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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Revelation, a Surprise Gift,and Unwanted Vistors

Hoping this evening finds all of you well and happy and enjoying the cooler weather.  I am so excited because we are suppose to have a beautiful fall weekend.  Temps. in the 40's in the mornings and 60's and 70's during the day.  Whoopie!!! It has been so hot and we are in desperate need of rain.  Could some of you send some our way??

Well, I am in a great mood tonight and would you like to know the reason??  I was chating on the phone this morning with a dear friend of mine in TN.  We are the same age and our birthdays are a month to the day apart.  We were just talking in general and I don't know how the subject came up but I voiced our age.  And do you know what?  She immediately corrected me and told me I was a year younger than I thought.  Ya know how good that can make a woman feel?  I had just replied to a blog last night how old I was.  Making myself older than I am.  When Mr. P came in tonight, (we are a year apart.) I ask him how old he was, and he said he was a year older than he is.   What is wrong with us? He didn't believe me and had to figure it up. 
That old saying,"If you didn't know your age, how old would you be?"  Well, guess I would be older than I am.  (giggle).  Anyway, I am so happy to have been blessed and lived as long as I have and am going to be a year older next week, but  I won't be as old as I thought. ... .  Thank you Dimple. for the revelation. 

I had an early morning appointment with Hospice on Monday and when I got home there was a package on the door steps.  Knowing I had not ordered anything I picked it up and it was from a dear blogging friend, Shirlee. My spirits lifted right away.  I was so excited, I opened the package but did remember to grab my camera and  take a picture.

Each item was wrapped so cute with the neatest prim tissue paper.  The card was on top and it was the sweetest little book containing such sweet encouraging words.  I sat and cried.  Shirlee you really touched my heart

The box was full of the neatest goodies.  The first thing I saw was the pinkeep.  Oh, I just love it and it is my very first pinkeep.  Shirlee knows I am trying to learn CCS and she has been so helpful and informative.  I do have a piece started but it has been slow go for me.  I'm not sure it's going to be my "thing".  Next was a sweet little prim black doll.  I so love her also.  There was a tin of Cranberry Autumn Tea,  a New Christmas Edition Cross Stitch Mag.  and some wonderful smelling tarts.  I put some of them on that afternoon and you can still smell them when you walk in the door.  That's why there is no picture of the tarts.  I have already had a cup of tea and have picked out several small cross stitch patterns I am going to try for the holidays.  I was so touched by Shirlee's kindness.

Here is the doll and my pinkeep where I have it in my great room.  I can see it all the time.  Fits right in with my fall decorations I have worked so hard getting out this year.

A close up of the doll.  Don't she look right at home holding the little ornament I sat in her lap?  And I had the perfect size chair just waiting on her arrival. 

And the close up of the pinkeep.  I am so excited to have this.  I love all the ones I see on all your blogs, and I so want to learn to do them, but those are some "tiny" little squares and it will take time, and I am so impatient.... but I am going to really try.  Shirlee did such a great job on hers didn't she?

And last but definitely not least is this great magazine with all kinds of creativity just waiting to come to life on material.  Can't wait to get a piece finished and share with all of you.  You really won't enlarge it to find all the mistakes will you??   Oops, I forgot to post a picture of the tea, but I have already been enjoying it and have it in the cabinet.   Thanks again Shirlee for your kindness, but most of all for the friendship we have through blogger. If you haven't visited Shirlee you can find her at http://farmhouseponderings.blogspot.com/  I will say it again as I have already so many times, you are all some of the best friends one could ask for. 

Now on to the unwelcome visitors.  We built our house on the property where my parents old home once stood.  There were two huge old pecan trees on the property.  Sadly years ago lightening struck one of them and had to be cut down.  The one remaining has never yeilded pecans.  Over the years you would see maybe a dozen lying on the ground.  But for some reason this year the tree was loaded.  Pecans everywhere.  Are we going to get any to use?? I doubt it seriously.  Why??? Because of these....

and like all  these little fellows need help.........these

There are like 6 of the biggest crows just eating away at our pecans.  These crows are Not my prim friends right now.  Just look at the mess on our driveway.  Mr. P. can blow it off in the afternoon and the next day all these hulls and shells are right back.

Oh well, what's a girl to do?   Don't guess there will be any good ole Southern Pecan Pies cooked here anytime in the future.  Thanks to all our unwanted guest.

I know this has been a long post and lots of pictures so if you are still with me,  thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I enjoy having you .  Take care my friends and have a great  and safe Friday. Until next time.....


  1. It sounds like you have gained a whole extra year somehow ~ I know you'll put it to good use :)

    Those pesky little critters enjoying your nuts can be so annoying. We had the same problem with acorns.

  2. wow, you got some great goodies Angela!! Aw too bad you can't make a pecan pie with all those nuts! patti

  3. You got some great prim things there, Angela!!!
    Awwww, no pecan pie!!!! :( I was ready, with fork in hand for a piece of pie!!!!!


  4. Hmmm...guess some of my kin just don't know no manners...So very sorry for the inconveniences and lack of of pecans they've caused... ;o)

    Love your wonderful goodies from Shirlee - that doll and pinkeep are just prim perfect....She is such a sweet soul - and great treasures for you to remember her by....

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Happy Early Birthday to you! I hope it's a good one! Love, love all your sweet surprises from Shirlee! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Angela,
    Your got some great goodies from Shirlee!!
    Too bad that the critters are eating up all your pecans...now I'm hungry for some chocolate chip pecan pie!!

  7. Oh how wonderful for you! God sure has blessed us all with some truly wonderful blog Friends. And Shirlee has such a big heart and knows you do too.
    Just so happy for you and your a year younger. What a very good day. Sorry about your pecans.:) But who cares when ya get a box of goodness.
    Hugs to you friend!

  8. Isn't Shirlee something? she has been going through so much herself, yet she thought of you! I have the same pinkeep and love it! Have a great day and it is nice to be younger than you think! Age is just a number anyway.

  9. Good Morning Angela.... Love the wonderful treasures the Shirlee surprised you with! Congrats on gaining a year and Happy Birthday week....do something special everyday.


  10. What wonderful treasures from Shirlee! Lovely!

    Well... I'm sorry the squirrels and crows are stealing your pecans... but they are soooo cute. LOL!

    Have a great day angela!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. What a wonderful surprise you had Angela. All the goodies are great. Sorry you are having trouble with the squirrels and crows. Have a great day.


  12. Good morning Angela,
    I must first say THANK YOUR FOR VISITING MY BLOG...you are so faithful and I AM NOT!!!! I so would like a full day to just blog cruise - there just isn't enough time to get to all my friend the minute they post. But I do thank you for being so diligent.

    Your treasures from Shirlee are just wonderful. I especially love the little black faceless doll and she's sporting a sweet Pumpkin necklace...how adorable.

    Now I think it's wonderful that you will celebrate the SAME birthday again! lol Not many of us can do that! lol
    Happy upcoming birthday dear lady.

    I also want to thank you for the Anniversary wish...not sure how you found out though....I didn't put it on my blog...lol But thank you so much.

    Hugs and Blessings

  13. LOVE all of your goodies. What a lucky duck you are. Love you bunches.

  14. Hooray! You're not getting older, but younger by the year! I love the goodies. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. God is good all the time! What a gift a great friend is! Too bad about the pecans!

  15. First of all congrags on being a year younger! ha! That would make my day....Looks like you for some wonderful goodies! Isn't it wonderful to get something like this in the mail? Love your blog by the way.... SO fall!!1