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Thursday, October 13, 2011

If I Were A Carpenter,,,,,,,,,

 I would have known a little more about what I have been doing out on the carport every night this week until after dark.  But being the dork I am and not being able to read a standard tape measure once I get past and inch or half inch mark, I have been lost all week long. 

Mr. P had contracted with the company he works for to build 2 light boxes for an inspection station they are building at work. The boxes were 10 foot long and 4 foot wide.  He did not have room in his shop to turn them so he had to build them on our carport.  My poor car was booted out to take all the rain we have had and the carport was turned into a wood work shop. I was to be his helper.  Bless Mr. P's heart.  Do you  know how hard it is to stand beside the man you love and keep your mouth shut as he measures and thinks and measures again?  And the complete job was to be built using  metric measurements.  Did I say I was lost already??

The poor thing gave me "the look" several times.  Don't know if that meant to shut up, or he couldn't believe I was that dumb!!!  But tonight they are done, loaded and ready to be delivered in the morning.  I will be so happy to get all that saw dust off the carport and my car get its space back.  He used his brain, and I helped lift and turn as much as I could.  Our son-in-law came tonight and helped us load them.  They are soooo heavy.  Here is a picture of one of the boxes

It doesn't look that complicated but there are little grooves in the sides, and holes drilled in the bottom, and it had to be so precise down to 2 milimeters.  Anyway I am so proud of Mr. P.

Now all of you have been showing such beautiful pictures of your countryside and all the fall color.  If ya know me by now I don't want to be left out.  The mums above have opened really pretty for me and I have a tree in the yard that caught my eye this afternoon.  A little glint of fall as the leaves are changing.  Now don't ya go laughing.  This is God's country and I am down here in the south.  Take a look

Now I asked you not to laugh.  I am really excited over my few red leaves.  Here in Ga we may get pretty trees a little later or we might just wake up one morning and the trees be almost bare.  I enjoy what I get.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you got a smile from visiting.  Take care and have a great Friday.
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  1. One good thing you could use the sawdust to stuff something! Me and mine quit working together years ago, too many disputes. Truthfully, he is a fabulous detail guy, me I just want it done, only my way. Bless our husband's hearts, they Are made of gold!

  2. Congratulations to Mr. P for a job well done! Yup, use that sawdust to stuff with, it gives things a wonderful texture. Wish you were coming to Witch's Nite Out tomorrow night, Dawn

  3. I can totally relate, working side by side takes a whole lot of patience and learning to keep your carpenter knowledge to your self. Mr B and I spent 6 months restoring The Cabin and I became a pretty good assistant. So good in fact I knew he was making an error in cutting the porch rafters but like a good "wife" kept my mouth shut, when the rafters were too short I told what I thought and he commented, "why didn't you speak up!!!" It is a no win situation. LOL
    Hugs to ya girlfriend,

  4. Bah! I hate the metric system and would've been lost too. Give me good ole American inches... lol.
    We're enjoying the leaves turning and how pretty they look when falling to the ground.
    Happy Fall~Carol

  5. Good Morning my Dear... Those are some big boxes! LOL, sometimes hubby and I can work together, most times NOT...two like minded people clash at times :) (I've got a bit of a stubborn streak)

    I'm sure that your DH appreciated all the help he could get and for your company.


  6. I get the look from hubby whenever we do a project together ~ mainly because I insist that the little hash marks on the tape measure are "do-dads". He'll say, "what's the reading on that" and I'll say, "2 feet, 6 inches and 3 do-dads" . . . uh oh, here comes that look :)

  7. Angela ... We would all be more happier in life if we would "enjoy what we get" : ) I know exactly how you feel seeing that little bit of color on your trees. I remember very well when we lived in Florida having no colored leaves at all in the fall! A friend in PA would pick some pretty ones from trees & send them down to me & I'd put them on my walls : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  8. Nana Angela...you are not a dork! LOL! You are a darn good wife, though...my hubby and I can't even load the dishwasher together! Now I have that song running through my head....if I were a caaarrpenteeeerrr....have a great weekend! ~*~Lisa

  9. Don't worry Angela, since your down south your leaves will be the last to turn. You'll have to be patient. cute story about the light boxes.


  10. Oh - yes - your post brought lots of smiles....and some twinges....Hubby and I don't work so well as a team...I explain (what I believe to be very PRECISELY) what I want and off he goes....usually to a buddy where he repeats, rather imprecisely, what I said. But - hey, we all have our strengths. His is just in the kitchen. ;o) And, ohh...I would laugh out loud at your change of colors - but I can't - the rain and wind have done away with our glorious colors and now I could envy yours if that weren't wrong.... ;o) The light boxes look amazing - I'm always so impressed (and befuddled) by carpentry....We used to watch a lot of the DIY shows, etc. and I never quite "caught on." I loved math in school and was quite good at it - but, yikes....it just doesn't "apply" the way I think it should to building! Hope you have a very "colorful" weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. I had some smiles out of this one Angela! Thanks and I am glad you didn't have to load them!

  12. Enjoyed your 10 red leaves!!!! lol Yours will take more time to color-up!!!! Ours will be off the trees soon with this rain. They were coming down today!!! Loved your carpenter story!!!

  13. I think your tree is gorgeous, even with only a few red leaves. Congrats on the carpenter job. It is tough isn't it. I don't think I would want to work every day with my husband, we just see things differently and that is fine if we don't have to do things together all the time!

    Glad you liked the baby picture, kind of creepy but kind of fun!