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Monday, April 7, 2014

A Primitive Shopping Trip... Part 1

Oh my,, it has been way to long since we have visited.  I am not giving you excuses.  Have you ever gone about your days, stayed so busy, but nothing great to post about?  Yes, I am thankful for each day and waking and spending time with my family is a big deal to me,,,, but nothing you want to hear on a daily bases.   Hope you are all well, and Spring has finally arrived wherever you call home.

On Wednesday, bright and early Mr. P. and I had our bags packed and headed out for a few days away.  Our final destination was in TN. to visit with dear friends of ours who use to live here.  The Sills family and our family go way back , a bit before our Holly and their Blake started kindergarten. They have been back in TN. over 18 years and we are still close friends.  More on that part of our trip later.

We drove to Franklin, TN, because there were several shops that I follow on Face book and I wanted to visit.  If you are ever close to the Nashville, TN. area, Franklin is a town you must visit.  There are so many cute shops there on Main St, and surrounding areas.

Our first stop was The City Farmhouse.  Oh my,,,, they had such neat primitive furniture, and accessories. 

Don't you just love this old piece?  It was a German potting bench

I would have loved to bring this piece home with me.  Just loved it

Do you know what these buckets were used for?  I don't know but they were so neat.  Would look so cool with flowers planted in them. You can find The City Farmhouse on Face book.
Our next stop was a wonderful prim shop.
The couple who owned the shop was extremely nice.  The day we visited they were not open as they were there painting the shop, but let us shop anyway.  Wasn't that nice?  Just look at the beautiful table setting.  Loved the pewter and pineapples.
We left the city and rode out to the country to a shop called  "Rooster Tails"  They specialize in home made furniture.  Such beautiful work they do there. Love the old truck they use for advertisement.
Mr. P. really enjoyed browsing in this place.  I didn't purchase anything here, however Mr. P saw things he would love to make.  He bought some hardware for a few ideas he has in his mind Both Rooster Tails and Bittersweet Primitives have face book pages.  Check them out.  They won't disappoint you.
We stayed the night there in Franklin and on Thursday morning continued on our way.  In Clarksville, TN.  there is a wonderful shop who also is on face book, called The Old Mercantile.  It was our first stop in that town.  I forgot to get a picture there but purchased a few things.
Our next stop was Primitive Friendz.  Love her shop and have to visit every time we are in the area.
Just the porch makes you want to hurry inside to see what goodies await you.  Around 1 o'clock we finally reached our destination. Dimple and I had gone over 14 months without visiting each other.  Both of us over those months have had medical problems and although we talked on the phone seeing each other in person was well overdue. 
Don't you just love it when you have a friend who you may not see for a long time, however once you do get together it seems like yesterday that you saw her.  We just picked up where we left off.  They are so gracious and make you feel right at home.  She and I share the same love of prims and crafting and visiting her house is like going to a prim shop.
Well I don't want to overstay my welcome with all of you as it's been such a long time since we talked.  But I have so much more to share with you and will do that later in the week and share a few of my goodies with you.
Hope your week has started out great.  We will talk later in the week,,,, a promise.
Until next time....


  1. Angela your trip sounds like so much fun. I must go there sometime. I feel a weekend trip coming on with my husband:o)
    Sweet friends are such a blessing!
    oh, that is a Olive Bucket. It is the big thing here right now in all the antique stores. I'd have one but a little too pricey right now.

  2. So glad you had fun but oh so glad to have you back at home.

  3. Evening, love all the primitive goodies, that German potting bench is beautiful... Thanks for sharing, would love to visit one day, Hugs Francine.

  4. What a wonderful trip... Lots of beautiful things to look out.. makes me want to check out Franklin TN a little closer... Have a blessed week.

  5. Angela...my oldest daughter and her family have been to Franklin, Tenn. because my granddaughter would like to attend college at the Christian College there.
    I know exactly what you mean about you and your friend just picking up where you left off from the last time you saw each other. I'm still friends with my best friend since we were 10 years old. She has lived out west and now down south, but we always find time to go visit them where ever they live and we do talk on the phone. She was back here at home for the last 5 months and just returned back to her home down south. I missed her already, but I know that sometime we will meet up again and pick up right where we left off.

  6. How much fun, I just love road trips, thanks for the shopping tour and the names of the shops!

  7. sounds like a wonderful trip!
    hope you both are doing very well, and get together again!

  8. Those look like neat shops. I'm so glad you're feeling better and able to get out. I do love that old German potting bench.

  9. Glad you had a nice visit with your friends. They look like great shops.

  10. It sounds like the perfect trip. Franklin is such a wonderful town. I hope you didn't fall out of bed this trip! (I am so sorry, just couldn't resist)lol

  11. Franklin is one town on our bucket list...one of these days. Enjoy your shopping and have fun catching up with your friend! Janice

  12. Sounds like a wonderful trip. We have only one prim shop around here and it is quite a ways from our home. The prices are so far out, too. So I keep rearranging all my old antiques and stuff that I store in the basement. Hubby needs to take me on a "prim trip", don't ya think?

  13. What a fun trip!
    I have a couple friends like that - we see each other only once a year for lunch as they pass through but it's like it was yesterday like you said. How fun!!!
    The shops look amazing and aren't Primitive/Antique people all so nice and accommodating like that shop was - hope you found some treasures to bring home with you.
    We're taking a trip south/east at the end of the month - hope we pass through these towns.

  14. Wonderful shops Angela! Good you got to see your friends! Can't wait to see what Mr. P uses that new hardware on! ~*~Lisa

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip Angela.I will be checking the shops out and just maybe I can convince hubby we need to take a trip.LOL! Glad that you and your friend were able to spend time together.Blessings,Jen