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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Is Coming

Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you are all winding down the decorating and almost finished with your baking and are ready to enjoy the final countdown to Christmas Day.  Thought I would share the rest of the pictures of the great room with you today.  So... take a minute to rest and come on in and lets chat while we look. 

Thought this saying was perfect to write on the chalkborad frame to go over the piano.  Why don't I play us a tune and we can join in with the carolers and sing. Everyone knows  "Silent Night".  Will that be okay?

This is a very old song book under the cloche . Found it at an estate sale back in the summer.

It's a tradition to buy Darbee Rae a book every year during the Holiday Season.  This year this is what She got.  " A Special Place for Santa" by Jeanne Pieper  The little snow globe goes along with the book.  Such a sweet story that combine the birth of Jesus and Santa Claus.  Perfect read for a little one.  

And who doesn't love watching a snow globe..... Especially one that changes colors?

Top of the old flour bin that was Mr. P 's   grandparents.


The little Santa Boot is very old and is a bank.  It has "Christsmas Savings"  written on it's side.

Top of the old oak roll top desk.  Can you tell we love books in this family? 

The Gift of the Magi was Holly's favorite when she was small, and continues with Darbee Rae.  She knows the special book by heart.  She tells me the story now.   Such wonderful memories.

A box of old vintage good housekeeping Christmas Cards. 

Love the old plastic holly on each card. 

Table in foyer

Little table

Centerpiece on coffee table.

Shelf above the t.v.

The traditional Santa Claus tree.  I had planned on just decorating the german twig tree beside the fireplace, but once that was done, it just didn't seem right without the big tree that always has been in the living room.  So,,, what do you do?  Get busy and put it up.   Now it seems like Christmas in the great room.

This ends the tour of the great room.  I sure have enjoyed your visiting with me in this room.  What other room would be as inviting.... the kitchen with all the smells of holiday baking.  Yep, we will go there the next time you visit. 

Darbee Rae and I went "Mommy and Daddy" shopping yesterday.  We had lunch at the pizza parlor and got busy.  Why are Mommys so much easier to shop for than Daddys?  Mommy is out of the way,,, but daddy will have to be another day.  Just couldn't make up her mind.  I think she was in to much of a hurry to come home to Nana's and see if Wilbur knew she was coming.

He sure did.  She came running in to go to the the bathroom and I heard her scream.  She came running back to the door and said, " Nana just come look at what Wilbur did."  Too funny! This is what we found

Wilbur had my basket of nail polish out and had picked him out a color.  Silly elf.  Does he not know elves don't wear nail polish?  Guess he just wanted to be different.  This is the surprise he left for Darbee Rae.

Lots of her very own nail polish.  Glad that was going home with her and her Mommy!!  Holly and Stacy came in the evening and brought supper so this tired and happy Nana did not have to cook.  A  great ending to a perfect day. 

Wishing you all a great and happy weekend.  Enjoy the season.  Until next time..


  1. O Angela your home is just decorated beautifully! princess and I are giggling at the rotten lil Elf , hes a pill for certain but he sure left Darbee some cool polish :0)Have a great weekend ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. Wonderful post Friend!
    I just love Wilbur. I'm sure your Sunshine does too.
    Love Christmas in your home.
    Love & JOY

  3. It is such fun reading about all your eventful days before Christmas & seeing all the beautiful decor in your home! Blessings, Shirlee

  4. Angela it is fun to see what Wilbur has been up to,I am sure Darbee is having a blast .She sure is a darling girl.Love your Christmas decor and all of those awesome books.Merry Christmas,Jen

  5. Angela...your home is just fantastic! I'd love to sit and visit. Your vintage Christmas collectibles are wonderful, from the books to the cards.
    And Wilbur, the mischief maker, so cute. In grade K, my daughter's teacher did something very similar with an elf in the classroom.

    Holiday Hugs,

  6. Hi Angela, Love all the vintage christmas items you have, makes me think of my childhood. I love how you displayed the old song book, really neat idea. Lots of great christmas decorating, thanks for letting us come into your home for a visit. Take care, have a great christmas with you family. Hugs Vicky

  7. Wonderful pictures, your home and tree are lovely! Love those little toes. Wilbur has very good color sense! Have a great weekend!

  8. You all are so innovative with Wilber! I love it. Andrew loves books too. He can tell the Crippled Lamb from heart. Loved my visit. Remember the post you did showing your redware mug? well Rick Hamelin saw it and told Sharon when she placed an order the other day. She thought it was mine, but I don't have the squiggle mug, you do! How neat is that?

  9. It's incredible how much wonderful Christmas magic you have managed to pack into one room. Wow, wow, and more wow!!! I love, love, LOVE it all! Darbee must think she is in a winter wonderland when she comes to your house! So glad Wilbur knows what little girls like! Cute little toesies!! Hope you had a wonderful day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. You are making more wonderful memories for Darbee Rae Angela. It is all sooooo pretty.


  11. Had a lovely visit, Angela. Love that white Santa boot. Well, everything was lovely, but that one caught my eye!!! That Wilbur...he's something!!!!
    Merry Christmas,

  12. Thank you for inviting me, Angela. The vintage books are my favorite, so simple so primitive. Beautifully decorated tree, you know I like trees, LOL. Darbee Rae, wow, she sure is loads of fun, enjoyed her dance routine yesterday.
    Christmas wishes are sent your way this evening.

  13. So glad y'all had a lot of fun. Can't wait to receive my present! Everything looks so pretty! Love you.

  14. Angela,
    Your Santa Claus tree is beautiful! Love all your gatherings in your great room too!! And Wilbur sure is a mischief little elf.
    Christmas blessings,

  15. I just love reading about your times spent with Darbee Rae. When she gets older, she will definitely look back and remember these special times with you!

    Your Christmas decorating is beautiful, love your trees! We do Christmas books here also. I put them in a basket between the cardinal tree and the fireplace so we can lay on the floor and read them together. I buy a new one every year also. But this year, I bought two before Christmas and one after in a clearance sale. I just can't help it, hehe. Fun family times!

    Those vintage cards are so awesome! How incredible that they are still intact and in great shape! Love that holly also, that was something really special for back then.