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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Prim Goodies

Hello everyone,,,, Finally I am back.  My plans for the week was to stay busy as to try and keep my mind off other things... I got a double doze of busy .  And I still don't seem to have anything I wanted to accomplish done.

So as promised... I have pictures of my goodies I got while in TN.  No, they are definitely not staged and I can't wait to show them to you in their new places in my home but as for now ... Just be glad I got pictures.  So its afternoon and we all need a boost, so grab a favorite drink , a piece of dark chocolate and visit with me as I share my finds.

As I said in an earlier post this trip held a lot of first for me.  I have wanted a redware mug for such a long time and finally found one at The Speckled Hen in Clinton , Tn.  I am almost ashamed to admit it but I have never drank flavored coffee either.  It was Christmas Open House and they had refreshments and this coffee to drink.  Had to come home with a bag, and I am already enjoying it at night.  I also picked up several gourmet packages of Hot Chocolate  and some Cider Mix that I am saving until a really cold day.

My major purchase was my German Twig Tree.  I was so excited but as soon as I began unfolding those branches I quickly formed a love/hate relationship with that tree. My arms were  in whelps and itching so badly.  Okay, it's not decorated but will be after the weekend.  Will be back with after photos I promise

I also purchased some brown lights to go on it, but I am thinking just a few lights and  more natural decorations.  Just can't get it together in my mind.  Hmmm , will give me something to work  for during the year to have it perfect for next year.  Anyway,,, I love the tree decorated or not

  Well, this is my first weavers table runner.  It's folded double right now, but you will see it again when I decorate the table for the holidays.  Can't wait

Was tickled to find the drys.  I was going to do oranges for the tree, but now they are done for me. 


Sorry you can't see this too well.  Its a bag of cedar and berry blend.  You would be so envious if you could sniff into the bag.  You will see it later in a wooden bowl. 


This room spray smells equally as good.  I purchased the orange clove and won the Smell of Christmas as a door prize.  WooHoo, lucky me.

As you can see I got many ornaments, but this make-do chair is my favorite.  I originally bought it for a gift but on my 5hour drive home talked myself into keeping it.  I know selfish of me, but I will definitley find something else for the gift.  I think I will use it in a display rather than on the tree.   There were more ornanaments but won't bore you any longer

Oops! Sorry took the picture of this little hanger upside down.  Don't know why but I had to have it.  The Mister is going to mount it on an old board for me.  Just got to figure out what I will hang from it and where to put it.  What fun!

I have been wanting one of these prim candle holders and have the special spot for it once I get my decorating started.  Love that it will slide on the edge of a shelf, window sill,,, so many places.  I got several other small candle holders as well.

On our way back to Piegon Forge from The Speckled Hen in Clinton, we passed many thrift stores.  Stopped in at a Goodwill and look what I found.  I did an old Southern YeeHaw, when I saw the goblets and the old wooden tray. I was so excited with my treasures.

In Piegon Forge I always go to the Pattern Hutch.  I got several patterns and one kit for a project I will begin after Christmas.  So there you have it...... my goodies from a wonderful girl trip.  Can you see why this was such a special trip.? Meeting a blogging friend, spending time with my girls , and all these wonderful treasures as a bonus. 

Hoping all of you are planning a great weekend doing something you will enjoy.  Take care and be careful. Until next time


  1. My Goodness! Look at all those treasures! Ans even some thrifty treasures as well. Love them all!

    Oh the love hate of the german twig. they are such a PAIN! I do 3 big ones and 2 small ones every year and I have found that wearing long sleeves and my rubber gripper gardening gloves helps a LOT when straightening. Otherwise you end up tore to heck. Ouch. But alas we still love our trees! :)

    Have a great day!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. What fun seeing all your things! I love that German twig tree! Everything you bought is great! Blessings, Shirlee

  3. Love the tree, I think the whelps are worth it! Love all your treasures also.

  4. Oh Girlfriend
    I too feel your twig tree..hehe
    I put mine up in Sept and made a pumkin tree.
    Love all your sweet finds.I can smell the lovely oranges and cedar.
    Hugs Friend

  5. I leave my tree up and just carry it to the barn. It takes very little fluffing. I even leave the lights on it. Just think we are both enjoying the same coffee of an evening.Isn't that fun? Can't wait to see your tree decorated.
    I love her sprays. She makes them. Enjoy all of your new goodies.

  6. I meant to comment on your pewter. Great find! I love drinking mulled cider from the pewter mugs. Try it. Watch that it isn't so hot you burn yourself though.

  7. Oh Angela, you will love your tree. I have one like it up at our cottage. Have you ever decorated a tree with the tiny rice lights? They are magical, they look almost like little fireflys. Great finds - maybe next time we'll be shopping together! Dawn

  8. Love all your treasures, Angela. Never saw a German Tree. It looks like it could hurt you!!!! Can't wait to see it decorated.


  9. Angela
    You sure found a lot of awesome treasures.
    Have you decided where to put everything in your home?
    I'm still praying for your sweetheart!

  10. Your tree is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it decorated. You found many wonderful goodies. I was most excited about the pewter from GW! Great find. I would have YeeHawed, too! A visit with Betty is always fun!

  11. Hi Angela!
    Looks like you have some wonderful finds. Your redware mug is adorable. A good flavored coffee to find this time of year is Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice. You will love it...I promise!
    I hope we get to see your tree decorated.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. So many adorable prim finds, what fun that was. Please share your decorated tree with us. Love your mug as well, sit my the fire, sip some hot chocolate and relax a bit.

  13. Evening Angela ,love all of your goodies! I am envious of your gorgeous tree , can't wait to see it decorated.Hugs,Jen

  14. I'm not Southern, but I would have yee-hawed with the best of you all had I found wonderful pewter like that in Goodwill!! And loving all your treasures - you're one that I could give my money to and say "shop for me" and know I would love everything you bought. That tree is amazing - I have to say, I've never seen one like it. Now I want one!! And go ahead and show us every stinkin' ornament....and candle holders....I'm not bored...I wanna see it all!! Fun, fun, stuff...almost feel like I got to go shopping myself...(well, ok - not really - but now I have new things for my wish list....) Happy Friday my Friend...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  15. Love your tree! My sister got one like it last year and she loves it. What wonderful goodies you got on your girls trip! I've always wanted to go to The Pattern Hutch...but have only been to her booth at the big quilt show here in Ohio.

  16. Love your goodies! Redware is beautiful! Love the tree~ how tall is it? Looks like you have been a busy bee~ I LOVE flavored coffee! You will be on the hunt for it now! LOL! If you like pumpkin spice, Camerons' coffee makes a wonderful Pumpkin Spice, I buy several and freeze them in bags to enjoy throughout the year!
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Such wonderful goodies you treated yourself too Angela. I love flavored coffee. I think my favorite is Hazelnut with hazelnut creamer, ummm yummy on a cold morning.


  18. I love the things you prepared for this coming Christmas. I'll be back when you are finish decorating the Christmas tree. Please post some photos.

    Jeavon @ Interior Design