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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Touch Of Spring at the Home Place

Good evening everyone.  Ahhh,, it's been such a beautiful day here at the home place.  You could just feel Spring in the air.  And our temps. were in the upper 70's.  Yes, so pretty and warm.  I even ventured out and had my lunch on the front porch.  I just sat in the swing and looked around at all the cleaning that will soon have to be done to make the porch "Spring and Summer" ready.  But not quite the time for that yet. 

The birds were chirping, and the squirrels were playing a game of hide and seek.  Didn't take long to realize the chains on the old swing need a little oil.  Quite loud they were as I gently moved back and forth.  Even sat long enough to read a little in the Country Sampler Tour of Home magazine.  As the time passed, I realized I had sat longer than need be and had to come inside and finish the laundry and prepare supper for Mr. P.

After supper , I was in resting after doing the dishes and I heard a noise I had not heard all winter.  It seemed to get closer and closer so I went to the door and looked out.  Seems that some one else has Spring fever on this warm beautiful day.

Yes that is Mr. P. mowing the grass.  I couldn't believe it.  I questioned him later as I didn't think it needed it yet!!  He said he cut up the leaves.  I think he was rushing grass cutting season some what.  Ugh!!  It will be here soon enough.  But I have to admit the yard looked pretty when he finished. 
There are a few touches of Spring showing up in the yard.
Our "yellow bell" bushes are trying to bloom.  This crazy weather I think has hurt the blooms.  It will be warm, then cold again.  Yes, we are going to have another cold front move through tomorrow afternoon and freezing temps. again. 

The daffodils are beginning to bloom around the fish pond.  Oh I think I might just have to cut a few to add Spring to the inside.  Yes, the just say Warm days are on the way.   
I even hung a new flag out front.  Yes, can you tell I am ready for warmer days?  Aren't we all? 
Yes, soon it will be time for red geraniums, cold glasses of lemonade and fresh baked tea cakes out on the porch.  I will be sure and invite you to join me.  We just have to hang in there just a little longer. 
Although it may still be winter where you are,,, I hope we all have a warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts and are thankful for the day the Lord has given us.
Take care and Be Happy
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  1. We had about 64 here today too and yes it was so very lovely.

    Your yellow bell bushes look like what we up north call forsythia. they bloom in the early spring here too.

    I'm ready.


  2. Oh my, lucky you, looks so pretty with the flowers blooming. Won't be for awhile here, Blessings Francine.

  3. Beautiful here too but heard cold weather is coming in tomorrow. Sweet Hunter has mowed the leaves too! Lol

  4. It was 69 degrees here yesterday and today we have snow and are under a winter storm advisory!! But is normal for this time of the year in Ohio.

  5. Angela, So jealous of everyone seeing signs of Spring... Patiently waiting here... Robins are back... but that is about it... We got another 4" of snow today... so hoping it's the last of the season! OLM

  6. So nice to see some bits of Spring..even the lawn mower out. LOL All we had today was another 7 inches of snow. Janice

  7. How I ENVY you all!!!!
    We had 7 inches of snow , cold and wind gust to 35.

  8. Ahh, I'll be happy when we start to blooming here. The little creatures and feathered friends have been enjoying our Spring weather. Although now we're back to freezing again with high winds and snow, 1-2 inches.

  9. I actually cleaned my patio and had lunch out there yesterday. The porch is just too dirty.lol It was so pretty and tonight it is to be 25 and snow flurries. go figure. It won't be long though and I am looking forward to those warm days.

  10. Daffodils and snowflakes--crazy pants weather! Looking forward to digging in the dirt--maybe your husband is just eager for a change in the weather

  11. my husband was driving the big mower around 2 days ago, picking up neighborhood litter. mowers, I think are a guys diamonds, they have to move them around and enjoy the glitz! hope this cold snap passes quickly. it is bitter and snowy today.

  12. My daffodils are in bud ,can't wait to see them burst open.LOL! Sure was great to get a few glimpses of Spring.We had 70's on Tuesday and a dusting of snow this morning.Be blessed,Jen