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I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 42 wonderful years. I have been blessed with one daughter who is grown and gone! She and her hubby have blessed us with a precious grandchild, Darbee Rae. She is eight years old and the sunshine in our days. I have always been a stay at home maid, cook, doctor, babysitter, taxi, wife, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy crafting. My interests include primitives, vintage and colonial styles. I love decorating my home. I enjoy traveling with my hubby and friends, reading, and trying different recipes. I am a Christian and enjoy activities within my church. I hope you enjoy reading about my daily adventures in crafting, shopping, and enjoying life thru the eyes of my darling grand daughter.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let There Be Light...Whole Lotta Love ..Day 5

Good evening friends.  As darkness is approaching here at the home place I thought I would share with you another one of my loves.  If you visit often, you know I want my home to be so cozy and homey. I want that" take your shoes off, get comfy feeling " as one enters the door.  One way I have found to get that feeling is with soft lighting.  I so love my lamps, candles and tart burners.  Many of you have seen my lamps before but they are a true obsession I have.  So here we go.  These are all taken in the great room

Do you think I really like my cozy lighting ?  Well that is not all just in this room.  There are 2 more candles and another lamp I forgot to take pictures of over by the piano.  All the battery operated ones stay on until the batteries die, and there are a few of the electrical ones we leave on 24/7.  Mr. 
P. teases me all the time about my pretties.
Now let's move on into the kitchen.
See that huge grater?  It was a Christmas gift and I knew the minute I saw it, yep another lamp.
On the stove board made from an old funnel.
Hallway leading to the bath. And now the bath.
On the back of the commode
The bath tub tray Mr. P. made for me just before Christmas.
And there are 4 more in the bedroom.  I really meant to show you the lamp hubby made me out of an old kerosene heater, but forgot it too.  Maybe next time. 
So there you have it.  Some of my favorite lamps, candles, and whole lotta love.  We are planning a mini vacation next week, and guess what I will be on the look out for?   Shhh, don't let Mr. P. know but yes, I will be looking for another pretty lamp, candles on timers for all my windows and who knows what I might just find.
Have a great evening.  See ya tomorrow...


  1. I like all of your pretty lamps! I like having them around, too. I like how they make a home look so cozy!

  2. Angela I love lamps and candles too, but you have me beat. You have quite a collection. I also leave several candle lights on 24 /7. They are just so cozy.

  3. Evening Angela, oh you have some wonderful prim lighting and candlesa.....so cozy looking, love the warm post, Hugs Francine.

  4. How warm and cozy. Wow you do have a lot of lights.
    Love love them.
    Woolie hugs

  5. Your lamps, lights, and candles are wonderful... you have quite the collection! I, too, leave my candle lights on 24/7.
    TFS your cozy home!

  6. So homey and comfy! I too love and have the soft lighting in my home. Your home is so warm and welcoming :) Have a good Wednesday, Hugs..K

  7. Nothing says cozy like the soft flicker of a candle or a lamp in the corner or lights tucked in here or there. I have them too. How long does it take you to turn them all off at night. I leave two or three on 24 hours a day. -Steph-

  8. Love all your candles, lights, and lamps!! I have a lot of them too.

  9. So glad you are letting your "light" shine, and it does. These lights are awesome. I too love little lamps and have some I leave on 24/7. The bilbs last longer that way.

  10. I too, love the cozy lighting of candles and lamps, but don't have any here!!!! You do have a cozy home!!!. BTW, love those x's and o's!!!! hahahahaha

  11. Wow, Angela, you really do have alotta lighting and I love them all too! I must find me a funnel for a candle light....I just really love that! Everything looks so cozy! Nothing beats candle or lamp lighting (to me) for creating that cozy and homey atmosphere!