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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Old Front Door

Good Monday Evening. Hope Monday has proven to be a good beginning to everyones week.  I have kept pretty busy today myself.  Had to run errands and then to finish up some projects I have had going.  More on those next time.

It feels like winter has returned to us here in the south.  After violent storms on Saturday and Sunday, we woke this morning to quite chilly tempertures.  Mr. P. had already winterized the fireplace and put the wood back out of the rack, but guess what?  We have a fire in the fireplace tonight. AGAIN!  Hopefully tomorrow it is suppose to warm back up and more rain and storms the rest of the week.  Thats okay, we know warm weather is hiding somewhere around a corner.  Come on Spring weather.  And take away the Pollen we are so famous for here in the South.

Now on to the old front door.  How many times during the course of a week do we enter and exit our doors? We take it for granted and never give much thought to the door itself. I guess with age, I become more sentimental every day.  Some 30 yrs ago when we built our house, I was fortunate enough to acquire the old front door to the old homeplace of my parents that stood on the property that is now our home.  The old home was given away and torn down many moons ago.  However the man who tore the house down was kind enough to dig thru his barn and let me have the old door.
Years later we striped the door down and altho the glass was long broken, I kept the door in the barn. Several years ago, We brought the door upstairs to the guest room.  It once again has a loving home.  No longer can we go in and out of it, but there are so many memories of that door.
Over 50 years ago,(yes I am getting old) my mother brought me thru that door for the first time in my life . She was a young mother and I am sure she had a smile and a look of pride as she introduced me to a big and loving family that awaited inside.  I can remember starring out the glass of the old door on tiptoe waiting for my parents to come in from work. I remember walking thru that door as a young girl to view my grandmother who had passed away.  You know back then, they were brought home for viewing. That was an experience I will never forget.  Yes, like the stitchery inside  the door, what all has that old door seen and heard ?  If we only knew.  Thought I would share pictures of the old door with you. This room is upstairs and only has a small dormer window.  I know it's not prim but we just recently redid it and brightened it up a bit.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.
On my Daddy's old desk where he use to prepare his sermons for church, I have the old Family Bible.  It has been borrowed  more times than I can remember for proof of births, deaths, etc.  You can see by the writing it is very old.  Love that part of our history.
Mr. P. made this cute little cabinet for me from old sewing machine drawers.  The jars are full of candles,old music sheets, old clothespins, Old buttons, etc.
The room needed a punch of color.  Got this Amish Ladies Dress last fall on our trip to Berlin, Ohio.  Found it at a thrift shop.  It's hung from an old chair leg and round.
For a night stand I am using an old school desk.
Sorry this one is dark.  It's a collection of old vintage hats.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of my guest room.  Next time you go in and out your door, pause a minute and think of the memories your door could tell if it could talk. Old door like old friends are special. 
Until next time............


  1. Boy does this post make you think. I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever thought of a door like that. Thank you. Love your guest room. I am trying to fix up our little hunting cabin (our little hilton) without spending a lot of money. I can probably go to my barn and find something neat. Hey, and my little embroidery machine is just a Brother from Walmart. I am just now learning what it will do.

  2. I love this post! Brings back so many good memories! If only that old (beautiful) door could talk the stories it could tell! The family Bible what a treasure! Thanks so very much for sharing! Blessings, Vicky

  3. Wonderful post! I have stitched that verse many times and put it on old smaller doors to sell and they always fly out of the shop! It is one of my very favorites. Your guest room is adorable, your friends will want to stay for a very long while. Have a great day, Dawn

  4. What a wonderful post. You are blessed to have that door. I have an old family mirror I feel the same way, you feel about your door. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You know I love me a pretty door! So pretty and special. And I like the old keys hanging from it as well. :)

  6. Oh girl I love this...that door is such a treasure and the family bible...oh my word...so precious...love all the memories your guest room holds...hope you have a great week sweetie....Picket

  7. What sweet memories and a lovely reminder ~ that door is gorgeous!! Nice to have such a wonderful family treasure. Have a great week ~ Jenn :)

  8. Angela,
    Thanks so much for visiting and becoming a follower! Your blog is adorable and I am following you now also! Your old door is wonderful! I have a thing for doors and windows and have a white door in my family room that I love. I also have 2 school desks! I will be checking back often!