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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Little Extra Thankfulness This Thanksgiving

Good evening friends.  I bet many of you are in the kitchen preparing for the big turkey day tomorrow.  And so excited to be having family and friends gather around your tables.  Hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day.
I just wanted to stop in and let all of you know who have been so good to ask, pray, send cards , and show your concern about my surgery where we stand at this point.
Surgery was yesterday and it did NOT go according to plan.  Once Dr.N got into surgery, the kidney was not as the CT or MRI had portrayed it.  So the procedure he had planned could not be preformed.  And in the middle of the surgery my blood pressure hit rock bottom.  I was in recovery forever and they were trying to get it back up.  They had to admit me and this went on all night.  It did finally start coming up just a bit, and this afternoon I was released to come home. 
Yes this year Thanksgiving Dinner will be bought and brought to our table.  Holly and family will be with us, and we will all have a little something extra to give thanks for.  Although my problem has yet to be solved, and I am facing many more Dr. visits and procedures, God is still in control and he brought me through yesterday's ordeal
Hoping as you all gather around in preparation to consume turkey, stuffing , and all the fixings, you will pause and give thanks to God for all his blessings.
Until next time.


  1. Happy Thanksgivings to you and yours, Francine.

  2. Angela, will continue to keep you in my prayers during this Thankful Holiday Season. Although the road seems to appear long, His blessings are well worth the wait. Hugs to you and your family.
    I cooked all day Tuesday as we had our Family Thanksgiving that evening. I work retail 1-9 Thursday, so give a quick prayer for me at that time as it will be wild when the sales start.
    Hugs, Connie

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Angela. Prayers still going up.


  4. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!!
    Still sending up prayers for you.

  5. Sad to hear about your health. Pray god so that you will be alright for this thanksgiving. Good luck!!

  6. So sorry, but it was good to hear your voice and rest assured prayers are still going up. It isn't what we eat, but who we eat it with that counts.

  7. hugs and prayers Angela
    rest and blessings!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Sorry to hear things didn't go as plan. I thought of you all day Tues and sent up prayers. Will continue praying for you.
    Take care,

  9. Angela, I will continue to offer prayers for as long as you need them. Take care and know that many people are concerned about you!


  10. Oh my darling, I'm sad to hear of the complications. We will be praying for you my friend. Take care.