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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Liberty Peppermint Sticks and a Thank You to Janice

Good Sunday evening everyone.  Hope you all are winding down from a great weekend whatever you chose to do.  God is good and we are all hanging in there.

A while back Janice at Prims by the Water offered a free pattern for Liberty Peppermint sticks if you sent over a new follower... Woo Hoo , I was a lucky reciever of her pattern.  You can visit the blog post at http://primsbythewater.blogspot.com/2011/06/sunday-and-monday-crafting.html.  I was so excited to get the pattern and then I began to worry.  We have no "real" fabric store in our town, and Hobby Lobby nor Walmart had fabric I wanted  to use for the peppermint sticks.  I had decided to try and paint stripes on muslin once I had time to make them.

While shopping the Goodwill store last week, I just happened upon a big Ralph Lauren King size sheet. 
Can you imagine what was running thru my head?  Yep, altho the picture doesn't show it too well, the stripes are perfect .  And the background is beige.  I didn't even have to dye it.  It's darker than it looks in the picture.  Would I have EVER found this had I really been looking for it?  No way!! But I was so excited. 

After church, having lunch with Holly and family and spending time with Mother I came in and decided to try to do something creative and spend time in my craft room.  I made my peppermint sticks and I love how they turned out.
I have to say I did not follow Janice's directions on the wrappers.  Her's was probably better, but I had never bought the stain to spray them with so being the VERY impatient person I am this is what I did.  I took regular copy paper(white) did the coffee stain on it , let it dry and then ran it thru the printer for the label.  I then took the iron and pressed the paper on the back to smooth it out a little.  They are grungy and look okay to me.  So there you have  it. 

Janice I have to say thank you again for offering the pattern.  I love it. 

Now for a little extra surprise.  If you got the pattern from Janice and you are having trouble finding material AND if you like the material I used   You have a chance to get some from little old me. 

To the first 3 people who comment that they would like to have some of the material, and send me your address I will gladly share with you.  I will send enough material  to make at least 6 of the peppermint sticks  for yourself.   Kind of, a thank you for reading my blog.

Okay , Kind of a short post tonight. But I am leaving you with a few more pictures of my patriotic displays. 
The stitchery I saw in an old issure of Country Sampler.  It was on a mantel in a home, and I just fell in love with it.
Made these stockings years ago, just keep tweaking them for the holidays.
Okay while looking at this last picture, I ask that you be very careful.  Try not to cough and Good Lord forbid that you sneeze while checking this one out.  I would hate for the dust to be disturbed!!(giggle) But I love the little mouse holding the flag.  Have had him a while  so I have already forgotten where I found him.
Just checked and dust has not be disturbed..  All you guys did good.  Hoping you all have  a great evening and a safe beginning to a new week ahead.  We will talk again..........


  1. I didn't get the pattern...but I just wanted to say I Love your peppermint sticks and I think they turned out awesome!
    You were very Lucky finding that sheet at Goodwill. I will have to keep that in mind on my next trip there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, your peppermint sticks turned out perfectly!

  3. I am ssoooo glad you had a good day. Your peppermint sticks are wonderful!
    Hopefully you will have a blessed week.

  4. OOOOO Rats!!! Comment No. 4!! I was a lucky recipient of Janice's pattern too (thanks to wonderful Margie from Hungry Hook!!) and had the same dilemma as you - where to find the fabric!! And - I think your labels are wonderful!! May just give that a whirl!! Love your displays...I truly need to kick myself and get the rest of my Americana up.....Time is just slipping away from me...Have a wonderful week ahead!! Smile & Best Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Love your peppermint sticks Angela. They turned out awesome. So cool. Glad you got some stitcking in.
    Have a great day friend.

  6. Love all of your displays! Dust? I must be immune having tons of it myself!

    Have a great week!


  7. I love all your displays and you did an awesome job on the peppermint sticks!!

  8. Your peppermint sticks turned out wonderfully. I didn't get the pattern but they would look awesom in a big ole apocathery jar on a shelf. May have to buy that pattern and find some fabric. Or maybe I'll just paint muslin like you had planned to do.

    Love the americana display..

    Have a great Monday.


  9. Good morning Angela. Just wanted to say thank you for all the "propping up" you've done for me over the last few days. I'm so sorry that you are going through the same thing right now, wish there was something I could do. One of these days I hope we can actually meet in person! Thanks again, Dawn
    PS Love the peppermint sticks!

  10. Hi, Angela
    Wonderful job on the stick! So cute!!!Pretty~ patriotic displays~
    sending my thoughts & prayers~ hope you all are having a great day~

  11. Your peppermint sticks are awesome...

  12. Wow Angela. They turned out absolutely wonderful and I love the material you were able to find..glad you enjoyed the pattern. For those who would like the peppermint sticks to purchase, I will be posting on Etsy real soon, so keep watching my blog, as my followers will know what I list first. Take care, Janice

  13. Really nice, Angela! You did an awesome job....
    How nice of you to share with friends!

  14. Hi Angela, I love your peppermint sticks - how great that you found the sheet to use. Nice patriotic displays.

  15. Angela love your peppermint sticks ! Now that sheet was a lucky find !Glad it worked out for you.Hugs,Jen

  16. Those are the cutest things that I have ever saw! You are an inspiration to me. You actually amaze me with what all you do on top of what all you are dealing with.