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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We're Home... A Great Vacation

Hello to all my blogger friends.  It seems like forever since I have chatted with you all.  We had a wonderful trip and I want to say a big thank you to each of you who suggested a place for us to visit when we were in Ohio.  I have tons of pictures and so much to share with you.  Won't bore you all in one post but this morning as I sit in front of the computer with my coffee cup close to my side, the t.v. is blaring all the news of the morning, and as with most mornings not so much of it is good, my mind wanders back to the quiet peaceful mornings from our trip.  Amish country is absolutely beautiful.  So peaceful.  I admire these folks so much.  Such a hard working people, but so much at peace.  No electricity, no phones, computers, t.v.s, these people live one day at a time.  Could I live this way,,, No, but I think we would all be better off if we could adapt to a few of their ways.  Okay.. today thought I would take you along on a ride thru the countryside with me. When we entered Ohio, we did so in terrible rain, and it rained at some point everyday we were there but one.  Didn't bother us as everything was so green and beautiful.  Mr. P, kept commenting on how beautiful all the flowers and plants were.  Not scorched like at home where we got little rain this summer.  The sky on the way back to the hotel one evening was so pretty, but as you can see, rain was sure to follow. 

Once the sun broke thru the sky, every home had laundry on the lines.  Love how they hang it so high.  From house to barn on cable.   Yep, still working on a clothesline from Mr. P.  It is such a necessity for these ladies.

Passing by this farm we saw all these buggies and there were folks coming for a mile up the rode to gather at this home.  It was in the middle of a week day so we assumed maybe there was a death.  They were all dressed in their Sunday attire.

This family was just down the road from the gathering.  That little boy was so cute.

I love the simplicity of the school buildings. 

Everywhere you looked were fields and fields of corn.   We just don't see farms and farmland in our area.  We so enjoyed stopping at the open markets and seeing all the pumpkins, corn, and other veggies grown on the farms.  

Okay,,, I won't  bore you with anymore pictures today.  Hope you have enjoyed coming along as I shared some of the sights from our trip.  Next time  I will show some of the places we visited.  I must get busy now.  Want to get some fall items out and will show a few of the items I purchased down the road in a post later on.  Hoping all you ladies are having a great week and are enjoying life.  Take care and will talk soon. 


  1. Angela~oh, so glad you had fun!!!
    Beautiful photos you captured~you showed the beauty~ recognize places~the road from I say Walnut Creek, into Charm & back around to Berlin~
    The farm with the silo( has advertisement on it) when I was in my early 20's we stopped at it~ they are mennonites~ The Lady of the homestead graciously showed us around~ Her kitchen was stunning all Oak cabinets wrapped around the room(so much storage)~ hard wood flooring( just was breathtaking)~ it was an open layout huge~then a big long Oak table with so many chairs~ Wow~ What a farm kitchen~ My sister & I still speak of the kitchen~Simplicity of it, but yet the beauty~
    hugs to you~ keep showing photos!!

  2. Great Pictures Angela! Looks and sounds like you had an awesome time!


  3. WELCOME HOME !!!! SURE DID MISS YA ! Just wish I coulda met you and the Mr for lunch one day but life is crazy ! I could so live Amish well minus not having the internet and all my buds like YOU ! :0) Cant wait to see more pics ! Have a great day ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  4. So glad you had a wonderful trip! The farms are just beautiful, the big barns are amazing! Looking forward to seeing more pictures after you.ve rested up a bit! God bless.

  5. Angela ... You aren't being boring at all! Loved seeing the photos & hearing your account of this part of your trip! Can't wait to hear/see more : ) You are right about the Amish ... if only we could all incorporate a little of their lives into our own. The world would be a better place. Blessings, Shirlee

  6. Love the pics! Bob and I are off to Ohio tomorrow morning to Waynesville for a short vacation...we have never been there before, but was told by many antique friends that there are a ton of stores there...so we will see. Glad tou made it home safe...sometimes I wish I were Amish..get away from the hectic life I have. Take care, Janice

  7. Hi Angela, Glad your back. Lovely pics and want to see more.

  8. Yup....that's where I'm gonna run away to. ;o) Beautiful photos Angela of gorgeous countryside. I could never tire of looking at them. I love that one of the barn at the end of the fork in the road. Picture perfect. Welcome home - I'm sure your own bed felt wonderful and you missed your little Darbee Rae....Looking forward to more photos....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Loved your pictures. Makes me a little homesick.

  10. Welcome Home!!
    I remembering saying it a lot...that everything there was so green and the flowers were so full and pretty.
    Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  11. Beautiful photos and the one with the little boy is so sweet! We spent time in Amish county in northern Indiana this summer and I was very impressed with their beautiful large farms. There are many appealing things about the simplicity of their lives and their emphasis of family and community. ~Roberta

  12. Welcome home! Can't wait to see more pictures and I'm glad you had such a good time. Dawn

  13. Friend you were so missed. Glad your trip was good even with the rain. Loved the pictures and feeling like I was there. Loved them all.
    Hugs Trace


  14. Welcome back! Beautiful pics!

    Ohio misses you already!

    Can't wait to see more of your travels!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. I so love visiting the Amish. I love their way of life. I have not been to Ohio yet but would love to go some day. Your pictures take me back home to the country and our farm. Thanks for the sweet memories! I enjoyed looking at your pictures.

  16. Beautiful photo's of a simple way of life. I read a lot of Amish books and am captivated by their simple lifestyle. Thank you Angela for sharing.

  17. I sure would like to go there!! That looks like my kind of place!!! Glad you had fun.