun evening....Thanks, too, for sharing your lovely fireworks shots, as I didn't get to see any this year. Usually I can catch glimpses of some from our porch, but no luck this year. And, yes, it felt like Monday - and today feels like Tuesday. A very BAD Tuesday at that. :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Hi Angela, yes, I agree with the others, one great looking old truck,no wonder you love it. The old wagan is wonderful,will be fun to decorate for the seasons.Beautiful pictures of the fire works, take care, Blessings Francine.

  14. Hi Angela, Boy that truck brought back memories. My grandfather had a green Chevy. Boy when I saw the inside of it, I could still smell what it smelled like when you got in. And then I rode in the back, down the road a little ways when they milked the cows. In the summer, they had a summer place for the cows down the road!!!! OOOhhh memories!!!!!

  15. What a cool truck Angela. One of our antique vendors had one similar to this one. He would park it in front of our store and it was so cool too! Take care, Janice

  16. I can't believe this just showed up on my blog today Angela!
    What a sweet time you all had and that is a sweet truck.
    What a blast to drive around in it.
    Have a good evening.